thaahan- Secret love (Episode 21)


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Epi 21
Here it goes.

BIHAAN:- How will Diya meet dhruv?
THAPKI:- Come closer..
Bihaan goes closer to her.
THAPKI:- What are you doing?
BIHAAN:- you asked to come closer.
THAPKI:- ohooo. .. Mr. Moti buddhi! come closer means listen carefully.
DIYA:- okay na tell me the plan now.
THAPKI:- we will take you with us to pandy nivaas and if anyone will ask about you so I’ll say that you’re our friend, we studied together in that institute..
BIHAAN:- perfect.. and what about her family..they will ask us that where we are taking her..
DIYA:- that’s not a big problem. I’ll say them that we met after a long time so we are going to do party..
BIHAAN:- Okay so shall we go.

Thapki and Diya nods “yes”
Diya takes her purse.
They goes out..
DIYA’S MOM:- where are you going Diya?
DIYA:- mom. Actually we met after a long time so we decided to spent some time together out..
DIYA’S MOM:- Okay you may go.. but come soon before evening..
DIYA:- Okay mom..

They leaves..They sits in car.

BIHAAN:- where is father?
DIYA:- He is in office..
THAPKI:- And why your mother asked you to come back before evening?
DIYA:- My father is strict but he is good father he cares so much about me and my sister.. and he gives permission to go out with friends in morning or afternoon but we have to come back home before evening!
THAPKI:- Oh that’s nice..
BIHAAN:- What is nice in this? Diya don’t mind. But this is not nice.. it’s cruelty..
DIYA:- What? Not at all.. I love my father, he is the best father.
BIHAAN:- oh okay okay..

They reaches pandy nivaas..
Diya is Standing in pandy nivaas and taking a whole view of house..
BIHAAN:- Welcome to our home..
THAPKI:- yes you’re welcomed. Come to our room..
Dadi comes there.
DADI:- Who is she thapki?
THAPKI:- D…dadi she is Our friend we studied together in that institute.. she met Us today accidently.. so i asked her to come with us to our home..
DADI:- OH.. good beta.. Welcome to our home..
She leaves.

THAPKI:- sit plz…
She sits on bed.
DIYA:- where is dhruv? Plz call him.
BIHAAN:- yeah.. wait I am calling him.
He calls dhruv. .
DHRUV:- yes bihaan?
BIHAAN:- Dhruv comes home fast.. and come to my room.. and if anyone will ask you that why you came soon from work so just make an excuse.
DHRUV:- but bihaan. .
Bihaan cuts the call.
THAPKI:- Dhruv will be shocked to see this surprise.

Vasu goes to dadi’s room
VASU:- maa g.. it’s your medicines time..
DADI:- give me medicines and ask suman to send 3 glass of juice to bihaan’s room..
VASU:- okay maa g.. but why 3 glass?
DADI:- yes.. today they accidently met their institute friend.. so thapki takes her here.
VASU:- Okay..
She leaves..
She calls suman to kitchen and asks her to give juice..
Suman makes the juice.

Dhruv comes to their room and he stunned to see Diya…his eyes just stuck on her and he doesn’t saw anything.. Diya run and hugs him.. she cries. Dhruv also weeps.
BIHAAN (whispers to thapki):- I’m going to kitchen to take something to drink for diya
THAPKI:- NO you stay here.. i’ll bring.
BIHAAN:- no you stay.. and make Diya to calm down. .
Thapki Says:- “Okay”.
Bihaan leaves.

SUMAN:- I have made the juice and oh no.. I forgot.. badi Sasu ma asked me to press her saadi..
VASU:- you go and press her saadi . I’ll give this juice to them..
Suman leaves. .
Bihaan pushes dhruv and hugs Diya..
Dhruv is shocked. .
Diya is super shocked
Thapki stunned. .

PRECAP:- bihaan plans to make Diya and dhruv marry

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