thaanhaan plus dhruki -love a curse or boon (2)


Bihaan pov
today i just want to cry want to take out all my pain out,i am guilty,i am criminal of thapki i destroyed her life for my mother,no she cannot anybody’s mother,she snatched her 2 son’s happiness and destroyed one girl’s life, did she have humanity? and today she crossed her limits,when her truth came out,she was blaming thapki instead of asking forgiveness from her, she tried to manipulate everyone by telling she tried to save her son’s life from getting destroyed by thapki who cannot speak properly,oh god she still believed in her philosophy that who stammers are thiefs in heart after seeing thapki’s goodness also,then she is surely blind,i sometimes doubt is dhruv her son only? Dhruv is so innoncent,today i saw my brother crying in front of me for second time , my brother just loved me more than his own brother has just broken like pieces by betrayal of this women, i can never forgive her 4 this, i know truth would come out but i did not know that after truth come out also she will not accept her mistakes and blame thapki for everything and this thapki how can she just stare at that women with tears in her eyes who destroyed her life, i bet if it was shraddha she could have just slapped that women not even considering her age,then what is the difference between thapki and shraddha? I did not know why dhruv fell in love with thapki,but today i think it will world’s stupiest and blind person who will not love her . She is so innoncent and good that anyone can love her,if i fell in love with her, i know i did a mistake by marrying her but this was my life’s beautiful mistake which punishment i can suffer her, i love her everything even her stammering but today i am having fear that she will leave me , as all know why did this marriage? She do not reason live with me,even she may go back to dhruv ,but i should be happy if she is happy with dhruv but it will pain a lot see her with someone even if he is my own brother also i cannot control my emotions,i hope i could have met before dhruv, i wish so. Love is a boon as well curse for me because maybe my old story will remain incomplete forever, i hope it completes.

dhruv’s pov
if today deadth come out for me,i will not feel sorrow rather i will be happy,is she really my mother? She has done that to me that even a step mother could not do,she has given me so much pain that i will die everyday but pain will not end, okay fine she did this with me but what wrong has thapki and bihaan done?, it was me who feel in love with her, she refused me because of her weakness but i conviced because i am complete with her,but did mom just saw thapki’s weakness not my happiness maybe society was more than me for her,mom did not understand till now love does not see just weakness but sees strength and gives strength,thapki taught me to laugh,love the world,face the world ,she became my strength ,mom even did not spare my brother,she manipulated him to marry thapki telling him that i am marrying her out of sympathy,bihaan to save me he married her beliving my mom,mom could not see my brother’s love for her ,he considered her as godness,even tried to save her even by damaging his image infront of everyone,he is more than anyone for me,he tried to save me for geting hurt of betrayal,he knew i could not bear the truth,his selflessness has just increased his respect for me more,maybe my life’s one of best person whom i can trust,who will never hurt me,coming to thapki whatever is her decision i will accept it but i will not effect my realtion with bihaan that is of heart,he proved today that blood relations nothing infront of heart,even me and bihaan are not connected by blood,he considered me brother from heart and fullfilled all responsibilites. Dhruv came out of thoughts he relaised love is both boon and curse,boon which we got without asking and curse for giving without asking and taking it,it is not necessary that all love stories are complete,some look beautiful without complete.

precap:dhruv gives divorce papers for shraddha .

credit to: divya

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