thaahan- secret love (Episode 29)

Epi 29!
Here it Goes..

After listening to dadi that thapki is missing.. bihaan rushes to market.

Bihaan sees suman and run towards her.

BIHAAN:- Bhabi where is Thapki?
SUMAN:- I don’t know! I have been searching her since badi Sasu maa asked me.
BIHAAN:- Okay you go this side and search her.. i’ll search here!
They both tried hard to find thapki! But they didn’t!
After two hours, bihaan and suman comes to parking area!

SUMAN:- We searched her almost everywhere!
BIHAAN:- yes! But we didn’t find her.. where is she! (He gets more tensed)
SUMAN:- dont worry bihaan devar g.. plz don’t take tension. I think thapki must have gone home?
BIHAAN:- How is this possible. She can’t go home alone leaving you here?
SUMAN:- let me call at home.
She tries to unlock her mobile but her mobile is switched off because of low battery!
SUMAN:- oh no! Battery is low.
BIHAAN:- I’ll call..

He Checks his mobile in pocket.
BIHAAN:- oh.. I forgot my mobile at home
SUMAN:- hmm! So this means thapki is at home. Everyone must be trying to contact us but my mobile is off and you forgot your mobile at home..
BIHAAN:- LETS go home fast bhabi!

Bihaan and suman comes home. Eveyone is tensed for thapki and sitting on Sofas..
BIHAAN:- where is Thapki? Thapki? Thapkiii?
DADI:- calm down bihaan!
MAA:- Thapki is not at home. You didn’t find her in market?
SUMAN:- NO Sasu ma! Actually we searched her everywhere, but she is not in market so I thought she must be at home.
BIHAAN:- she is not here bhabi? Where she gone? (tensed)
DADI:- i think she is with Diya.

BAU JI:- yes. Dhruv call Diya!
DHRUV:- yeah!
He calls Diya.
DIYA:- hii!!
DHRUV:- ya hi.. Diya, is Thapki with you?
DIYA:- NO!! Even i was thinking to call her at my home for shopping.
DHURV:- so she is not with you na?
DIYA:- NO, but what happend?
DHRUV:- Okay. . I’ll tell you later!
He cuts the call!
BAU JI:- do onething… dhurv, ashwin and akshay. You all go out and find her everywhere, go to our relative’s home also.
They nods “yes” and leaves..
DADI:- Suman and Preeti you also call friends and relatives and ask them.
Suman and Preeti says: “Okay badi Sasu maa”
Bihaan is also about to leave but dadi stops him.

BIHAAN:- Yes Dadi. .
DADI:- don’t worry my child! Thapki will come back soon..
BIHAAN:- Hmm. .
And he leaves!

Everyone comes home and tells that they didn’t find her.
Bihaan also comes and asks bhabis about thapki.. but they tells him that she is not in relatives home.
Bihaan goes to his room without listening to anyone. .

He comes to room.. and sits on bed.. he sees an envelope beside him.
BIHAAN:- what’s this?

He opens it and reads..
“I am sorry bihaan i am leaving you and pandy family forever because I don’t want you to get hurt because of me”…

After reading these lines bihaan feels the pain of death!
He shouts and cries:- “Thapkiii, you can’t do this.. you know I love you alot.”
Bau ji comes In room. And he also reads the letter.
Bihaan hugs bau ji tightly and cries..
BIHAAN:- Bau ji..I love her alot.. how could she?
BAU JI:- calm down. . Sit here..
Bau ji also sits on bed beside bihaan..
BIHAAN:- she can’t do this bau ji.. she also loves me.

BAU JI:- So how can you believe in this letter.. anybody can write this letter bihaan.. think my child! Thapki can’t leave you like this. She is an intelligent girl.
Bau ji leaves…
Bihaan gets thinking…
BIHAAN:- yes. . My chuk chuk gadi can’t do this… but who wrote this letter and where is my love, thapki?

PRECAP:- Bihaan takes out the register in which they use to write lectures in that institute…and he gets mixed feelings of happiness and sadness. He takes thapki’s picture in his hands and kissed it.

Next epi will be updated soon.

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  1. Superb episode….very emotional. Waiting eagerly for wht happens next.

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