Thaahan- Secret love (Episode 3)


(Today is party, Thapki and bihaan are getting ready)
BIHAAN:- I am very happy today I’ll go to my home and meet my dadi, bau ji, maa and all the family members! But i am feeling comfortless!
AT PARTY:- Thapki wearing red gown enters in the party. Bihaan jaws touched the floor by seeing thapki. BIHAAN:- (whisper) wow! She is looking gorgeous. Just then someone announced that:- “Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying party, and today everyone has to dance on this floor so you have only 5 mins to select your partner! Sahil comes near thapki and asked to be his partner, Thapki refused! Just then bihaan comes, he kneel down and give his hand to thapki and asked her to dance? Thapki was feeling strange because bihaan had never done anything like this before! But she agrees to dance with bihaan to deny and ignore sahil. Music starts (Piya oo re piya) bihaan puts his hand on thapki’s waist and she was holding his shoulder. Bihaan was watching her with loving eyes, thapki was looking down because she was feeling uncomfortable. After few seconds, she also look up on bihaan’s face, they both have an eyelock. Music stops, everyone begins to clap. Bihaan came to his senses and they separate themselves. Sahil watch all this and he go out Angrily.
SAHIL:- “Today is your last day Mr. Bihaan. Now it’s time to take revenge from you.”
Party over. Bihaan said to thapki:- “Come I’ll drop you” Thapki nods. “Yes”. They both leave.

ON BIKE:- It starts raining…
THAPKI:- Oh… raining!
BIHAAN:- Wow! What a pleasant weather!” thapki saw a car following them,
THAPKI:- “Bihaan stop the bike. Someone is following us, I think he need something!” The car came closer to them and Sahil Gets out from the car. He hold thapki’s hand and said:- “As I said before, Thapki is mine” bihaan pushed him back and said:- “But she don’t even like you and you don’t have any right to touch her” ….. sahil took out the gun. SAHIL:- “Thapki if you will not come with me. I’ll shoot him”…..thapki starts crying. Bihaan Gesture something to thapki and she understands what he said.
BIHAAN:- “Okay you can take her with you” and he sit on bike, just then thapki also sit quickly and bihaan ran the bike in full speed. Sahil shoot on tyre of bike. They both fall down. But they start running, holding each other’s hand!. Unknowingly they entered in a strange place. It is very dark and no light here! Sahil also enters but because of darkness he can’t see anything. He leaves but he lock the door from outside and said:- “I know they both are here, I’ll come in morning”
Here thapki is hugging bihaan tightly because she is scared of darkness. Bihaan wipes her tears.
BIHAAN:- “It is very dark here, we will go out in morning till then sit here.” They both sit next to each ohter. Thapki is feeling cold. Bihaan took out his brown jacket and makes thapki to wear. After 1 hour thapki falls asleep on bihaan’s shoulder. He also slept.
IN MORNING:- A sharpe ray of sun disturbs bihaan’s sleep and he wakeup, he found himself in the an old Hut and thapki sleeping in his arms. Thapki also wakes up and she found herself in bihaan’s arms, she quickly sit and give bihaan’s jacket back to him. BIHAAN:- come we have to go out. If I’ll late, my chuk chuk gadi, oh I mean my train will miss.” And he tries to open the door but it was locked from outside. Someone opens the door and he is non other than Sahil. Thapki and bihaan are stunned by seeing the Crowd. Everyone was taunting thapki and saying that:- “You are a characterless girl, you spent you were alone with him inside” thapki cried and said “no”. Bihaan gets angry and he shouts:- “just shut up…. you all have problem that we have no legal relation and we spent out whole night alone here! So follow me!” he holds thapki’s hand and took her to the nearest temple. He didn’t wait for a second and he fills thapki’s hairline with sindoor. Everyone is shocked. Sahil is super shocked. Thapki stunned! Everyone leaves with embarrassment. Sahil also leaves and said:- “I’ll be back soon”. Thapki is still in shock. Bihaan tries to comfort her and make her to sit on stairs.
BIHAAN:- I am sorry, they were taunting you just because of that sahil that’s why I done this!
THAPKI:- What will I do now? Where I’ll go?
BIHAAN:- You will go with me. To my home! A after all you are B for bihaan pandy’s wife now”…..thapki looks at him….bihaan twisted his words and said:- “i…i mean we will go to your parents first and narrate them whole story” THAPKI:- My mother died on the day of my birth and my father also died when I was just 8 years old. I don’t have anyone in my family! (SHE cried)

BIHAAN:- I am your family now! Will you please stop crying. I hate tear.!! (He wipes her tears)
PANDY NIVAAS:- After few hours they reached pandy nivaas.
BIHAAN:- come on..let’s go in!
THAPKI:- NO stop! Your family is waiting for you today and they will shock to see me with you and this can be annoying for them! So we will tell them truth after a week!
BIHAAN:- C for chuk chuk gadi you’re C for Clever!
THAPKI:- NOW stop calling me that! And make me hide somewhere?”
Bihaan arranges ladder and put that ladder so that thapki can climb up and go inside bihaan’s room by window! Thapki starts climbing suddenly she falls and bihaan catches her and they both have an eyes lock. (Zra zra honye lage kam fasle, song plays in background)

PRECAP:- Thapki is Enjoying The Rain, She Met Her Father!

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Credit to: arruu

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  1. Awesome episode…….!
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  2. Nice episode , but i had noticed each and every thahaan ff…..bihaan and thapki got married so fastly …leave it……the story is nice , loves to imagine this bubbly thapki

    1. Actually I don’t wanna drag this FF.. and thankyou

  3. Awesome story. .. waiting for next FF. ..

  4. Wow!! Great episode.. my dear frd Arru.Waiting eagerly fr nxt ep.Good luck?

  5. Thankyou santosh and shruti! KEEP READING!

  6. Nice episode keep it up

  7. Super episode..

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    Ary kahe wo jo don usy dhund raha ha wo us k papa to nahe.

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