Thaaruv (Episode 1)

Hi. I am a new comer here. And I have seen that Fan Fiction of TPK all belonging to Thaahaan. But I am going to Introduce Thaaruv. I am not unique writer to write the story but I am practising to write it. In the First Episode I will begin with base as per the actual show. But remember this is only Fan-fiction not the actual episode. So I am making the first episode short now and the lenght of further episode depends upon the comment. Also tell me whether my skill is good or worst because I already mentioned above that I am not the unique writer. Here the Episode starts:
The Episode begins with Introducing Subh (Younger brother of Thapki) on the bed as it is early morning. Poonam (Mother of thapki) calls Subh for Tea. Subh woke up and goes to the bathroom to freshnup. But the door is locked from Inside.

Aditi (Younger sister of Thapki) say that Di is baathing inside. Have patience. Subh knocks the door continuously. Krishnakanth (Father of thapki) says not to disturb thapki. She will come in a minute. Shubh obey and comes to the kitchen. Thapki aka Vaani Chaturvedi comes from the baathroom and Subh rushes up to bathroom for freshup. Thapki wishes good morning to all the family members. They reply to the Thapki too. Thapki says turn on the TV fast. Dhruv sir program is going to start. Aditi turn on the TV. Dhruv Pandey comes on the TV as reporting to the news. Thapki smiles seeing him on the TV. Aditi ask di do you also want to become a news repoter like Dhruv. Thapki says Yes. Dhruv sir is my favourite and I will also become a good repoter like him. Aditi wishes her best of luck for her future. Poonam bring tea and all have the Tea.

Only this much for today. How is it friend As I am starting from the base. Lenght of the further episode depends on the comment. So give your opinion whether my story is good or worst.

Precap: Krishnakanth and Poonam are talking about the Thapki marriage.

Credit to: Ujwal


  1. Sonia

    Hey Ujwal! I just read your fanfic and it’s really good. Don’t worry, you write really well. Just have confidence! I am waiting for the next episode.
    Are you pairing Bihaan and Aditi together? If yes, then do remember to give equal importance to every couple. ??
    You new friend Saroosh (Sonia) ??

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.