Thaahan- Secret love (Episode 6)


EPI 6.
Bihaan is shocked to see his all family members standing in front of him,
VASU:- who is this girl?
BIHAAN:- I’ll answer all of your questions but first I have to take her hospital.
VASU:- Did she drank the juice, which I sent for you?
VASU;- so don’t worry, I just mixed bear in that.
BIHAAN:- What? But why?
SUMAN:- actually devar G. We all had doubt on you because of your strange behaviour.
DHRUV:- We will talk later about this but first you should put this girl on bed.” Bihaan puts thapki on bed. Everyone was looking bihaan angrily.
BIHAAN:- don’t look at me like this please! I haven’t done anything wrong.” He narrates whole story and he also tell them about thapki’s father.
PREETI:- Poor girl, she doesn’t even have family.

DADI:- don’t say like this.. we are her family from now on. And bihaan today I am feeling proud on you my son.
BAU JI:- So she is Your secret. Or I should say your secret love?” Bihaan feels shy…
BIHAAN:- but I didn’t say that I love her!
BAU JI:- your eyes are filled with love only for her. I can read your eyes beta!
VASU:- Okay stop now. And sprinkle some water on her!” Bihaan sprinkle water, she opens her eyes and shocked to see everyone. BIHAAN:- don’t get scared. I have told them everyting. She gets up. Dadi comes near to her and raises her hand, Thapki closed her eyes in fear she thought Dadi is going to slap but she puts her hand on thapki’s head and said “Welcome to pandy nivaas”. Everyone welcome her. thahaan smiles.
BAU JI:- Okay now. Everyone go to your rooms. Let her sleep now. And thapki bitiya if you want anything just say it comfortably I am your bau ji too from now on.” Everyone moves from there. THAPKI:- your family is very caring” BIHAAN:- not only my family, it’s your family too now.” Thapki smiles. She touches her head. BIHAAN:- You must be having headache.” He took out tablet and gives to thapki. BIHAAN:- take this tablet and sleep.” Thapki take the tablet and bihaan sits beside her and he started to tease her.
BIHAAN:- you know? What were you saying while drunk?
THAPKI:- What?
BIHAAN:- you were saying…..

THAPKI:- i was saying…..whattt ?
BIHAAN:- you said that you love me!” thapki feels shy and said:- “I was not in my senses that’s why, and let me sleep now” she pretend like she is sleeping. Bihaan whispers:- “But i love you! l promise I’ll never leave you alone!” ….. thapki smiles, but bihaan didn’t see her! And they both sleep..

PANDY NIVAAS:- Thapki comes in kitchen and she asked to help Preeti and suman but they both said:- “No, you’re new here so you just enjoy”. Later vasu asked thapki to go market and buy some vegetables. Thapki agrees.
IN MARKET:- after buying vegetables thapki is returning to home. Suddenly she saw sahil hidding behind the wall.
THAPKI:- I saw sahil.. but he can’t be here, I Think It’s My Whim.” And she leaves. But sahil is following her and he saw thapki is going in pandy nivaas. SAHIL:- so you are living in this house!”

he calls his dad and said:- “Hey dad! I have a good news I found her… SHARMA:- yeah!!! Congrats my son. But I can’t come there right now. I’ll come in 2 days. Till then just keep an eye on her. SAHIL;- ok dad come soon..” He cuts the call and smirks!
THAPKI:- maa! I bought vegetables.
DADI:- but who asked you to Do this work?
VASU:- I said to her to bring these Vegs. After all he is also bahu of this house now.
DADI:- thapki will not do any kind of work for several days okay!
THAPKI:- Okay!”
VASU (in mind):- HuhH! Why everyone is giving so much respect to her?
THAHAAN’S ROOM:- Bihaan bought red roses for thapki. He kneel down and gives her roses.
THAPKI:- Bihaan!! These are very beautiful.
BIHAAN:- yes chuk chuk gadi, very beautiful. (He looks her very lovingly)
THAPKI:- Thankyou! And you know today I saw sahil but that was just whim!
BIHAAN:- He doesn’t know that we live here, so don’t worry!
He lay down on bed and pulls Thapki’s hand. She falls on bihaan. They were very closed to each ohter and have an eyes lock.
THAPKI (in mind):- i know he loves me. But when will he say that to me.
BIHAAN (in his mind):- I can’t wait now! I’ll say her that I love you! SOON!

PRECAP:- Sahil is going to shoot thahaan. Bihaan is trying to express his feelings for thapki.

Credit to: arruu

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