thaahan- Secret love (Episode 14)


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Epi 14.

Balu(bau ji) goes to dadi ‘s room and said:- “should I talk dhruv now for his marriage?”
DADI:- “Yes of course. Go and ask him”
Balu leaves.
He goes to dhurv’s room but he is not there. Balu searches for dhruv everywhere in the home but he doesn’t find him. Then he goes to his room and asks vasu for dhruv, she replied, “dhruv is not at home”,
BALU:- oh okay!
He leaves.

THAPKI:- Let’s go!
BIHAAN:- No I don’t wanna go… see this sunset.. it’s beautiful. Like you (He smiles)
THAPKI:- yeah! It’s awesom. Or in your words it’s Ghajab! (She smiles)
After half an hour they leave that seaside place and reached to the restaurant..
THAPKI:- i thought, we are going to our hotel.
BIHAAN:- hotel is very near from this restaurant. And please chuk chuk gadi, be happy and enjoy , it’s our honeymoon trip!
THAPKI:- I am always happy whenever I am with you.
They sits on chair and orders food. waiter leaves.
BIHAAN:- Tell me onething!
THAPKI:- what?
BIHAAN:- What has two legs, but can’t move?
Thapki thinks. But she doesn’t get the answer!
THAPKI:- don’t know?
BIHAAN:- it’s “PANTS” hahaha
THAPKI:- Hahaha okay I also wanna ask a riddle!
BIHAAN:- ask whatever you want! I am very genius!
THAPKI:- what has a thumb and four fingers but is not alive?
Bihaan thinks alot but he also doesn’t get the answer!
THAPKI:- Mr. Genius! Don’t know the answer? The answer is “GLOVE”
BIHAAN:- Okay may I ask one more question?
THAPKI:- dont ask silly question again!
BIHAAN:- it’s not silly, It’s Iovely question.
THAPKI:- ask na.
BIHAAN:- How much you love me?
THAPKI:- My love for you can’t express in Words.
BIHAAN:- So express it with something else.
THAPKI:- What do you mean?
BIHAAN:- I mean that I always start kiss romance or loving conversations but you never do!
THAPKI:- so?
BIHAAN:- so this means you don’t know anything about love, you’re a small kid! (He teases her).
THAPKI:- dont call me a kid.
BIHAAN:- You should play with toys, CHUK CHUK GADI!
Thapki gets angry. .
THAPKI:- i know everything!
BIHAAN:- prove it!
THAPKI:- l’ll prove..
Bihaan forwards his hand and said:- “Challenge”
Thapki puts her hand on his hand and said:- “Okay challenge”.
Just then waiter comes with Their food.

SHARMA (in mind):- I don’t know what is sahil’s new plan? This boy has totally gone mad in thapki’s love. No no! He doesn’t love her it is just his stubbornness and ego. What should I do with this sahil! I have to do something as soon as possible!

Dhruv comes home.
BAU JI:- dhruv..
BAU JI:- Sit here. I wanna talk to you.
DHRUV:- sorry bau ji I am tired now I wanna take rest.
BAU JI:- Okay beta take rest..we can talk later.
Dhruv leaves.
Bihaan holds thapki’s hand and said:- “so what about challenge?” (He pulls her closer)
THAPKI:- close you eyes! And don’t dare to open it..
BIHAAN:- Why? What are you going to do?”
THAPKI:- i am going to prove myself.
BIHAAN:- Okay (He closes his eyes).
Thapki’s lips are very close to his’.. bihaan opens his eyes and he shouts:- “cockroach”
Thapki shouts, jumps and hugs him!
Bihaan laughs and said:- i won the challenge”
Thapki separates and said:- “No no no! Bihaan it’s cheating!
BIHAAN:- Okay okay! Sorry! You can try again!
THAPKI:- Not now! I am feeling sleepy. Good night!
They both slept..

Thapki is sleeping and she saw a nightmare that:- “someone shoots her father”
She gets up and sits. She is weeping. After few minutes bihaan also gets up and ask:- “What happend? You haven’t sleep??”
THAPKI:- I was sleeping but I saw a nightmare, I don’t know why but I am feeling strange, scared. Bihaan I am telling you something is gonna be wrong! (She cries)
Bihaan gets up. He cupped her face
BIHAAN:- Nothing will happen wrong! I am here! Don’t get scared!
He took her to the bathroom and opens the shower
THAPK:- OHH what are doing..
BIHAAN:- “whenever you feel scared or something else just Stand straight in the shower. Close your eyes and feel theses water droplets!”
She closes her eyes. Bihaan starts to tease her again so that she will forget her sorrows.
BIHAAN:- miss chuk chuk gadi small kid. Complete your challenge.
THAPKI:- What??
BIHAAN:- Challenge challenge!! Prove your love!
Thapki puts her hand on bihaan’s face and slowly puts her lips on his. Bihaan puts his hand on thapki’s face and they were kissing deeply. Then he kissed on neck. His hand is unknowingly moving on her back..And they shared cozy moments!

He is sitting on the bed. And crying. He throws the glass of water on floor..


PRECAP:- Thapki asked bihaan to go back to Noida. But she is not telling the reason.


Credit to: arruu

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