thaahan- Secret love (Episode 15)


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Epi 15..
Here it goes!
Thapki is Sitting on the bed. Bihaan is in bathroom taking bath. Thapki’s mobile rings. She receives the call.
UNKNOWN:- hey baby! How are you?
THAPKI:- excuse me! Who are you?
UNKNOWN:- oh! So you’re this much busy with bihaan, that you forgot me..
THAPKI:- Sahil??
SAHIL:- yes! Right..
THAPKI:- How dare you to call me!

SAHIL:- shut up! I haven’t called you to listen your voice.. so just keep quiet and listen to me very carefully. Ask bihaan to come back to Noida otherwise I’ll kill him and this time I’m very serious, and don’t tell him about this call..”
He cuts the call.
Thapki starts weeping.. she thinks:- “Sahil can do anything..but I also can do anything for bihaan.”
Bihaan comes out from bathroom. Thapki quickly wipes her tears
THAPKI:- bihaan, can you do onething for me?
BIHAAN:- just order it my love! I can even die for you.
Thapki immediately puts her hand on his mouth and said:- “Don’t say like this plz”
Bihaan holds her hand and said:- “What you want?”
THAPKI:- i wanna go back to our home!

BIHAAN:- What? Is there any problem?
THAPKI:- NO no! There is no problem. I am just missing family. Plz bihaan don’t ask me more questions.
BIHAAN:- are you sure?
THAPKI:- Of course!
BIHAAN:- Okay.
Thapki goes in bathroom..
BIHAAN (in mind):- “What happend to her? There must be some problem.. but I think thapki is really missing the family because she saw a dream about her father. She is upset .. and if Bihaan pandy’s wife is happy then bihaan is happy too..”

Sharma comes and asks to Sahil:- “My son is looking happy today?”
SAHIL:- yes Dad! I am very happy because my this plan will definitely work!
SHARMA:- that’s good. And sahil tell me onething.. You lost your mobile so there must be some important or secret numbers?

SHAIL:- No.. there was no such numbers in that mobile, because that mobile was new and I didn’t save any number except my Girlfriend’s.
SHARMA:- Okay.
Sahil leaves.
SHARMA(in mind):- oh what?? GIRLFRIEND? Sahil has a girlfriend but still he want that thapki.. he’s so Stubborn..
He also leaves.

Bihaan is sitting on the chair. His friend calls him and he receives the call.
BIHAAN:- hey! Where have you been! Long time no see!
FRIEND:- yar actually I am in another city!
BIHAAN:- in which city you are?
His friend tells him the name of the city..
BIHAAN:- “Wow coincidence! I am in the same city..” (He tells him the name of the hotel).
FRIEND:- This hotel is very near from my residence!
BIHAAN:- OKAY! Just send me your address! I am coming in 20 mins!
He cuts the call and he tells thapki that “I’ll back in few hours, I’m going to meet my old friend And I booked tomorrow’s flight! We will be in Noida tomorrow! Happy now?”
Thapki smiles and hugs bihaan. He kissed her on forehead..

Dhruv is talking to himself.
DHRUV:- i have my whole family but still I’m alone! Why can’t I share my pain to anyone! (He cries). He looks up and said:- “But my God knows everything.. plz help me!
Balu is telling Dadi:- “I was about to talk dhruv for his marriage but he was tired and he went to his room for rest”
DADI:- No problem.. we can talk him later!
BALU:- Okay I’ll talk him later.
He leaves..

Thapki is worried about bihaan because it’s 12:00 O’CLOCK and bihaan is still out.. he Is also not receiving her call because his mobile is on silent mode..
1 hour later..
Someone knocks the door. Thapki opens. And bihaan’s friend is Standing holding bihaan, in front of her.
THAPKI:- Who are you and what happend to bihaan?
FRIEND:- i am his friend and nothing happend, he is just drunk.
THAPKI (in doubtful manner):- He is drunk and you’re looking so perfect?

FRIEND:- actually I am sorry that was my mistake.i forced him. I only drank 1 bottle and he drank many bottles. I am use to of it but bihaan is not!
He puts bihaan on bed.
He leaves.
Thapki puts blanket on him. He holds thapki’s hand and pulls her. She falls on bed. He hugs her tightly and said:- “I wanna spend my whole life, every minute every second only with my chuk chuk gadi, thapki promis me that you’ll never leave me, I love you alot, and the day when you leave me, ill die”… she said:- “I’ll also die on the same day when you’ll not with me, but I promise I’ll never leave you because I Love you”
THAPKI (in mind);- I am sorry bihaan, today I lied you.. but I had no other choice, and I can do anything for your life. I also don’t wanna cancel this honeymoon trip, but I’m helpless”
She cries and hugs him more tightly..
He falls asleep, hugging her!

He is laying on bed and trying to sleep..
DHRUV:- i am trying to forget but I can’t…and i’ll tell bau ji tomorrow about my problem and I also don’t wanna get marry, it’s enough now. I cannot bear this pain alone.. (He weeps)
Everyone is unknown from his problem…all are thinking about his marriage!


PRECAP:- Thahaan are back to pandy nivaas. Bau ji give that mobile to thapki which he found.

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