thaahan- Secret love (Episode 19)


Epi 19
Here it goes.
Bihaan is hugging thapki. Suman sees this. Thapki feels shy and goes out from the room.
BIHAAN:- bhabi you want something?
SUMAN:- No I just came here to call thapki..
She also leaves.

Vasu is talking with Balu(bauji)
VASU:- I think dhruv is in some kind of problem.
BALU:- NO vasu g. You think alot.
VASU:- But I feel something strange when he was talking with us.
BALU:- He was in hurry. That’s why
VASU:- may be..
Balu goes in bathroom.
VASU (in mind):- my guess can’t be wrong. I am sure there is something that dhruv is hiding from us!
She leaves from room.

Thapki and bihaan are getting ready to go Diya’s old residence.
BIHAAN:- So ready?
THAPKI:- YES I am ready.
BIHAAN:- let’s go.
THAPKI:- Okay.
Suddenly thapki stops..
BIHAAN:- What happend? Come on let’s go!
THAPKI:- you haven’t took the address.
BIHAAN:- oh yes.. I forgot.
THAPKI:- You never do anything right.
BIHAAN:- but I do 1 thing very perfectly.
THAPKI:- What?
He kissed her on cheeks.
Thapki smiles. Then She calls dhruv and ask him to send her the address and also send her Diya’s picture. She cuts down the call.
BIHAAN:- why you asked for her picture.
THAPKI:- picture will help us
BIHAAN:- Ghajab.. genius.
THAPKI:- He Sent the address and picture.
BIHAAN:- Okay come lets go now.
They both leaves from Their room. Vasu sees them.
VASU:- Bihaan? Where you both are going?
Thapki gets thinking..
BIHAAN:- Actually maa.. we are going for shopping..
VASU:- Oh okay..

She leaves.
THAPKI:- THANK GOD.. he saved us..
BIHAAN:- Hmm come..
They both leave.

They reached there. Thapki rings the bell. A boy opens the door.
BOY:- yes?
BIHAAN:- we want an information about Diya.
BOY:- Sorry.
THAPKI:- before you close the door I want to tell you something
BIHAAN:- yes plz just give us 5 minutes.
BOY:- SORRY! But I can’t tell you anything about Diya.
THAPKI:- Plz. Plzz… it’s a matter of someone’s love and life.. and if someone can gets his love back because of you..God will definitely reward you for this.
Boy gets thinking and said :- “Okay, come with me”.
He take thapki and bihaan in garden.
BOY:- yes you can ask whatever you want.?
Thapki and bihaan gets happy.
THAPKI:- plz tell us Diya’s new address?
BIHAAN:- yes. Plz, my brother loves her alot! But he said that this family never tell him about Diya.
BOY:- Okay. Listen very carefully. Don’t tell anyone that I have told you about her.
THAPKI AND BIHAAN:- we promis that we’ll never tell anyone..
BOY:- “Diya’s family use to live here but few months ago they shifted Their home and his father strictly said us that don’t tell anything about Diya. When her father left from their Diya came secretly to me and she gave me her new address and asked me to give this address to a person who’s name is Dhruv. And dhruv came several times here but I never told him the address, I was too much scared from Diya’s father. Her father is a big and powerfull man. But when I listened to both of you I felt guilty and that’s why I am telling you all this.”
He gives them the address. Bihaan hugs the boy.
BIHAAN AND THAPKI:- dont worry.. we will not tell about this to anyone..
BIHAAN:- by the way! You live alone here?
BOY:- no, I live with my family, they all are in Temple right now..
THAPKI:- Okay thanks.

They both leaves.

BIHAAN:- come lets go to this new address now
THAPKI:-no.. we will go this address tomorrow.. we have to go home now.
BIHAAN:- Okay but I’m happy today at least we have got Diya’s address..
THAPKI:- Me too bihaan..

They leaves.


PRECAP:- Bihaan and thapki is talking with Diya. She cries.


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Credit to: arruu

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  1. Good going arruu

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      1. Hey shruti i am good. What about u. And yeah i am here in kolkata finally!!! Well, it is a good city u know but missing UP too. So, whats up?? I think shruti u forgot something!! .…… …i asked u to write one ff (if u get time). just try it once.

    2. Thanks Mineey keep reading..

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    3. I’m also good dear.I also shifted to howrah in kolkata and my school also changed so I have to study hard.And don’t worry my frd I’ll try to write a ff whn I’ll get time.

  2. Superb episode.Waiting eagerly for the next episode.

    1. Thanks shruti

  3. I like your writing skill. …’s too simple and smart lines. ….
    Coming to the episode…’s superb. …waiting for DHRUV love track. ..
    1 REQUEST…..writing the thahaan nok jhonk lines….I love that scenes……

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