thaahan- secret love (Episode 25)


EPI 25.
here it goes..

Thapki, bihaan and dhruv are shocked to know that bau ji knows Dhruv loves Diya.
BAU JI:- Now why your jaws are touching the floor? I know everything but don’t worry I’ll not tell anyone, I promis. And I’ll help you too.
DHRUV:- thanks bau ji..
BIHAAN:- But how do you know all this?
THAPKI:- yes.. I am thinking same?
BAU JI:- when you were making plan I came to dhruv’s room to call him for dinner so I listened you conversation.
BIHAAN:- wow.. bau ji, great
Thapki smiles.

BAU JI:- Now tell me what I have to do?
BIHAAN:- NOTHiNG! You just have to go to Diya’s home and ask her parents to make Diya marry with dhruv.
BAU JI:- OKAY.. when we have to go..
Bihaan tries to say something but just then thapki’s phone rings.
THAPKI:- Hi.. Diya?
DIYA:- YES thapki. . I’m in a problem.
THAPKI:- why? What happend?
DIYA:- a family comes to my home to see me for their son but as you know I don’t wanna marry him? What should I do?
THAPKI:- refuse to get marry..
DIYA:- but how? I Must have a reason to refuse otherwise my father will not listen to me.
THAPKI:- Okay I have a plan.. Just give me your father’s number.
DIYA:- why?
THAPKI:- dont ask questions.. Just give me the number fast…
Diya gives her the number and thapki cuts down the call.
DHRUV:- What happend?

Thapki tells them the whole scene which Diya told her.. and she asks bihaan to call Diya’s father and tell him that the family in which they’re marrying Diya is not a good family.. they are liars..
BIHAAN:- will they believe me?
DHRUV:- yes of course. .. Everyone can believe on anyone in matter of daughter.. especially fathers.
Bihaan does the same..

Diya’s father ask the guests to leave.. guests ask him the reason but he shouts and said:- “Just leave”
GUESTS:- strange people.. you called us here to insult… comes on we don’t want our son to get marry in such an illiterate family..
They leaves. .
DIYA’S FATHER (in mind):- i just hate people like them.. but who was that man who called me..
He gets thinking.

Thapki calls Diya..
THAPKI:- SO, happy?
DIYA:- yes… thankyou so much…
Dhruv takes the mobile.
DHRUV:- Don’t worry, you’re mine Diya.. and now nobody can separate us..
Diya gets happy ..
DIYA:- YES. . I love you…
DHRUV:- i love you too.. ummah…
BAU JI:- ehmm ehmm.
Dhurv cuts the call and feels awkward and shy..
Thapki and bihaan Smiles.

BAU ji calls everyone in hall room.. eveyone gathers..
BAU JI:- Today I wanna tell you all that dhruv is ready to get marry now.. and tomorrow we will go to their home.
DADI:- whom home?
BIHAAN:- Diya’s home dadi..
SUMAN:- Diya’s home????

VASU:- Diya is your and thapki’s friend na?
BAU JI:- yes and I like that girl very much.. so i decided to make dhruv and Diya marry each other..
Before vasu or any other family member say something.. dadi interrupts.
DADI:- that’s good.. I like that girl too.. she is so well mannered and sweet.
Dhruv gets happy.. bihaan and Thapki smiles.
BAU JI:- So get ready.. we will go tomorrow to their home..
Everyone nods “yes” and leaves.

He is talking to diya…
DHRUV:- i have a good news for you..
DIYA:- What? Tell me fast na!
DHRUV:- Okay … have some patients na ! And the good news is my family is coming to your home tomorrow to talk to your parents about our marriage.
Diya gets too much happy and she shouts in exitment… :- “Whatt..? Really..”
DRHUV:- yes.. speak slowly..
DIYA:- YES yes. Sorry.. and I’m so happy dhruv. . I love you..
DHRUV:- i love you to! So, good night..
DIYA:- Okay good night. We will meet tomorrow..

He cuts down the call..
Diya and dhruv are happy and exited.

Vasu is lost in thoughts about dhruv and Diya marriage. .
BALU (BAU JI):- don’t think so much..
VASU:- What? No, I’m not thinking anything.
BALU:- i know you’re thinking about Diya. . Don’t worry Vasundra G. .. she is a good girl!
VASU:- yes I hope she will take care of my dhruv. .
BALU:- of course she will..


PRECAP:- Pandy family reaches Diya’s home, and her father likes dhruv and the family..! Thahaan romance at night.

Next epi will be updated on Monday or maybe Tuesday!
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