thaahan- Secret love (Episode 16)


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EPI 16.
Here it goes…

Bihaan wakes up and sees thapki is sleeping, hugging him.. he slowly separates her and holds his head.
BIHAAN:- why my head is paining so much!
Thapki wakes up and said:- “You were drunk”
BIHAAN:- “oh yes!! I went to meet my friend and then…..”
Thapki stops him.
THAPKI (in anger):- Okay stop! I don’t wanna listen your story.
She calls room service.
THAPKI:- Plz send one glass of lemon juice!
After Few minutes. Waiter gives the juice and leaves..
BIHAAN:- Thankyou!
THAPKI:- drink this and get ready we have to leave for Noida! (She goes in bathroom in angry mood)
BIHAAN (in mind):- What happend to her?

Thahaan reach pandy nivaas..
Everyone is sitting on Sofas.. dhruv comes and ask Bau ji:- “I wanna tell you something bauji”
BAUJI:- What?
Just then bihaan and thapki enters in home…
DADI:- oh! Bihaan and thapki came!
DHRUV:- but wait! What you both are doing here?
BIHAAN:- actually thapki was missing you all that’s why.
BAU JI:- So only thapki was missing us! Don’t you missed?
Bihaan Smiles and hugs Balu.
VASU:- Okay it’s fine.. now go to your room and put your bags..
Thapki and bihaan leaves.
VASU:- Dhruv! You were saying something Beta?
DHRUV:- no! Okay bye I have to go for work!
He leaves.
VASU:- Strange!

Bihaan puts the bags and jumps on his bed.
He was about to say something but thapki interrupts.
THAPKI:- NO need to take rest! Just get up and put your clothes in cupboard.
BIHAAN:- hmm! But first tell me! Why my chuk chuk gadi is angry?
THAPKI:- because you were drunk! And you didn’t drink only 1 bottle! You drank many bottles, there should be some limits. And don’t ask me more questions! Just do your work…
She leaves from the room!
BIHAAN:- Thapki listen! Sorry yar!

Thapki is going to bau ji’s room. Her phone rings.. it’s sahil’s call.. She receives!
SAHIL:- good thapki! You saved bihaan’s life..anyways I called to tell you that I am going out from Noida just for 3 days.. and then I’ll back with biggest surprise for you!
He cuts the call..
THAPKI (in mind):- thank God this sahil is going out from this city.. but he said something about surprise? I should not be scare..bihaan is with me!
She goes to bau ji’s room…
BAU JI:- Thapki bitiya!
THAPKI:- yes bau ji.. I was missing my father so i came to you.
She hugs him.
BAU ji (smiles):- very good.. I am your father too..(He took out a mobile) and this mobile yours?
THAPKI:- NO! It’s not mine!
BAUJI:- then who’s mobile is this.. I found this mobile!
THAPKI:- give it to me.. i’ll chek it and

Dhruv comes to his room and said to himself:- “No dhruv! You can’t tell your problem to anyone, I have to bear this Pain alone, but I am still confused! What should I do!!!”
He takes out a diary!

Bihaan laid down on bed.
THAPKI:- If you’re sleeping on this bed. Then sorry.. I am not going to sleep with you..
BIHAAN:- but thapki!
THAPKI:- i don’t wanna listen anything!
She takes her pillow and lay down on floor.
BIHAAN:- Okay as your wish! (SMILES)
After half hour! She falls asleep.
He takes her in his arms and puts on bed. Then he puts blanket on her. And kisses on her Forehead.
BIHAAN (whispers):- Sorry and I love you!..
Thapki wakes up!
BIHAAN:- you didn’t sleep? I thought you are sleeping. .
THAPKI:- How is this possible that you’re saying I love you to me, and I don’t reply!
Bihaan Smiles.
THAPKI:- i love you too bihaan. But plz don’t do this again.. you know how much I got scared when you were drunk!
BIHAAN:- I am sorry na!
THAPKI:- it’s okay!
She hugs him. He smiles.
THAPKI:- Oh I forgot to tell you! Bau ji gave me a mobile. He found the mobile from outside of our house… he thought that mobile is mine..
BIHAAN:- where is that mobile?
THAPKI:- it’s charging..
BIHAAN:- Okay sleep now.. we will chek that mobile in morning..

SHARMA:- What are you going to do after three days?
SAHIL:- i am going to make thapki mines forever.
SHARMA:- and what about that girlfriend!
SAHIL:- oh don’t worry about her.
SHARMA:- But beta…
SHAIL:- i said don’t worry so plz dad…..
SHARMA:- OKAY beta..
Sahil leaves.
SHARMA:- his behaviour is getting worse day by day..

PRECAP:- Thapki and bihaan came to know about sahil’s mobile. Dhruv is telling his story to thapki.

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Credit to: arruu

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