thaahan- Secret love (Episode 20)

EPI 20.
Here it goes.

BIHAAN:- now dhruv will get back his love.
THAPKI:- He loves Diya alot na!
BIHAAN:- HMM.. as same as I love you.
THAPKI:- I Love you too.. but I am tensed.
BIHAAN:- why?

THAPKI:- What will we do If Diya will refuse to talk with us?
BIHAAN:- Think positive.. and God always help!
THAPKI:- but…..
Bihaan stops her and pulls her closer.
BIHAAN:- no one disturb us now.
As he was about to kiss her. Dhruv comes and knocks the door.
Thapki laughs…
BIHAAN:- wow..bad need to laugh.. and who is this disturbing this time..
Thapki stands up and opens the door.
BIHAAN:- oh so this is you.. DHRUVV. .
THAPKI:- Come in
DHRUV:- sorry if I disturbed you.
THAPKI:- NO not at all… sit here..
BIHAAN (whispers):- yes you disturbed my romance..
DHRUV:- Bihaan, you said something?
BIHAAN (get confused):- nop!..
DHRUV:- OKAY…so you guys went Diya’s old residence?
THAPKI:- yes.. and he gave us….
BIHAAN (interrupts):- and he didn’t give us the address.. we will go tomorrow again and search for Diya okay dhruv now you may go.
Thapki sees bihaan with angry eyes.
BIHAAN (twist his words):- i mean, you should also take rest now..
Dhruv becomes bit sad and he leaves.
Bihaan locks the door.

THAPKI:- why you lied to him?
BIHAAN:- oh! My innocent chuk chuk gadi. I lied him because we will give him surprise when we will take Diya with us tomorrow.
THAPKI:- yes nice bihaan.. I am sure we will be succeed to take Diya back. .
Bihaan Smiles. And again he pulls her closer and pushes her towards wall. She tries to move but he puts his one hand on her face and other on Wall. He kiss her..She can’t move and they shared cozy moments.

Sahil is sitting with his friends and talking.. Sharma calls him.
SHARMA:- yes my son how are you?.
SAHIL:- I’m fine dad

SHARMA:- so you’re coming back tomorrow.
SAHIL:- may be tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
SHARMA:- BUT beta .
Sahil doesn’t listened him and cuts down the call. Sharma gets angry.

Thapki and bihaan are going out from home to meet Diya. Dadi and vasu comes there and stops.
DADI:- where are you going beta?
BIHAAN:- actually my friends invite us for party..
VASU:- but party in morning?

BIHAAN:- yeah! We will be back just in 2 3 hours.
And they both ran from there.
VASU (in mind):- I’m sure.. they are hiding something.

They reached Diya’s residence. Bihaan is about to ring the bell but thapki stops him.
BIHAAN:- What happend now? Let me ring the bell
THAPKI:- We saw Diya’s picture.
BIHAAN:- Okay I know.. then??
THAPKI:- If someone else opens the door so I will behave that I’m her friend and you will behave as my husband..
BIHAAN:- oo. chuk chuk gadi.. I am already your husband..
THAPKI:- Oh yes..sorry, I forgot.
BIHAAN:- What you forgot that I am your husband, how could you thapki..
THAPKI (smiles):- stop it bihaan..
Bihaan (smiles) and rings the bell.. a girl with short hairs opens the door.
GIRL:- yes?

THAPKI:- I’m Diya’s friend and he’s my husband. We wanna meet Diya!
GIRL:- oh of course come in..
She takes them to Diya’s room. Diya is sitting on chair. She has long curly hairs. wearing jeans and long shirt. The girl leaves..
DIYA:- who are you?
THAPKI (puts finger on her own lips):- shhh shhh! Plz don’t speak..
DIYA:- What?
THAPKI:- my name is Thapki.
BIHAAN:- I’m b for bihaan pandy her husband.
THAPKI:- yes. And we are dhruv’s relative..
BIHAAN:- I’m his brother.
Diya gets happy.
DIYA:- where is dhruv? Tell me na, where is he? (She cries).
THAPKI:- He is not here right now..he went several times to your old residence but no one told him your new address. Then me and bihaan went there and I took your this address.
BIHAAN:- now tell us your problem? Why you left dhruv. He is such a nice man and you left him without even informing.

DIYA:- “That day my friend called my dad and he told each and every thing to him about me and dhruv. And he also said that dhruv is not our standard he is not a good boy, But she lied. Because she likes dhruv and she wanted me to leave him. Then my father also came to that country and took me back with him, I left that country and after me I was sure that dhruv will also leave the place and my that friend is still in that father don’t even know dhruv’s name. And he hates dhruv because he thinks that dhruv is not good. But I love him alot..I really love him”.

THAPKI:- dont cry plz..
BIHAAN:- yes calm down..
DIYA:- i wanna meet dhruv.
THAPKI:- You will definitely meet him.
BIHAAN (Confused):- how?

PRECAP:- Thapki makes plan. Diya meets dhruv. she cries and hugs him.


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