thaahan- Secret love (Episode 17)


EPI 17
Here It goes.

Thapki comes out from bathroom after taking bath.. she sees bihaan is removing the charger pin from the mobile (sahil’s cell phone) which bau ji gave her.
THAPKI:- is this mobile working?
BIHAAN:- Yes! And thank God there no password in this mobile..
THAPKI:- Hmm good! But I think it’s wrong to check someone’s mobile!
BIHAAN:- you’re right! But we are checking this mobile to get information about its owner so that we can return him/ her mobile!
THAPKI:- Okay! See such a nice lock screen wallpapers..
BIHAAN:- yes it’s nice… sit here.
They both sits on bed. Bihaan is about to unlock the mobile but just then Preeti comes and ask them to come down for breakfast. She leaves. Thapki stands up.
BIHAAN:- where are you going. We will eat breakfast later. First check this mobile.
THAPKI:- NO! Everyone is calling us.. come lets have breakfast first…
She pulls bihaan. Bihaan unlocked the screen but he doesn’t saw the home screen wallpaper. (It’s sahil’s own picture on the home screen wallpaper). But he puts mobile on the table and they both leaves..
They both sits on the table..
VASU:- where is dhruv?
BAU JI:- He is in his room I think.
PREETI:- I’ll call dhruv devar g. .
THAPKI:- bhabi wait.. you sit here.. i’ll call him.
Preeti nods “yes”.
She goes!

He is watching at the picture in his mobile and weeping..
The door is opened..
Thapki knocks the door and ask him to come for breakfast. He says okay.. thapki comes in..
THAPKI:- are you crying?
DHRUV:- no!
THAPKI:- what no! I know you’re crying.. anyone can see your tears..
DHRUV:- Actually dust particles goes in my eyes I think. That’s why.
THAPKI:- You don’t even know how to lie.
DHRUV (in anger):- i am not…..
Thapki stops him and said..:- “plz! Don’t lie sit here and calm down”.
He sits on bed.
THAPKI:- If you have any problem or any secret that you wanna share with anyone so you can tell me!
DHRUV:- if I’ll tell you then what will happen. What can you do!
THAPKI:- I can help you.
DHRUV:- no thanks leave it..
THAPKI:- i know something is killing you from inside! Plz tell me..
DHRUV:- Okay but plz don’t tell this to anyone!
THAPKI:-Hmm okay!
Dhruv started to tell his story.
DHRUV:- 2 years ago… I went abroad for further studies.. I met a girl. She was also an Indian and we were in same batch. She was very beautiful..
THAPKI:- What’s her name?
DHRUV:- her name is D….
Just then Preeti comes and said:- “thapki and dhruv devar g you’re sitting here.. everyone is calling you and thapki you came here to call him, but you’re also sitting and chatting with him”.
They leaves and dhruv can’t tell her name!
THAPKI (whispers):- i understand that there is a problem with you, tell me and bihaan later.
DHRUV:- but bihaan????
THAPKI:- dont worry, he will also help us.
DHRUV:- Okay!

They all leave to Their room after breakfast. And dhruv is about to leave for work. Thapki stops him.
THAPKI:- Come to tarrace after dinner, ill also call bihaan… and don’t worry everything will be fine.
Dhruv leaves. Thapki goes to her room…

THAPKI:- bihaan i wanna tell you something.
BIHAAN:- Tell me later plz.. now can i chek this mobile.
THAPKI:- Okay first we will chek this mobile then we will talk..
Bihaan takes mob in his hand and he unlocks the mobile.. thapki is stunned to see the picture of sahil on wallpaper. Bihaan is also shocked.
THAPKI:- How is this possible?
Bihaan laughs!
THAPKI:- why are you laughing…
BIHAAN:- “C for calm down my C for chuk chuk sahil can’t do anything… we will find his any secret from this mobile and then whenever he will do anything we will also blackmail him”
Thapki smiles…
BIHAAN:- you know! I am very intelligent!
He cupped her face and said:- “don’t worry! And don’t scare.. he’ll be in control now”
He puts mobile in drawer.
BIHAAN:- So, you were saying something. .
THAPKI:- yes I wanna talk about dhruv.
BIHAAN:- Dhruv!
Thapki tells him the story which dhruv was telling him.
BIHAAN:- So this means he didn’t tell you the full story!
THAPKI:- but I called him in tarrace today after dinner. We will talk him
BIHAAN:- Okay! We will help dhruv..
He hugs her. She separates.
THAPKI:- What are you doing! Anyone can see.
BIHAAN:- So what! We are married na!
THAPKI:- i wanna go to kitchen..
She starts leaving.
Bihaan holds her hand and pulls back. He kiss her on cheeks and neck..and they shared cozy moments!

SAHIL:- Okay bye dad.. i’ll be back just in 3 days..
SHARMA:- But sahil you haven’t told me yet that where are you going?
SAHIL:- i already said that I am going with my friends.. bye!
SHARMA:- But where!!! Stop sahil…
He doesn’t listen to Sharma and leaves.
SHARMA:- now I think.. I am responsible for his behaviour!
Sharma leaves in anger.

Thapki, bihaan and dhruv are sitting on chairs on tarrace..
BIHAAN:- So dhruv.. start telling your love story.. (He laughs)
DHRUV:- it’s not funny!
THAPKI:- bihaan.. it’s serious plz.. he was crying that time.
BIHAAN:- Okay Okay sorry…
Dhruv starts telling…

PRECAP:- Dhruv tells his whole story to thapki and bihaan. And they make a plan.

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I hope you guys will like dhruv’s love story too and their plan, and be happy now, there will be no sahil’s scene in my FF for 2 days!

Credit to: arruu

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    1. Thankyou so much.. these comments motivate me alot.. and yes I am going to write more ff after this. . Keep reading

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