thaahan- Secret love (Episode 22)


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EPI 22
Here it goes.

Bihaan pushes dhruv and hugs Diya.
Thapki Diya and dhruv are shocked…
Just then vasu opens the door and gives them juice..Bihaan separates. .
BIHAAN:- Actually we met after a long time so that’s why she gets emotional and I hugs her..
VASU:- Oh okay..
She sees dhruv…
VASU:- Dhruv? When you came?
DHRUV:- 10 mins ago..
VASU:- but why?
DHRUV:- i have completed my work that’s why I came back..
She leaves.
THAPKI:- why you hugged her?
BIHAAN:- listen..
He goes in flashback.

“Bihaan goes out from the room to take something to drink for diya.. suddenly he saw vasu coming towards the room.. he thinks that dhruv is hugging Diya… if maa will see this then it will be big problem.. so he runs towards his room and hugs Diya. Because they told that Diya is their friend so bihaan can hug her because they met after a long time”

DHRUV:- Hmm… Clever…
DIYA:- sorry for what? No problem it’s okay.
THAPKI:- We have to solve this problem soon otherwise this month will end and bauji will make dhruv marry With someone else.
BIHAAN:- I have a plan.
BIHAAN:- I have plan in my mind.. so just wait.. i’ll tell you later. Till then if you both wanna talk alone . So you can..
DHRUV:- okay we will discuss that today at night and I’m taking Diya with me.
THAPKI:- where?
DHRUV:- to my room..
BIHAAN:- Thapki you also go with them and stand beside the door. If anyone will come there.. Just handle him/her.
Thapki nods :- “Yes”
Thapki, Diya and dhruv leaves.

Vasu is sitting alone on the bed. She is talking with herself.
VASU:- i am sure there is something wrong. There is something that they are hiding? But what’s that? I have to do something to know about this.

Bihaan is sitting and he is lost in his thoughts. Thapki shakes him. He comes back to his senses.
BIHAAN:- hu.. YES??
THAPKI:- WHAT are you thinking..??
BIHAAN:- no.. nothing..
Thapki stands up.. and shouts.. :- “Oh no…”
BIHAAN:- What happend?
THAPKI:- bihaan see .. it’s 6:30 and Diya’s mom asked her to come back before evening..
BIHAAN:- oh yes… where is she?
THAPKI:- I sent Diya and dhruv on tarrace. So that no one can see them there.
BIHAAN:- Thapki run Diya has to go home back..
Saying this.. they both runs on tarrace.

DIYA:- why you both are breathing heavily.
DHRUV:- yes bihaan what happend?
BIHAAN:- Diya. . Dont you wanna go home?
DIYA:- of course.
THAPKI:- what?
DIYA:- i mean of course I wanna go home..
THAPKI:- it’s 6:30.. and your mom asked you to come before evening.
Diya gets tensed.
BIHAAN:- dont worry.. we will say that we were talking and we didn’t see the watch so that’s why you got late.
Diya nods “yes”

They leaves from tarrace.
They were going out from home but bau ji stops dhurv.
BAU JI:- dhruv where are you going? Come with me.. I have some work for you..
DHURV:- Okay bau ji..
Dhruv leaves..

Thapki, bihaan and Diya sits in car and they also leaves. Bihaan is driving car in his thoughts..thapki asks bihaan to slow down..

PRECAP:- Diya’s mom scolds her. Bihaan hugs thapki and weeps.

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Credit to: arruu

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