thaahan- secret love (Episode 27)


Epi 27
Here it goes.

It’s dhruv’s and Diya’s engagement function today in pandy nivaas.
Thapki and all the family members are busy in preparations for function..and thapki is welcoming guests..
Bihaan is sitting in his room on bed..
BIHAAN (in mind):- What should I do now? I have to do something soon.. otherwise this sahil can harm anyone..
Thapki enters in room..
THAPKI:- bihaan.. what are you doing here? Come on everyone is enjoying the function.. let’s go! And you know, today Diya and dhruv both are looking fabulous and awesom..
BIHAAN:- Yes… I’m coming..
THAPKI:- what happend? You’re looking tensed?
BIHAAN:- no no.. nothing!
Thapki’s phone rings.
THAPKI:- Oh no!! Not againnnn…. its sahil’s call?
BIHAAN (in anger):- give it to me!
THAPKI:- NO! I don’t want any fight between you and him..
BIHAAN:- but it’s enough now!
THAPKI:- bihaan plz! Try to understand.
Call cuts!
THAPKI:- thank God.. see I haven’t received his call!
Dadi calls thapki’s name..
THAPKI:- Yes Dadi ma.. COMING.
BIHAAN:- Where are you going.?
THAPKI:- What question is this? You know na.. dadi called me!
BIHAAN:- I Mean this mobile will disturb you while work so put this in room..
THAPKI:- Oh right..
She puts her mobile on table and leaves.
Bihaan takes her mobile and saves sahil’s number in his mobile.. and he also leaves.

The house is fully decorated with flowers and fancy lights. Diya and dhruv are sitting on chairs. Guests are enjoying the function.. bihaan sees thapki and pulls her in corner.
THAPKI:- bihaan?? What?
BIHAAN:- Nothing. Just wanted to say that you’re looking gorgeous.
THAPKI:- Thank you so much! Now can I go.
BIHAAN:- no .. plz. I’m in romantic mood today!
THAPKI:- Not only today. You’re always in romantic mood.
BIHAAN:- Ghajab! (He smiles).
THAPKI:- Oh. . Maa!
Bihaan seprates quickly!
BIHAAN:- where? Where is she?
THAPKI (laugh):- hahaha Mr. Moti buddhi!
Bihaan Smiles and goes out from the home.
BIHAAN (whispers to himself):- Today I’ll only warn sahil!

He goes in flashback!

(thapki goes out from the room after putting her mobile on table, bihaan took out sahil’s number and saves his number in his mobile. He calls sahil and ask him to come to pandy nivaas he wanted to talk with him)

Bihaan is standing on the side of road out of pandy nivaas. Waiting for sahil.. he comes!

SAHIL:- What happend, are you scared of me! (He laughs).
BIHAAN (in serious mood):- Listen.. I don’t have much time.
SAHIL (Interrupts):- why! Are you going to die? Hahaha
BIHAAN:- no. I’m not gonna die! You will die if you’ll do anything wrong to thapki and it’s my brothers marriage after 4 days so I don’t want any kind of problem In his marriage function!
SAHIL:- oh what a chemistry! EXACTLY, bihaan you have got only 4 days left for divorce.. your brother will get marry and you will get divorce on same day..
BIHAAN:- it will never happen! I just wanted to warn you. . And it’s a serious warning!
Bihaan leaves without listening to any word of sahil!

He breaks the things and shouts:- “Nooo, no bihaan pandy you can’t warn me! Even you can’t do anything.. Hahahahaha.. your game will be finish after 4 days! Thapki will be mine.. i’ll win only sahil Sharma will win!
Sharma listens all this and he get worried about sahil’s actions!

BIHAAN(in mind):- Sahil! I’ll never let you win this.. thapki is only mine I love her.. and I will not let you ruin her life!

PRECAP:- Sahil and bihaan’s fight. Thapki shouts and cries.

Sorry sorry sorry guys! for being too much late.. next epi will be updated ASAP.
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