thaanhaan plus dhruki -love a curse or boon


Thapki’s view
love the most beautiful feeling of life has crused me ,broken me, now i should decide my life’s decision either with bihaan or dhruv sir ,life is only sorrow 4 me nothing else whenever happiness came sadness will always follow in my life, i am in state where cannot decide anything,when i was in state of taking decision destiny did not allow me,now when i do not want to decision,i am forced,i do not hurt anyone,my decision decides not only mine two people’s future,one decision of mine can crush one life or give hope for another life,why one’s happiness brings sadness for another,when fault is nobody’s,bihaan was forced to marry me by his mother no step mother but without thinking about anything he married me,tried to be rude but when a person is good he cannot hide his goodness,neither bihaan hide his goodness sometimes i used to doubt why bihaan married me? My doubt got clear when i knew the truth of my mother in law ,how can mother be so cruel to snatch her two son’s happiness,she bound her son to forced marriage and snatched other’s love from him,when i came to know the truth i was shattered and my respect for bihaan increased more,how can son be selfless for a woman who is not even his real mother,today that women’s truth is out all the member’s are hurt but i saw the two most important people hurt,dhruv sir and bihaan,dhruv sir cannot believe his eyes he was so hurt ,i just saw my idol became so weak,he could prefer to die before this truth came out ,the most important person of his life betrayed him,bihaan just went out maybe did not want to break down in front of anyone or show his weakness,i just stood till everyone left before leaving shradha came to me and gave him just a look stating dhruv still hers, her love is enough, i hope i could show shraddha the difference between love and possesiveness ,i left there but had a guilt of not consoling dhruv and bihaan,whenever she broke down either dhruv sir or bihaan was there with her but she could not be with them,just cannot believe i have seen the two strongest persons i have seen in my life becoming weak ,who said man do not pain? And her not weak,love can make even stone heared person to human but the same betrayal by the same person whom u love can make u a stone hearted person , a tear dropped in my eyes thinking is love is boon or curse?

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credit to: divya

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  1. Really superb divya..i thought y no one is writing ff of thapki and i m so happy..keep rocking..

  2. Heyyyyyyyyyy pizzazz dnt separate tapki nd druv bcz in srl v alrdy knw hw thy hv bn separated plzzz in srl thy gn mad yar

  3. PlZz make fan fiction of dhruvki..

  4. Hey DIVYA!!!! What about that thaaan fan fiction you have written before?????

  5. Plzzzzzzzz Wrote thahaan ff

  6. Write Thahaan fan fiction :)i know you will write good

  7. Thahaan ff plzzzzzzzz

  8. Pls unite dhruvki. ..

  9. suprb….
    but write thahaaan ff
    I want thahaaan ff

  10. Thahaan ff plzz

  11. We want thahaan ff

  12. Finally , got to see another ff on Thapki Pyaar Ki after many days , keep up the good work Divya
    If I have to vote for one Jodi I want, I would vote for Thahaan ,
    Dhruvki will also do 🙂

  13. It’s really nice to see a ff for tpk….

  14. Thahaan ff plz

  15. Wtng long for thahaan ff
    happy to see
    like it
    plzzzzzzzz continue

  16. obviously THARUV

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