thaanhaan plus dhruki -love a curse or boon (3)


As dhruv came out of his thoughts,shraddha entered the room , dhruv says to shraddha that i am really sorry shradha but i cannot give this relationship a chance and live with it,here is the divorce papers u can sign it , i will give whatever alimony u ask forgive me,shradha was shocked and started scolding dhruv so i am pawn to gain thapki right for u,u married me to make her jealous,when ur mother’s truth came out u came to know why bihaan married thapki,as he is ur brother he will divorce thapki for u,then u will marry her and lead a happy life, i am not selfless to sacrifice my love for ur happiness sorry but still does not understand u saw in thapki,that u loved her see me dhruv i am beautiful than her even i do not stammer like her, u know to get to i have to plan with mother and harm that thapki,suddendly she got a slap from dhruv u know shradha u deserve this,i never thought i will slap a women but ur not a women ,women knows to show love and kindness,ur curse in name of women, and what were u speaking ur beautiful than thapki,beautifulness from outside does not define beautiful from inside,thapki beauty lays in her heart and stammering does not effect her positivy to life,it is very nice to be good in nice situation and very hard to be good in bad situation also,thapki did not change her goodness from her situation,however bad someone behaves with thapki ,thapki will not harm her but help that person in hardest situation,u need more difference between u and thapki or why i feel love with her, and please stop taking advantage of situation and leave from my house and do not have to apologise or worry about me when i can come out of betrayal of my mother,whom i loved more than life ur nothing i never loved her and shraddha one free advice never force anyone for love , love cannot acquired by forcement bye,shradha left the house with suitcase.

Thapki saw shradha
going out with suitcase and went to stop her,”shradha where are u going?” shradha replied rudely u should be happy thapki u can double cross both the brothers openly,dhruv has given divorce papers happy now u have snatched my love from him,u wanted this only right,shradha excepted one slap from thapki but with her calm voice thapki stammered and said no shradha i am not happy actually i wanted to show u difference between love and possiseveness, but i failed because still know u did not get meaning of love,shradha i have no right to judge u or allege u but as a humanity i am telling u this please understand love first, i know i am not great to tell u right or wrong but also please do not act infront of anyone to gain love,be urself maybe all not one person will accept u with ur goodness and flaws, i know shradha ur not so bad always every human has goodness maybe it is time become good shradha,maybe this marriage taught u many lessons , it is not first or second love shradha,it is true love maybe ur true love is waiting somewhere else,in this world god has made a soul mate for everyone,maybe dhruv sir is not ur soulmate,forget everything only take good memories with u start a new life as thapki was leaving shradha holded her hand with teary eyes said i am sorry thapki for everything dhruv was right ur unique,maybe i did not see ur goodness and strength in ur weakness,thapki i am not worthy of anything but can we be friends,because today when i needed somebody today u were with me as a friend, i want to treasure this friendship take away with me,i want a true friend for me not fake and ur that, i promise u thapki u can just call me whenever i need i will there for u as a friend ,shraddha exented her hand for friendship and thapki accepted it ,shradha hugged her and said i am not sad today i have found true friend who showed me right way and new hope,i hope this friendship continues till deadth, maybe ur right love finds his own way maybe my true love finds it way and leaves . Thapki smiles and finds bihaan there and asks her do u have magic wand to control every evil person to good ? Thapki replies do not dare talk about my friend and i hope really had one which could make ur mouth shut and leaves,this thapki never praises me if i praise also she will feel it as taunt,god all girls have died in this world my heart beats for her only somebody said right heart does not mind, thatas why i fell in the love with the girl i fight the most or hated the most save me god .

guys do you want thaahan or dhrukhi,or do u want a new girl in dhruv’s life or shradha to enter again in dhruv’s life please comment decision on voting

credit to: divya

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  1. Dhrukii

  2. We want thapki and dhruv

  3. Plzz..make it thahaan

  4. I want thahaan only n shraddha has been changed so she would be good for dhruv and u have written really very good n keep writing..all the best..Update soon next part

  5. Bihan and Thapki should be together.

  6. Thapki and bihaan

  7. Marriage is nt only our ritual its a life we should give respect I want thahaan…..then shradha turns as good wat is d need of new girl entry

  8. D way u writing is very nice.I want thahaan

  9. I want only THAHAAN……..and i would like to change the nature of shradha ,she willbe the better pair of Dhruv….

  10. My vote goes for Thahaan. But you should do the one you like more, so that we can know which couple u like more, I like ur ff 🙂

  11. Thapki & Bihan
    Dhruv & Shraddha/Adhiti

  12. Ranaji(narendran)

    I want dhruv and thapki they are so sweet couple pls

  13. Thahaan

  14. we want tapki bihaan.

  15. I want thahaan .. thapki and bihaan frever

  16. Want thahaan and only thahaan…

  17. Thahaan ff pl……pl…..plzzzzzzzzsszzzz…….
    Shraddha for Dhruv …….

  18. We want thaaan……………….

  19. Don’t know why….bt thahaan pair looks cute always…I love u bihaan ji forever nd ever…..nice update…waiting fr ur next one

  20. Adhithi and Bihaan will make a better couple.
    Dhruv & Thapki plz

  21. I want dhruv and thapki….their pair is very cute…I luv dhruv

  22. Dhruv loved Thapki and after lot of hurdles his and Tappki’s marriage was planned. But this was spoilt by his mother Vasundhara and Tappki became the wife of Bihaan. Even after she got married to Bihaan, his heart was longing for his lover and he couldn’t bear the suffering of her lover in his house. Bihaan married Thapki as being forced by her mother. But he stood by the side of Thapki protecting her to his best so far and care for her. His conscience pricks him as he also is one reason for Thapki’s suffering by marrying her. He feels that he shattered the love castle of Thapki. If you unite Thapki and Bihaan looking at the background of Bihaan about how he was treated by his step mother and unite Thapki, it will be based on sympathy and not out of love. But it will be a big blow for Dhruv as he still thinks of Thapki (even Thapki thinks about Dhruv) and his life will be lost if he lose Thapki. My conclusion is to unite Thapki and Dhruv and bring another girl for Bihaan may be Thapki’s sister who was forcefully married by her present husband by blackmailing. this way all the family will be happy.

  23. Thahaan.. we eant thapki n bihaan..

  24. Farana Bi,Fiji

    Thapki n Dhruv made 4 each other

  25. Obviously thahaan as marriage is a holy bond made by god so please don’t make fun of it as the so called my favourite serial “in the past of course” swaragini did
    And moreover can any tharuv fan tell me after thahaan marriage what were dhruv efforts to know the truth behind it whan a man can’t even trust the immense love of his brother( as we see how bihaan is ready for even giving his life for his family and showed it by this marriage as he also wasnot interested in thapki and even there were much of haterd situations bet them) oh sorry I mean step brother as he is not really different from his vamp mother
    Did you notice that he was very nice to bihaan before marriage thdn after that he started to taunt his brother for being an orphan so what was the guarantee that he won’t taunt thapki for her stammering if they fight or even have a big misunderstanding?

  26. Supporting thaan!

  27. Thahaan.

  28. When will u post the next ff pl….update soon …unite thahaan…
    I agree totally with u nina

  29. Where are the updates..plzz update soon

  30. Thapki and bihaan

  31. Dhruv&Thapki the best ever….cuteness loaded…….

  32. i want thapki and dhruv..bez a true love exists there and aditi would b a better pair for bihaan. Their first meeting was awesome….

  33. Nice ff..but if u r asking are opinion i will just go for doubt dhruki is also good..but thahaan is best..they look lovely..Made 4 eachothr..:-*
    Plz unite thahaan only..

  34. If unite dhurv thapki then make it bihan aditi or if unite bihan thapki then make it dhurv aditi please not shardha.

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