thaahan- Secret love (Episode 30) last epi

Epi 30.
Here it goes!

Bihaan is walking in room, in tension! And thinking about bau ji’s words..
BIHAAN (in mind):- i think bau ji is right.. thapki can’t do this..
He Takes the letter and takes out thapki’s register in which she use to write lectures in that institute.
He matches the handwriting.. and the handwriting is totally different…
BIHAAN (jumps in happiness):- yessss! It means thapki haven’t left me! But wait.. then who wrote this letter and where is Thapki? Nooo! She must be in problem.. that sahil! Yes sahil did all this..
He takes thapki’s picture in his hand and stares for a minute then.
He takes his mobile and calls sahil…
SAHIL:- hello! I knew that you’ll call me.
BIHAAN:- you should know one more thing. You can’t make thapki yours by kidnapping her. I know thapki didn’t leave me. You did all this.
SAHIL:- oh wow.. clever mind! Not bad Mr. Bihaan pandy. But this game is mine now! Because I’ll make thapki to sign divorce papers soon. And then I’ll make her mine!

He cuts the call!
Bihaan is super angry.. he throws his mobile in anger and leaves from the room!

Sahil orders a boy to remove tape from thapki’s mouth.
He removes..
THAPKI (shouts):- sahillll! Bihaan will not leave you. And I’ll never sign divorce papers. You can kidnap me but you can’t make me yours.. I’m bihaan pandy’s wife only!
SAHIL:- OH come on! And stop your dialogues! I don’t wanna listen all this. And bihaan can’t do anything baby.. so chill!
Sahil laughs!
Thapki sees him in anger.

Bihaan is going out in anger. Dadi stops him..
BIHAAN:- Dadi maa plz.. don’t stop me today..I’m not gonna leave that sahil..
BAU JI:- but what happend.
DHRUV:- yes at least tell me what happend so that I can help you too..
Bihaan tells whole story.
DHURV:- I’m also coming with you.
BIHAAN:- Okay.
BAU JI:- do you know where is sahil’s residence?
BIHAAN:- of course.
Dhruv and bihaan leaves.


Thapki is Sitting on chair sahil passes a plate towards her…
SAHIL:- i think you must be hungry… have some food.
THAPKI:- Just shut up.. I hate you, your food, and every thing that is related to you..
SAHIL:- oh okay . As you wish baby.
THAPKI:- don’t call me baby..
SAHIL:- as my wish! I’ll call you whatever I want..
Thapki pushes the plate
SAHIL:- it’s enough of your anger now.. Just sit quietly!
Thapki weeps.

Bihaan and dhruv reaches sahil’s residence. .
BIHAAN:- You stay here. I’ll go in.
DHRUV:- but…

He tries to say something but bihaan stops him.
BIHAAN:- please dhruv.. i’ll go alone. And don’t worry nothing will happen to me..
DHRUV:-come soon. I’m waiting here.
Bihaan nods “yes”
And he goes In sahil’s home!
But his goons stops bihaan on gate..
BIHAAN:- let me go in..
But they don’t listens to him. He gets angry and was about to punch but sahil comes there..

SAHIL:- let him come in..
BIHAAN:- Where is she?
SAHIL:- Welcome.. welcome welcome..
BIHAAN:- shut up.
And he punches him on face in anger..
Sahil punches him too. And they starts to fight.

Thapki listens the voices and he comes there.. she sees bihaan and cries and Ask him to stop..
But no one listens her and they both are fighting in anger!
Bihaan’s forehead and sahil’s hand starts bleeding.
Sahil’s father, Sharma enters with police.
Inspector shouts to stop. And they both stops!
SAHIL:- arrest him!
SHARMA:- sorry my son.. but this time police came here to arrest you. .
SAHIL (shocked):- What???
SHARMA:- yes.. I was the reason for your this attitude.. I spoiled you..but now I want to correct my mistakes.
SAHIL:- no dad you can’t do this.
INSPECTOR:- Arrest him..
Sahil is arrested..
SHARMA:- I am sorry for all my mistakes. Sorry thapki, you lost your father because of me..
Thapki cries..
SHARMA:- inspector! Arrest me too..
Sharma is also arrested. All leaves from there..
Thapki and bihaan hugs each other and cries..
BIHAAN:- don’t cry.. our problems are over now.
THAPKI:- i love you!
BIHAAN:- I love you too.
They comes out and sees dhruv.
DHRUV:- are you fine thapki, bihaan?
THAPKI:- yes yes! We are fine..
DHRUV:- well.. congrats… I saw sahil.. he Is arrested!
They Smiles.

DHRUV and DIYA get married! BIHAAN, THAPKI and all family members lived happily together.. sahil Gets punishment for his deeds and Sharma is ashamed on himself!


Thanks to all for reading and commenting on my ff! And for supporting me..I hope you guys liked the happy ending of this FF! I’ll be back with another one, if possible!

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  1. nice episode. i’m sad u r ending it. but nice ending, sharma turns positive and get his son arrested.

    1. Hmm. Thanks

  2. sweet ending arruu. I’m very happy. And waiting for your new ff…. how was ur exam?? was it easy?

    1. Thank you.
      And my exam was easyy

  3. nice ending

  4. Awesome yar

    1. Thankyou yar.

  5. Fatarajo(KRPKAB, EDKV n Dehleez fan)

    Cute ending I liked ur ff 🙂

  6. Whaattt???.. Druv was just a watch piece???…..

    1. Yeah.. but bech mai episodes mai dhruv ki love story b likhi thi many..!

  7. nice one yar bt sad as u end
    will u be back with a new one or not
    plz plz plz tell

    1. I’ll be back if possible. And thanks

  8. Superb yaar… I’m sad as u hve ended it dear…bt come back with another one…I’ll be waiting for it.???

    1. Thanks Shruti

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