thaahan- Secret love (Episode 18)


Epi 18.
Here it goes…

Here dhruv starts telling his story..
THAPKI:- So.. what is her name? You didn’t tell me that time because Preeti bhabi came.
DHRUV:- yes. Her name is Diya!
THAPKI:- Hmm okay continue…
Before dhruv say something bihaan interrupts…
BIHAAN:- Wow na! D for Dhruv and D for Diya..
THAPKI:- Oh yes.. amazing B for bihaan you’re B for brilliant..
DHRUV (in little anger):- if you both are not S for Serious then I am not going to tell my S for Story.
Thapki and bihaan laughs..

BIHAAN:- Ghajab!
THAPKI:- Okay now be serious plz.
DHRUV:- so may I start now?
BIHAAN:- of course…

DHRUV:- so me and Diya became good friends.. then I don’t know how but I fall in love with her. She also started to like me. But I was not sure that she love me or not. 1 day I found a dairy in her bag.. I took that diary to my home…and I red whole the diary.. many things was written in that diary.. and there was also written that.. “I love dhruv but I don’t know he loves me or not…” that diary was very close to her.. next day I gave her diary back and she asked me that how I found her diary. I told her that I Love her. She says:- “so this Means you red my diary” then she also confessed her love, we loved each other too much… after 1.5 year.. she left that country without even informing me! I asked her friend and her friend told me that he is India .. I also back to India and I searched for her then after 2 months I came to know her address , I went to her home, she opened the door and she behave like she didn’t know me! I asked her that why is she doing this.. she didn’t say anything and shut the door.. that was the last day I saw her.. because they shifted to another place and I don’t know where they are now.. and the new family who are living in their home is not ready to tell me Their new address.”

Dhruv cries.
Bihaan puts his hand on dhruv’s shoulder.
BIHAAN:- dont cry plz.
THAPKI:- yes plz don’t cry..
BIHAAN:- we will do something..
THAPKI:- i have a feeling that there must be some reason behind all this.
DHRUV:- What do you mean…
BIHAAN:- she means that Diya must be in some kind of pressure or I think someone forced her to do this.
DHRUV:- i love her alot.. what should I do now?
BIHAAN:- you don’t need to do anything..Just relax.
DHURV:- What relax yar.. here Everyone is talking about my marriage..
THAPKI:- so it’s not a big problem.

BIHAAN:- YES!! I have a plan!
DHRUV:- What?
THAPKI:- Yes bihaan.. tell me what is the plan.
BIHAAN:- will you plz let me speak.
THAPKI:- okay na..
BIHAAN:- the plan is dhruv if anyone will ask you about your marriage, tell them that you’re too much busy in your work now a days. And take time for at least 1 month..
DHRUV:- it’s nice idea.
THAPKI:- This problem is solved… and what about Diya? How will we find her?
BIHAAN:- first me and thapki will go to her old residence and we will ask new family who is living in their home now..
DHRUV:- but they will not tell you!

THAPKI:- they didn’t tell you.. but at least we can try this.
BIHAAN:- now be happy don’t worry bro.. and go to sleep..
Dhruv stands up and he hugs bihaan.
THAPKI:- Okay good night.
Dhruv goes to his room.. everyone is sleeping..


Bihaan and thapki also comes in their room..
They lay on bed..
THAPKI:- Bihaan.
THAPKI:- He is very sad..
BIHAAN:- I know chuk chuk gadi.. but I promise that I will take back that Diya..
THAPKI:- There must be some problem with Diya!
BIHAAN:- I think the same!

THAPKI:- anyways we will find out the reason.
BIHAAN:- yes .
He hugs her..and kisses her..
She also hugs tightly and they both sleep!

Dhruv is laying on bed..
DHURV (in mind):- “Bihaan and thapki released my tension today.. I love you Diya and I know my brother will find you soon.. and I will ask you about all the things you done wrong with me.. please come back soon.. I love you Diya, I love you”
He takes his mobile and starts watching her picture!

Dhruv is going out from the home for work. Suddenly dadi, bau ji and vasu comes there.
DADI:- Dhruv.
DHRUV:- Yes Dadi, sorry I have to go. I don’t have time.
VASU:- stop dhruv.
BAU JI:- yes you don’t even have to talk with your elders..

DHRUV:- OKAY bauji sorry.. what you wanna say?
DADI:- We want to talk you about your marriage..
Dhruv gets tensed..
DHRUV (in mind):- NO dhruv.. dont get tensed.. Just say them what thapki and bihaan told you.
VASU:- Dhruv?? What are you thinking.
DHRUV:- Dadi, bau ji and maa.. I am not ready to get marry..

BAU JI:- but why?
DADI:- YES beta! Why you don’t wanna marry..
DHRUV:- Actually there is alot of work now a days so I am too much busy.. I want 1 month plz..
BAU JI:- but….
Dadi stops bau ji..
DADI:- dont worry beta we can wait for 1 month but after 1 month you have to see the girl to get marry .
Dhruv gets happy and he leaves.

Bihaan is hugging thapki..
THAPKI:- What bihaan.. you don’t have any other work to do? You always hug me.. plz leave me I have to go for work in kitchen.

BIHAAN:- no na! I love….
The door is opened just then suman comes and sees all this..
SUMAN:- Uhmm, Uhmm!
Bihaan separates..
Thapki feels nervous and shy..


PRECAP:- Thapki ask dhruv for Diya’s picture. Bihaan and thapki reached Diya’s old residence!

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