Thaahan- Secret love (Episode 9)


EPI 9.
Thapki came out from bathroom and she saw bihaan is still sleeping.
THAPKI:- bihaan get up…
BIHAAN:- not now chuk chuk gadi plz. Let me sleep.
THAPKI:- “NO bihaan plz get upppp!
Bihaan pulls her and thapki falls on bihaan.
BIHAAN:- I’ll get up but first you have to give me something.
THAPKI:- Okay I’ll give you whatever you want but promis me then you will get up.
BIHAAN:- Kiss me!
THAPKI:- Okay it’s so easy!”
She kissed him on his cheeks.
BIHAAN:- I asked you to kiss me on lips!
THAPKI:- What? Are you Crazy!
BIHAAN:- Yes I have gone crazy in your love.
THAPKI:- “stop it bihaan… get up plz” he pulls thapki closer to him and he kissed on her forehead.
BIHAAN:- I have my whole life for doing such things..
Thapki smiles!

SAHIL:- I am very happy. Now I can marry thapki.
SHARMA:- But what you love in that girl? She doesn’t even speak clearly.
SAHIL:- Hahah Dad you can’t understand that!
SHARMA:- so make me understand!
SAHIL:- “Actually dad you know very well that I am too much stubborn since my childhood. If I don’t marry thapki so everyone will insult me. And sahil can get everyting what he wants.”
SHARMA:- so you wanna marry for your ego. Anyways, what’s the plan now?
SAHIL:- We will kidnap Thapki when bihaan will not at home. Because that bihaan is very clever.
SHARMA:- Do you know, when he goes out from home?
SAHIL:- it doesn’t matter! My boys’ eyes are always on bihaan and thapki. I am just waiting for perfect timing.
Sahil and Sharma smirks!

Dadi calls thapki. Thapki goes to dadi and asked:- “yes Dadi ma, you want something?”
DADI:- No beta! I want to give you something.
THAPKI:- What?
Dadi gives gold Bracelet to her.
THAPKI:- wow. It’s beautiful. Is this for me?
DADI:- yes this is for you, because you’re my bahu now!
Thapki hugs dadi and said:- “Sometimes I feel I got my mother back in you”
Dadi said:- “I am your mother beta, feel free” she Smiles!

BAU JI:- Thapki and bihaan. I have got something for you!
BIHAAN:- What bau ji?
BAU JI:- these tickets.. this is your honeymoon package!
THAPKI:-but bau ji?
BAU JI:- NO!! I’ll not listen anything. You both have to go there!
Thapki and bihaan says “yes” and Smiles.

Bihaan and thapki are laying on bed.
BIHAAN:- Do you know what is meant by honeymoon.
THAPKI:- stop talking cheap!
BIHAAN:- that means you don’t know!
THAPKI:- i know!
BIHAAN:- so tell me!
THAPKI:- “Don’t challenge me!”
Suddenly it starts raining!
THAPKI:- Oh woww it’s raining again today!
BIHAAN:- not againnnn!
THAPKI:- come let’s go on terrace
BIHAAN:- i don’t wanna go! You can go if you want.
THAPKI:- NO no noo! You have to come with me!
They both goes on terrace. Thapki was enjoying the rain. Bihaan starts coming closer to her. thapki moves backward and her back touches the wall there was no way to move further! Thapki tries to say something but bihaan puts his finger on her lips. He puts his lips on her slowly. After a kiss she turns other side. Bihaan moves her hairs from back and puts his hand around her waist. Then he took her in his arms. And they both came to room. (All family members are sleeping) bihaan puts her on bed and they both have some romantic moments and they both bring their love to next level..!

Bihaan wakes up and he found thapki in his arms. He puts his hand on thapki’s face and kissed her on forehead.
BIHAAN (IN mind):- “i don’t know what happend to me in few days. But I just know one thing that I love you, more than anything. Now I am scared of losing you. You have become my life.”
Thapki also wakes up and she saw bihaan. She looks him lovingly.
THAPKI:- (in mind):- my life has been better since the day i married bihaan. I love you. .
They both have an eyes lock.

PRECAP:- Sharma and Sahil Came TO Kidnap Thapki..

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Credit to: arruu

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