thaahan- Secret love (Episode 2)


Thanks for your motivation! Epi. 2
Here it goes…
Boy holding collar and bihaan said (Angrily) “Just leave my collar first.” Bihaan pushed him and the boy fall down. He gave a hard punch on bihaan’s face. Bihaan also begins to fight they both were beating each other and bihaan’s hand was bleeding.. thapki was continously screaming and shouting “stop please stop” she become tensed and she saw bihaan’s bag she was about to throw the bag on the boy but suddenly she saw a gun in the bag she Took out the gun and points on bihaan and said “if you both don’t stop this fight, I’ll shoot both of you”
BOY:- Okay okay! I am going this time but thapki you can not hide yourself from me.
THAPKI:- get Lost!
BOY:- (he points his finger on bihan and said) “I’ll see you later. You’ll have to pay hard for this”
BIHAAN:- don’t you listened to her GET LOST!

Boy moved from there.
BIHAAN:- give me my gun there are bullets in this.
THAPKI:- why you put this gun in your bag. Don’t you know that this is illegal.
BIHAAN:- I have licence for this gun. And this is for my safety.
THAPKI:- SAFETY?? Are you a commander! Hehe
BIHAAN:- I am one man army.” Saying this. He starts moving from there.
THAPKI:- Listen, you must take first aid for your hand.
BIHAAN:- oh really! Thankyou so much for telling! HuhH!
THAPKI:-Remember one thing! LOVE and PEACE is better than violence.
BIHAAN:-hmm.. well! Who was that boy? Do you know him?
THAPKI:- yes, his name is SAHIL!” Thapki started to narrate him a story but unfortunately bihaan’s phone rings. He receive the call.
BIHAAN:- hi bau ji. How are you. I am missing you and dadi very badly..
BAU JI:- We too beta! Talk to your dadi she was feeling alone without you.
DADI:-bihaan how are you my child. Do you take food on time?
BIHAAN:- Yes Dadi.” After 5 mins of talk he cut the call and he saw tears in thapki’s eyes. He asked “What happend” thapki replied:- “Nothing, I am just missing my father” BIHAAN:- So, call him! I think you don’t have balance in your phone.
THAPKI:-“Sometimes people are too far from us that we can’t even call them” and she moved from there sadly! Bihaan. Gets thinking on her words but he can’t understand that her father is not in this world! BIHAAN:- (in his mind) Ghajab! Such a strange girl.. I haven’t understand what she said”

THAPKI’S HOME:- here thapki is trying to sleep but she can’t because she is missing her father.
THAPKI:- “where are you papa. I am totally alone here. But I know you are in paradise and you are watching me na. Why you left me alone here. I was just 8 years old and I lost my whole family. That night was so horrible when I Lost you. I am still scared of that Man” She starts crying!

AN UNKNOWN RESIDENCE:- A man is sitting on rocking chair, drinking bear and smoking! A boy come and said “SORRY MALIK, i still not found that girl” The man took out the gun and shoot that boy! And said “I don’t want useless boys like you, DIE! (The secret of this man will reveal soon)
BIHAAN’S HOME:- bihaan take out all the bullets from his gun and throw in the dustbin and put his gun in drawer after this he lay down on the bed and trying to sleep but he is totally lost in the thoughts of Thapki. He remembers the words which thapki said that love is better than violence. BIHAAN:- “(in his mind) why I am thinking about that girl. I don’t even know her name.”
IT’S MORNING (INSTITUTE):- Today is speech competition. After 5 students, thapki starts her speech. But everyone begins to laugh at her because of her stammering! And bihaan is watching all this. Thapki starts weeping. Bihaan saw her and he goes on the stage and shout in mic. “KEEP QUIET, there is no need to laugh. Everyone has weakness, just put yourself in place of her for a min and think if people are laughing at your weakness” there was a complete silence and thapki was looking at him shockingly. BIHAAN:- “No one will speak a single word now! You can continue your speech.” Thapki smile! And after 4 min she end up her speech. There was a huge round of applause. Everyone was clapping and admiring her speech. Thapki came down from the stage and she thanks bihaan. And said “thankyou so much. By the way what’s your name? BIHAAN:-“ my pleasure. My name is B For Bihan pandy. And your name?

THAPKI:- my name is Thapki.” Bihaan said:-“Thapki?” which type of name is this? She replied:- “Actually my real name is Vaani people call me thapki lovingly.”
BIHAAN:- and what they call angrily?
THAPKI:- very funny. HUHH!
BIHAAN:- so can we be friends.
THAPKI:- NO not at all! I don’t wanna be friend with a boy like you! (thapki is bit rude and she don’t do friendship with boys because whenever she become friends with any boy Sahil beats that boy)
BIHAAN:-Ghajab! I am asking for F for friendship and you are F for fighting with me!” thapki moves from there. She was lost in her own world and she collide with sahil. (Sahil also study there he just followed thapki to be with her) Thapki ignores and about to go but sahil holds her hand. Thapki said:’ “Sahil just leave my hand” SAHIL:- I will never leave your hand, you are mine just mine!”. Bihaan saw all this and he understand that thapki hates sahil because of his cheapness! Thapki released her hand and ran away from there.
ON ROAD:- thapki is looking for auto. Suddenly a bike came and he was bihaan on bike he asked “may I drop you?” Thapki scared because he thought bihaan is cheap like sahil.
BIHAAN:- don’t scare! I am not like him. I know how to respect women.
THAPKI:- Okay but thankyou I can go myself.
BIHAAN:- please try to understand. You’re alone in this city. So I’ll drop you safely, don’t panic!”

THAPKI:- (in her mind) he is right! Because no one is here with me and sahil is very cheap person he can do anything.” And she agree. BIHAAN:- So where is your house? Thapki guides him. Suddenly the speed breaker comes and bihaan press the break. Thapki came closer to him. (Dheere dheere sy meri zindagi mai ana, song plays in background) Thapki:- “okay stop here, I live in this hotel” BIHAAN:- wow!! It’s Coincidence! I live in the same lane in a house on rent”
(Days passed and thapki and bihaan become good friends but Their Nok jhok never stop. Tomorrw is party at institute. 3 months ends)
THAPKI’S HOME:- thapki is Planning what dress should she wear Tomorrow. And she is also thinking that she didn’t saw sahil for 2 months! And said:- “anyways I should be happy that sahil is not following me now! But why I am feeling so strange about bihaan, he is a good friend I wish that I could be friend with him always!”
BIHAAN’S HOME:- bihaan is talking to moon. “Which kind of feelings are these? I should be happy because now I am going my home. I’ll meet dadi, bau ji, maa and all family members. Why my heart beats fast when I come closer to thapki? What’s happening to me!”
(tera chehra, song plays in background)
Episode ends!

Thapki’s wish will come true or not? Will Their fate join them together? And where is sahil?… Tomorrow will bring a big change in thaahan’s life! GET READY!

PRECAP:- Bihaan is filling sindoor in thapki’s hairline..!


Credit to: arruu

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