thaahan- secret love (Episode 24)


EPI 24..
Here it goes.!

Bihaan and thapki are laying on bed and talking about dhruv and Diya.
THAPKI:- We planned for their marriage but what do you think? Our family will not ask question about Diya?
BIHAAN:- Why will they ask questions chuk chuk gadi.. they all know that Diya is our friend.
THAPKI:- but I think we should tell them about dhruv’s story.. i am sure They will understand..
BIHAAN:- no thapki. . Not now. . I know our pandy family is nice but anyone can do any type of mistake and I don’t want any blunder till dhruv’s marriage. I can’t see him sad again!
THAPKI:- But we will tell them truth after marriage..
BIHAAN:- Of course.. we will.. and we will tell truth to Diya’s family too.
THAPKI:- what???? Diya’s father will not accept.

BIHAAN:- He has to accept. And it was the mistake of his father, he didn’t believe his daughter.
THAPKI:- You’re right.
Bihaan hugs her tightly.
BIHAAN:- Now leave this topic.. lets talk about our future..
THAPKI:- Our future?
BIHAAN:- YES our future.. and our future is..
THAPKI:- Our future is what??…
BIHAAN:- junior thapki.. (He talks about kids).

Thapki laughs….
THAPKI:- junior…. Hahaha but I wish for junior moti buddhi…
And they starts talking about kids..
After 20 minutes . They falls asleep in each others arms..

Sahil comes home..
SHARMA:- oh thank God.. my son is back.
SAHIL:- YES Dad. . I’m happy today..
SHARMA (hopelessly):- ouhhf…. there must be your next plan.. and let me tell you onething.. my son, your foolish plans never works.
Sahil Gets angry
SAHIL (in anger):- how dare you to call me fool…

SHARMA (Shouts):- sahil!! These are not manners to talk with your father..
SAHIL:- come on dad.. dont Shout.. your voice is hurting my ears. And this time if my plan won’t work then I’ll kill ..
SHARMA:- you’ll kill, bihaan?
SAHIL:- no dad.. it’s true that bihaan stole that thapki from me but there is thapki’s mistake so I’ll kill her.
SHARMA:- But why will you kill thapki?
SAHIL:- you can’t understand..
Sharma tries to speak more but sahil moves from there and goes to his room..Sharma again gets angry.

Thapki comes out from bathroom after taking bath and thinks to tease bihaan.. he is sitting on sofa having towel on his shouder and still feeling sleepy.. she shakes her hairs and sprinkle water droplets on bihaan..
BIHAAN:- what are you doing?
THAPKI:- dont you have eyes. I’m drying my hairs.
BIHAAN:- Oo chuk chuk gadi.. use dryer na.
THAPKI:- i don’t wanna use dryer.

She again sprinkle water droplets on his face
BIHAAN:- hmm.. I know very well.. you’re doing this to tease me.
THAPKI:- haha of course.. it’s Morning now and you are still feeling sleepy.. that’s why I did this.
Bihaan Smiles. And hugs her from back. He was about to kiss her on cheeks just then dhruv knocks the door.
DHRUV:- Bihaan and thapki come down.. everyone is calling for breakfast.
THAPKI:- yes we are coming.
DHRUV:- Okay come fast
Dhruv leaves.
BIHAAN:- I will take revenge after his marriage of each and every minute when he disturbed me while romance..
THAPKI (laughs):- haha.. go to bath now and we have to talk bau ji about marriage..
Bihaan nods “yes” and he goes in bathroom.

Everyone is eating their food silently. Dhruv breaks the silence
DHRUV:- i wanna talk about my….. (he was about to say marriage).
Just then bihaan hits on his leg and gesture him to don’t speak. Dhruv Stops. Everyone stares at him.
DHRUV:-i mean, I wanna talk about my work..

BAU JI:- your work?
DHRUV:- yes actually my work I have to go on work okay bye.
He stans up
VASU:- Dhruv??? Today is Sunday..
DHRUV:- oh yes today is Sunday. Sorry I forgot.
Bihaan and Thapki laughs slowly..
And everyone noticed his behavior.

Dhruv, bihaan and thapki goes in bau ji room to talk about dhruv’s marriage..
BAU JI:- yes beta come in?
BIHAAN:- Bau ji we wanna talk about something. .
THAPKI:- yes bau ji we wanna talk about dhruv…
Bau ji interrupts..
BAU JI (in serious manner):- dhruv’s marriage right. He loves Diya and he wanted to marry him
Bihaan is shocked
Thapki Stunned
Dhruv is super shocked..

Diya’s mom comes there and asks her to get ready
DIYA:- but why?

DIYA’S MOM:- A family is coming to see you for their son.
He leaves.
Diya gets tensed ..
The family comes. They sits and after 1 hour. Diya goes to her room her sister also comes there and asks her is she going to marry him?
Diya refuses to get marry with someone else.
Her sister is shocked but happy too because she also don’t like that boy.. but he is handsome.
DIYA’S SISTER:- But how will you refuse.. papa will be angry.
Diya gets thinking.


PRECAP:- Bau ji promised dhruv, bihaan and thapki that he will not tell anyone about Diya and he agreed to make Diya marry dhruv.

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