thaahan- secret love (Episode 23)


Guys. . From now on.. i’ll update episodes thrice a week.. as I’m quite busy now a days and my episodes are being too short that’s why.. I hope you can understand and Cooperate plz..

Epi 23
Here it goes

Diya enters in her home, and her mom starts to scold her. But thapki interrupts.
THAPKI:- sorry aunty. . But there is no mistake of Diya. . Actually I asked her to spend more time with us..
DIYA:- YES mom sorry.. it will not happen next time..
DIYA’S MOM:- Okay… Go to your room.
Thahaan leaves. They reaches pandy nivaas. Dhruv stops them..
DHRUV:- bihaan.. listen
DHRUV:- you said that you’ll tell the plan later.. so let’s discuss.
THAPKI:- yeah. Sure..
BIHAAN:- NO.. Actually. I’m having headache so plz we will talk later about this.
DHRUV:- it’s okay bihaan. .take rest..
He leaves.

THAPKI:- lay down bihaan.. I’ll make a good tea for you.. then your headache will disappear (She smiles).
BIHAAN:- No I don’t want..
THAPKI:- Okay. But…
THAPKI (IN mind):- i think bihaan is worried about something.. I’m Noticing that he is lost in his thoughts..but why?
Bihaan pulls thapki and hugs her.. he weeps… but thapki don’t know that he is weeping.
BIHAAN:- may I ask you something.
BIHAAN:- If someone will separate us then what will you do?
THAPKI:- NO one has guts to separate us.. and Mr. Moti buddhi.. I used to scare about this and you always says that don’t worry I’m with you I’ll never let you go anywhere.. then why are you asking this question to me today..
BIHAAN:- I wanna tell you something..
Thapki seprates and sees his face..
THAPKI:- you’re crying?
BIHAAN:- no..
THAPKI:- I’d know you’re crying..But why bihaan.. plz tell me now I’m feeling worried.
He stands up and closes the door.
BIHAAN:- Listen. .
He goes in flashback

“when thapki and Diya and dhruv goes out from the room.. Thapki’s mobile was in room and bihaan was also in the room.. thapki’s mobile rings. Bihaan receives the call.. before he say something.. the unknown person speaks.. “So Mrs. Thapki. . As I said that you’ll get a big surprise after three days…but let me tell you onething that this surprise is painfull for you.. now you have to divorce bihaan at any cost.. because if you don’t. Then you’ll never see his face.. I’m giving you time for 1 week.. divorce him otherwise I’ll kill him and this time I’m very serious. And you know I can do anything for my ego. I know you love bihaan top much so you can’t see him dead. Just 1 week.. only 1…” He cuts the call.. bihaan become angry and worried too.. but he thought if he will tell this to thapki then thapki will also worry about this and he don’t want to lose thapki now”
Thapki cries. Bihaan wipes her tears and said:- “Don’t cry, I’m always with you..but promis me onething that whatever will happen you’ll never leave me. Promis me thapki”
THAPKI:- But bihaan he’ll kill you.?
BIHAAN:- He can’t harm bihaan pandy..Just promis me.. I was worried about you.. see.. if we are together then nobody can harm us.
THAPKI:- I promis bihaan because I also don’t wanna lose you.
She hugs him tightly.
BIHAAN:- now don’t think on this and you promised chuk chuk gadi.. Don’t ever break it i love you more than anything.
THAPKI:- I love you too bihaan..
He kisses her..
BIHAAN:- now.. call dhruv.. we have to talk about his marriage. And did you take Diya’s number?
THAPKI:- YES. And let’s go to dhruv’s room.. we will discuss there.
Bihaan and thapki goes in his room.

They sits.. thapki takes tea for them..
THAPKI:- so what’s the plan?
BIHAAN:- Yes. . So listen very carefully..plan is.. “Diya’s parents don’t know dhruv and his name but they only thinks that the boy Diya loves is just an ordinary and he is not their standard but the reality is opposite, I and thapki will ask to Bau ji and dadi to talk with Diya’s parents for dhruv and her marriage and we will not tell them the whole story, we will just say that Diya is a nice girl and she is our friend so they will definitely say yes to her. And Diya’s parents don’t know anything about dhruv and family.. and they will also get ready for their marriage?”

Dhruv and thapki is stunned..Bihaan twists his fingers.
THAPKI:- woww bihaan.. you’re a genius.. what an idea..
DHRUV:- YES.. this is amazing.. but I know Diya very well. She will not cheat her parents.
THAPKI:- It’s not cheating.. cheating is that if Diya will marry you without telling her parents..
BIHAAN:- Exactly. .now keep calm and wait for tomorrow..
DHRUV:- tomorrow?
BIHAAN:- Yes tomorrow..
THAPKI:- He means that we will talk eveyone for your marriage tomorrow. . Right.
BIHAAN:- right.. now good night. .
DHRUV:- What good night.. it’s dinner time..
BIHAAN:- oh yes. Actually we mostly discuss at night so I thought…
THAPKI (interrupts):- Okay stop your thoughts now and lets go to hall room for dinner. .
BIHAAN:- Ghajab..
They Smiles… and leaves.
Someone is listening to their conversation..the person hides.

PRECAP:- They talks bauji for dhruv’s marriage. Other family comes to see Diya but she refused to marry with someone else.

So.. think who is that family member who listened their conversation?

Next epi will be updated on Wednesday or if it’ll not be update on Wednesday then on Thursday.. and I’ll make episodes longer now!

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  1. Arruu, are you a student or working? I think you become a best writer.

    1. Well.. thankyou thankyou so much.. and I’m a student.. learning accounts.

  2. Arruu, are you a student? I think you become a best writer.

  3. Good keep updating

    1. Thanks kitty.. keep reading. Dear

  4. Your every episode and even every precap has a suspense…I’m simply in love with your FF.. keep writing

  5. Your every episode and even every precap has a suspense…I’m simply in love with your FF.. keep writing

  6. Sorry I just copied her comment 😀

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  8. nice episode. thahaan moments awesome.

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  9. Okay. .so you all must be getting confused..!
    Let me clarify.. Anna is my friend.. and he knows my id’s paswrd so that’s why.. I also asked her to write one FF… she is also a good writer but not like me.. hehe *joking*.. so..

  10. I think vasu was the who listened their conversation.

    1. Thanks for commenting and reading. . And keep thinking.. and waiting for next epi

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  13. Your ff thousands times better than daily episode. …’s amazing story …..
    Expecially Thahaan divorce line…….Heart touched. …

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