Thaahan- Secret love (Episode 8)


PANDY NIVAAS:- everyone is busy in doing arrangements for today’s party.
VASU (in mind):- This thapki is very irritating.. everyone has gone mad since she has come!
BAU JI:- vasu g? What are you thinking? Come on we don’t have much time, it’s party today..
BIHAAN:- Bau ji may I help you?
BAU JI:- you just follow me!”
he took bihaan to his room and gave him pents coat of brown color and a saari of red color and asked him to wear this in today’s party! He smiles and thanked bau ji. He leaves

BIHAAN:- chuk chuk gadi, bau ji gave this saari for you.
THAPKI:- woww! B for bau ji gave me such a B for beautiful saari.
BIHAAN:- Ghajab!
They both laughed!!
THAPKI:- but I don’t know how to wear. I haven’t wore saari?”
BIHAAN:- What?? Haha you don’t know!
THAPKI (in anger) :- Don’t laugh!
BIHAAN:- Okay okay! I’ll send Preeti bhabi, she will teach you!

Bihaan is ready for party, he asked Thapki to stay in room he’ll send Preeti bhabi.
BIHAAN:- bhabi!! Bhabi listen!
PREETI:- devar G I don’t have time! I’ll talk you later.” She leaves.
BIHAAN:- I should ask suman bhabi.” Suman also refused. She was busy too!
BIHAAN (IN mind):- everyone is busy! Maa is also busy in welcoming guests!
Bihaan leaves from there!

THAPKI:- where is bhabi?
BIHAAN:- Woo! Actually thapki, bhabis are busy! No one is free!
THAPKI:- but I have to wear this saari because bau ji gifted me this!
BIHAAN:- if you don’t mind! May I help you?
THAPKI:- What? You know how to wear saari?
BIHAAN:- YES I do know!”
Thapki thinks and said:- “okay you can help me but you have to close your eyes. Wait here, let me wear the blouse!”
After few minutes.
THAPKI:- close your eyes!
BIHAAN:- Okay na! Give me saari! Stand in front of me. And where is your waist.
THAPKI:- stupid don’t you know where is waist.
BIHAAN:- Oo madam, chuk chuk gadi. How do i know? My eyes are closed!
THAPKI:- Oh, sorry! Here it is! (She puts his hand on her waist) bihaan started to wrap saari around thapki. Their hearts were beating too fast. Bihaan came closer to her and whispers:- “done”. Thapki came back to her senses. He took her in front of mirror and said:- “You’re looking so beautiful.
THAPKI:- really?
BIHAAN:- bihaan pandy never lies!

AT PARTY:- here bau ji is introducing thapki with everyone! And all are blessing thapki. Music starts everyone started to dance with their partners. Bihaan holds thapki’s hand and he also started to dance. While dancing thapki said:- “Do you remember that party when you asked me to dance with you”
BIHAAN:- How can I forget that party! That day changed our lives!
THAPKI:- don’t you had any girlfriend.
BIHAAN:- not at all.
THAPKI:- I think girls didn’t like you! hahahaha
BIHAAN:- HuhH! Very funny! No need to laugh. I rejected those girls.
THAPKI:- Oh really! But why?
BIHAAN:- because you have been written in my fate.” …… thapki smiles. They were looking each other very lovingly.
Party ends! Everyone goes to Their rooms..thapki saw a letter on the stairs of the door. She opens it and reads the letter! She is shocked and starts weeping. Thapki runs to her room and gave that letter to bihaan. In letter it is written:- “Thapki you’re just mine, give divorce to bihaan. If you’ll not divorce, i’ll kill him. I hope you will not do any stupidity! From sahil.” Bihaan becomes angry.

BIHAAN:- What he thinks of himself. It’s enough. Now I’ll teach lesson to sahil.”
Thapki holds bihaan’s hand. she hugged him,and said:- “No bihaan please! I don’t wanna lose you!” she starts weeping. Bihaan separates her. He cupped her face and said:- “why not? I think your name shoud be maahan atma now it’s your turn to promise me! Thapki promise me, you’ll never leave me. And you will never cry. Trust me I am with you always” He wipes her tears and hugs her.
BIHAAN:- may I say something?
BIHAAN:- I LOVE YOU thapki and I also don’t wanna lose you.”
Thapki shocked but happy too! She separates herself and said:- “Say it again! Bihaan i love you too.. i knew that you love me. But that shail…..” Bihaan interrupts her words because he wanted to stop thapki from thinking so much about sahil. He don’t want any tears in thapki’s eyes. And he kissed her on lips..slowly he turns off the lights. And again he kiss. Thapki feels shy. And she said:- “I am tired. Let me sleep” …. bihaan Smiles and said:- “okay let’s sleep together”… and they both slept in each others arms!

SAHIL’S RESIDENCE:- his phone rings..
SHARMA:- I am in Noida? Send me your address.
SHAIL:- Wow dad… I love you.. I am sending my address come soon to my home!
SHARMA:- Okay and have you sent the letter to thapki which I asked you?
SAHIL:- yes I have sent!
SHARMA:- Okay bye send me the address!

BAU JI:- Thapki is very good girl and I feel very fortunate to have a son like bihaan.
VASU:- Bihaan married that girl without our permission!
BAU JI:- He didn’t do this intentionally. Anyways let’s sleep now.
VASU (in mind):- i don’t know what all family members likes in thapki. She stammers! Idiot girl.

PRECAP:- Thahaan’s romance in rain. Sahil and Sharma are planning to kidnap Thapki.

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Credit to: arruu

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