thaahan- secret love (Episode 26)


EPI 26.

They’re getting ready to go to Diya’s home to talk about dhruv’s marriage.
THAPKI:- bihaan?
THAPKI:- are you ready?
BIHAAN:- yep! And you
THAPKI:- ya.. me too.. so come on let’s go to dhruv’s room!
BIHAAN:- Okay…

He is wearing his coat. Bihan and thapki enters.
THAPKI:- Oh wow!
BIHAAN:- yeah.. dhruv you’re looking cool!
DHRUV:- well.. thanks and it’s all because both of you!
BIHAAN:- No need brother.. we love each other and we do know that how a person feels when he is not with loved ones!
DHRUV:- yes but really.. you proved that you’re a best brother and also a good friend.

Bau ji calls dhruv’s name.. they all comes down. To bau ji and everyone Is ready there to go.. dadi praises dhruv. And they leaves for Diya’s home.

Pandy family reaches Diya’s home.. bau ji rings the bell. Diya’s father opens the Door.
THAPKI:- Hi… I am Diya’s friend and this is My Family . And I wanna tell you that they liked my friend Diya very much.
DIYA’S FATHER:- oh okay.. come in plz..
They goes inside.. dhruv takes the view of the house. A girl with short hairs come she is Diya’s sister named payal..
PAYAL:- Sit plz…
They sits..

DIYA’S MOM:- Welcome welcome… I know you’re Diya’s friend.. but I didn’t have any idea that your family will like my daughter this much..
DADI:- your daughter is so sweet.. and this all is just a game of fate..! We liked Diya so much so we thought to talk to you about her?

Diya’s father is very happy because he also wanted to marry her daughter soon in a family of their standard and good people. He calls Diya…
She comes out and after too much conversation her father likes dhruv very much… Diya gets happy. . And they decided to do engagement function in pandy nivaas.. all are very happy.. they are talking and eating food. Thapki’s phone rings.. thapki does excuse and goes out to attend the call. Bihaan also comes with thapki. .

BIHAAN:- receive it.
THAPKI:- what? But I think it’s sahil’s number
BIHAAN:- Don’t worry. . I’m with you.. receive it and put it on speaker.
Thapki does the same. .

SAHIL:- so Mrs Vaani.. I mean thapki.. you have got only 5 days left.. I just called to remind you about what I asked you to do otherwise you know. What will I do..

He cuts the call. Thapki cries. Bihaan hugs her..
BIHAAN:- don’t cry plz. You don’t need to get scared from sahil. . As I said before that he can’t even touch me or you..
THAPKI:- but he said only 5 days.
BIHAAN:- He can’t do anything… Come lets go in..
They goes in.. sits.. bihaan gestures thapki to don’t get scared I’m with you always..
BIHAAN (whispers):- smile now! You look beautiful when you smile.
THAPKI (smiles):- really!
BIHAAN:- yes.. that’s like my love, thapki..

Bihaan and thapki are lying on bed.. she is hugging him.
BIHAAN (in mind):- now! I have to teach lesson to this sahil.. I can’t see thapki crying again and again because of him.. I love her alot and I can even die for her but I don’t wanna die. Because if I’ll die.. then thapki’s life will ruin too.. and I wanted to live this whole life only and only with thapki. .

THAPKI:- bihaan.
BIHAAN:- Thapki? You’re still awake? I thought you are sleeping.
Thapki separated. But still she is in his arms.
BIHAAN:- I know you’re thinking about sahil again.. I said na don’t think so much!
THAPKI:- but bih….
Before She completes her sentence. Bihaan kisses her..
BIHAAN:- Keep quiet.. I love you .
Thapki also kissed him and said:- “I love you too”
And they shared cozy moments.

PRECAP:- Dhruv’s engagement function. Bihaan meets sahil.

Okay so I know this epi was not that much good.. and it’s short too. But the day after tomorrow is my paper guys So, I have to prepare for that.. I’m sorry but I’ll update next Episode ASAP!


Credit to: arruu

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