Thaahan- Secret love (Episode 5) Maha epi.


EPI 5! (Maha epi)
1…2…3…here it goes.. AT NIGHT! THAAHAN’S ROOM:- Thapki is crying and hugging bihaan tightly. Bihaan separates himself slowly and ask:- “You were sleeping comfortably, then suddenly what happend to you? Why are you crying? I think you must have seen a nightmare!”
THAPKI:- i saw a dream!” and she narrates the whole dream to him! BIHAAN:- OH! So that means your father also hates tears like me! And did you notice one thing, your father knows that you’re safe with me!! (He winked his eye)”
THAPKI:- “But i lost my relations?”

Bihaan cupped her face and said:- “listen thapki, your parents are watching you, of you become sad then they will also be sad! And me too! I can’t see you in pain!” thapki looked at him with teary eyes! He wipes her tears and asked her to sleep. Bihaan gets up but thapki is still holding his hand tightly.
THAPKI:- i can’t sleep now because I am scared!

BIHAAN:- “Okay so let’s talk whole night! You tell me about you and I’ll tell you about me and my family! (He said this lovingly)” He sat on the bed beside her! They start talking and bihaan asked:- “if you don’t cry and don’t mind, I wanna ask you one questionl”… thapki nods “yes”
BIHAAN:- will you tell me about your father’s death?
THAPKI:- “Okay I’ll tell you!” thapki goes in flashback
FLASHBACK:- a cute little girl Thapko of 8 years old playing with her toys in a park, a boy named Sahil came he is 10 years old and he asked thapki to play football with him. Thapki refused his offer! The boy ran to his father and said:- “Dad, I like this girl I and I asked her to play with me but she refused, then at night the man and the same boy came to thapki’s home. MAN SAID to thapki’s father:- “My son likes your daughter, and I am here to tell you that when they will become mature then they’ll get marry with each other”

THAPKI’S FATHER:- What!! Are you in Your senses! My daughter is just 8 years old right now!
MAN:- I am not saying that they will get married now! I am talking about when they will mature! And I don’t want your permission,!
THAPKI’S FATHER:- sorry but I don’t want to marry my daughter with the son of criminal.
MAN:- Nobody dare to talk to me like this.
They both begins to fight the man took out the gun and shoot her father. Father died. Little Thapki is shocked and crying. Just then someone enters in. The man ran out from there. And a person who enters is thapki’s best friend Riya’s father. He saw all this and he took thapki with him. When thapki was 20 years old Riya and her family leave the city they were taking thapki with them but she refused because she wanna live in her city. she said that I can take care of my self now and she thanks them for giving too much love! (Flashback ends)

BIHAAN:- What is the name of that Man and his son?
THAPKI:- man’s name is SHARMA! And the son is none other than Sahil! He is spoiled child. Bihaan shocked.
BIHAAN:- So that’s why you’re too much scared of him. And yes you’re right he is a spoil child.. i’ll teach him a lesson.
THAPKI:- NO no bihaan plz! Just forget all this.
BIHAAN:- Okay okay! Don’t stress. And sleep now. We have to go for market tomorrow for your dresses! (He smiles)
SAHIL:- Dad! DADDDD! (He shouts) where are you!
SHARMA:- I am here my son!
SAHIL:- I have lost everything! I have lost thapki!
SHARMA:- you found her?

SAHIL:- yes Dad I have been following her For 4 months!”…….. He narrates the whole story to Sharma. SHARMA:- where is she now? And is she still with that boy?
SAHIL:- yes she is still with him!
SHARMA:- as I promised you my son. That if thapki is not yours then she’ll never live with someone else!
SAHIL:- Dad I have been listening your this dialogue since the day I saw her!
SHARMA:- don’t get angry beta. You have any information about them?
SAHIL:- yes they are in Noida. But I am not confirm!
SHARMA:- You’ll go there tomorrow with my boys and search her!

Bihaan comes out from bathroom.
BIHAAN:- Madam is still sleeping. I should let her sleep… Dadi knocks the door. Bihaan get tensed. He put blanket on thapki properly so that dadi can’t see her. He opens the door.
DADI:- why you opened the door late?
BIHAAN:- I was in bathroom. She saw the blanket
DADI:- What is inside the blanket? She was about to beat the blanket with her stick. But bihaan holds her stick and said:- “stop dadi it will hurt her i mean it will pillows…Nothing is inside these are just pillows”
DADI:-how Pillows can get hurt?
Bihaan’s thinks. He said:- “these Pillows are very usefull to us na. They give us relief, we sleep on them! And when we are sad we hug them, so we should not hurt Pillows! Okay dadi now can you plz tell me, why you came here!
DAD:- yaa! I came here to call you for breakfast!
BIHAAN:- Okay Plz send my breakfast in my room.
DADI:- I allowed you to eat dinner alone in your room yesterday because I thought you are tired, but today I’ll not allow you. Come fast! Dadi leaves. She thinks:- “Vasu bahu was right, bihaan is behaving strange, what’s the secret behind this?

DADI:- you were right vasu! Bihaan is behaving strange.
VASU:- Don’t worry maa g I have planned something,
DADI:- Okay, everybody keep quiet now.. bihaan is coming. He sits and take tea. He puts cup back on the table and leaves!

Thapki is getting ready,

BIHAAN:- chuk chuk gadi, you’re too fast.
THAPKI:- i listened the conversation between you and dadi but I didn’t move.
BIHAAN:- Hmm! Clever. Let’s go first we will go to restaurant for breakfast, you must be hungry! Then shopping.
THAPKI:- Okay you go down and put the ladder for me! Bihaan goes and puts the ladder thapki comes down. They both left for shopping. While shopping, Sahil and bihaan passed each other but They don’t noticed.

PANDY NIVAAS:- Thapki climbed up in the room and bihaan enters in home by main gate. Bau ji asked:- “What is this in your hand”? …. he replied in hurry:- “Nothing just dresses” bau ji:- “dresses for whom?” BIHAAN:- ( in her mind) moti buddhi, I always do mistakes”
BAU JI:- bihaan, I am asking you something.
BIHAAN:- Yes actually this is for my friend, he asked to get these dresses for him.” And he ran from there.
BAUJI:- you cannot run bihaan, I’ll come to know the secret soon.

IN KITCHEN:- VASU is mixing bear in juice and telling Dadi that this is not wrong if we want to know the secret then we have to do this, when bihaan will drink this he will lose his senses and speak everything.

THAHAAN’S ROOM:- Preeti knocks the door. Thapki hides in bathroom. Preeti gave juice to bihaan and leaves! Bihaan gives that juice to thapki but she said this is for you.. drink it. Bihaan said “no, don’t wanna drink,” and unfortunately thapki drank the juice. After half hour she started behaving childish. She started to dance. She totally lost her senses
THAPKI:- “You know my papa thought me this dance. He is caring, loving and everything to me, But I don’t know where he gone.” Bihaan gets tensed by seeing thapki’s behaviour. He saw tears in her eyes. She falls on bed. Then she again gets up and starts jumping and shouting:-“Papa, papa”….bihaan puts his hand on her mouth but she bites on his hand. Suman and Preeti knocks and asked him “devar G, are you fine. Who is shouting?” BIHAAN:- yez yes! I am fine bhabi, and nobody in shouting this is just ring tune of my mobile. Suman and Preeti whispers:- “Strange ring tune” They leaves.

BIHAAN:- plz thapki keep quiet, everyone will doubt.
THAPKI:- “Okay so leave this topic…..” She hugged bihaan and said: “you know what?” Bihaan replied:- “What?” Thapki whispers:- “I think I have started to love you”… Bihaan is shocked and happy too! He replied:-“me too!” … and thapki falls asleep on bihaan’s shoulder. HE separate her. He gets tensed.
BIHAAN:- Thapki? Thapki???? What happend? Open your eyes! I should take her to the doctor.” He takes her in his arms and see out side. No one is here. He starts running towards main door. And he is stunned. Bihaan’s whole family is standing in front of him.

PRECAP:- Dadi raised her hand to slap thapki. Sahil saw thapki going in pandy nivaas!

Hope you guys liked Maha episode.


Credit to: arru

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  1. Amazing episode!!! Can’t wait for the next episode. And thank you for commenting on my ff. And also I love your ff a lot.

    1. Thanks nuzs for always commenting on my ff.

  2. Lovely ep.Waiting eagerly for nxt ep n HAPPY HOLI my dear frd Arru?

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    Dadi slap no…. no…. don’t do this. …….
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  9. I lv bihaan he is so cute cant wait for the episode ??

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  10. is it a imagination show? not real na…… i dont understand

    1. Yes yes! It’s fan fiction! Read it’s intro. It is clearly written there that this is FanFiction and it’s entirely different from real tpk

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