Thaahan- Secret love (Episode 4)


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EPI. 4

Thapki goes in bihaan’s room by window, she start checking the room and whisper:- “Wow nice room” Bihaan enters In home and everyone is super happy to see him. he hugged dadi first and then bau ji, and everyone asked:- “How was your journey”
DADI:- Don’t disturb my son! He must be tired. You must take rest beta!
PREETI:- Bihaan devar ji, wait a min. I have sent suman in your room for cleaning!” Bihaan gets shocked! Because thapki is in his room!
SUMAN:- I am here! I had cleaned up bihaan’s room half hour ago!” bihaan took a sigh of relief and said:- “Thankyou bhabi! Now can I go to my room”
BAU JI:- hmm okay you take rest..”
Bihaan came to his room, and asked thapki:- so how’s my room? You need something? You must be hungry?
THAPKI:-NO I am not hungry! And your room is nice!” Bihan jumped and lay down on his bed and said:- “today I’ll sleep on my bed comfortably”
Thapki looks on!
THAPKI:- Okay I’ll sleep on this sofa!

BIHAAN:- You can sleep on bed, I don’t have any problem!
THAPKI:- What?? No no!
BIHAAN:- Okay fine! Then you’ll sleep on bed and I will on Sofa!” Thapki nods “yes”
BIHAAN:- you can change your clothes! Bathroom is there! (He points his finger)
THAPKI:- Oh no!! I forgot my clothes and all the stuff In The hotel?
BIHAAN:- Relax relax!! B for bihaan pandy will bring B for beautiful dresses for you by tomorrow! Till then you can wear my T-shirt and trousers!
THAPKI:- OKAY I’m going to bath!” thapki goes into bathroom. Just then someone knocks the door. Bihaan open the door.
BIHAAN:- Suman bhabi?
SUMAN:- yes..Bari Sasu ma asked me to give you this juice! wait! The noise of shower is coming from your bathroom but you’re standing in front of me, then who is in??? Bihaan gets tensed!
(Thapki is also hearing Their conversation but she didn’t close the shower because she thought if she will close it then suman will doubt more, and she is still wearing her dress)
BIHAAN:- Woo! Actually bhabi I forgot to close it. No one is in bathroom!”
SUMAN:- oh let me close it”
she was about to open the door of bathroom but bihaan stopped her and said:- “Bhabi bhabi! Wait…

i’ll Do!” and he quickly go in and locks the door of bathroom! Suman feels something strange and She leaves! In bathroom thapki and bihaan both are wet and lost in each other’s eyes! They were moving closer to each other slowly! But thapki get back to her senses and she turned her face. Bihaan leaves!
bihaan comes in the kitchen and took some food for thapki. He was about to go but vasu stops him and said:- “where are you taking this food?” Bihaan gets thinking! And answered:- “I am taking this for me, because I am feeling Hungry!”
VASU:- but these are not manners, you should eat food with family on table” Dadi came!
DADI:- What happened? Why are you scolding him, let him take food to his room. He must be tired that’s why he is doing this? Right beta?
BIHAAN:- Yes!! Thankyou and i love you dadi…
DADI:- Love you too beta! Dadi and bihaan leaves!
VASU:- (in her mind) I think bihaan is hiding something from us, he never eat alone! And suman also told me about his strange behaviour! I have to do something to know the SECRET!
BIHAAN’S ROOM:- bihaan brought food for thapki and he asked her to eat! And they both eat together! Thapki was looking bit sad!
BIHAAN:- What happened madam Chuk chuk gadi! You’re looking sad?
THAPKI:- I am thinking about sahil? He said that he’ll come back!
BIHAAN:- so what! I am with you he can’t even touch you.
THAPKI:- i know but he can do anything with you.

BIHAAN:- don’t think so much about him. He can’t harm bihaan pandy!
AT NIGHT. 1:00 O’CLOCK:- bihaan is sleeping but thapki is still awaken! Standing behind the window..suddenly it starts raining! Thapki shouts in exitment:- “Wow!! Bihaan bihaan! Wakeup.. see, its raining!
Bihaan gets up..
BIHAAN:- What chuk chuk gadi? You haven’t sleep yet? Go to sleep plz!
THAPKI:- NO…. I wanna enjoy this rain.. come let’s go out!
BIHAAN:- oo madam! It’s 1:00 O’CLOCK and you want to enjoy the rain? And what If someone will see you out?
THAPKI:- Bihaan plz na plzz!” Bihaan agrees by seeing her Innocence! He slowly opens the door and look out side. And asked thapki to walk behind him and follow him!
THAPKI:- This house in more beautiful from inside than outside!” bihaan took thapki on terrace. Thapki jumps in exitment and said:- “ bihaan! You are so sweet” thapki was taking rounds and enjoying the rain and she forgot all her sorrows. Bihaan was looking at her very lovingly he was lost in her childish behaviour. After 10 min. rain stops and he comes back in his senses.

BIHAAN:- now can we go back to our room? Thapki nods “yes”. They came back and changed their clothes.. Bihaan lay down on the sofa but his mind was not allowing him to sleep. He was continously thinking and dreaming about thapki. And here Thapki is standing in a strange place and her father is standing in front of her and saying her, “Thapki bitiya I am always with you. Keep smiling my child, I can’t see tears in your eyes, and a boy whom you’re living with is right for you. Soon you’ll realise your love for him” and he vanished! Thapki wake up from her dream and she shouts:- “Papa”. Bihaan run towards her and holds her hand. Thapki was continously saying “No I want my papa back, plz come back, I have lost all my relations” she was not in her senses and
bihaan hugged her tightly. She said:- “promise me you will never leave me” she hugged more tightly! BIHAAN said:- “I promise, I’ll never leave you”

PRECAP:- Thapki is telling the whole story about her father to Bihaan. Bihaan’s family saw Thapki..And Sahil is back!

What will be the reaction of pandy family when they will see thapki?
So! I hope you guys liked my thaahan scenes! I’ll add more romantic thaahan scenes in coming episodes! Keep reading!

Credit to: arruu

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