Thaahan- Secret love (Episode 13)


EPI 13
Here it goes..
Thapki and bihaan are about to leave from the hotel’s room. Bihaan’s mobile rings. He receives the call. (It’s call from dadi)
DADI:- Bihaan! My son, how are you and thapki? Sorry beta I didn’t call yesterday.
BIHAANV:- We both are fine dadi and is everything right there?
DADI:- YES yes we all are also fine here. Dhruv wanna talk to you!
Dadi gives phone to dhruv.
DHRUV(smiles):- brother! How’s your trip?
BIHAAN (in mind):- everyting is fine there and dadi is also talking normally. What’s happening. I am not understanding this situation!
DHRUV:- hello bihaan..Are you there?
Bihaan comes in his senses.
BIHAAN:- yes dhruv what did you ask?
DHRUV:- i asked about your trip. Are you fine na? If you want any kind of help just tell me.
BIHAAN:- no dhruv we both are fine. Can I talk to bau ji?
DHRUV:- Okay wait bau ji is cleaning gulabo.
Dhruv goes to bau ji and said.:- “bau ji bihaan wanna talk to you”…. bau ji takes the phone and said:- “hello bihaan”
BIHAAN:- Bau ji? How are you?
BAU JI:- i am fine beta how are you?
BIHAAN:- are you sure you’re fine?
BAU JI:- of course beta!
They talked for few minutes and then bihaan cuts the call.

THAPKI:-What happend?
BIHAAN:- Bau ji and everyone Is fine there! I think someone pranks us.
THAPKI:- but who?
BIHAAN:- “i am thinking the same.. anyways I am so happy that my bau ji is fine and our honeymoon trip is not going to cancel.” (He hugs her).
BIHAAN:- I am going to take bath then we will eat breakfast.
Thapki nods “yes”. Suddenly bihaan collides with the bag .He is about to fall but thapki holds bihaan’s hand and she also post her balance. They both falls down on the bed and have an eye lock. Bihaan Smiles. (Hua hai aJ pehli baar jo aisy muskuraya hun, song plays in background) he is going to kiss her but thapki puts her hand on his mouth and she kisses on her hand and said:- “Go and take bath first”.. she gets up.
BIHAAN (makes childish face):- Ghajab.
He goes to bathroom. Thapki’s mobile rings. Sahil calls her.
THAPKI (talks to herself):- again that unknown number! Should I receive it…of course I should, this person made me fool!
SAHIL:- hello mam? Have you left for Noida?
THAPKI:- first tell me your name!
SAHIL:- my name is Sa… (He was about to say sahil.. but he stops) sa… samar..
THAPKI:- Listen Mr. Samar! I don’t know who are you but plz it’s not good to do such things! And I think you must have dialed wrong number!
Sahil cuts the call and he throws mobile in anger. He shouts!
SAHIL:- no! Sahil Sharma never fails in his plans… (He laughs louder)

Bihaan comes out from bathroom wearing towel. he shakes his head and water droplets sprinkles on thapki’s face.
THAPKI:- ughhh! What are you doing!
BIHAAN:- Nothing! I am just drying my hairs!
THAPKI:- B for bihaan is B for buddhu!
BIHAAN:- No! T For Thapki is….
THAPKI:- T for thapki is??????
BIHAAN:- T for thapki is T for tomato
THAPKI:- What is similar in me and tomato?
BIHAAN:- because tomato is red and you’re also red in anger. Hahaha!
Thapki takes pillow and starts beating him.
BIHAAN:- stop it! Otherwise I’ll open my towel.
THAPKI:- Hahaha what! Okay as your wish.. May I help you? (She laughs)
BIHAAN:- oh God! B For bihaan’s wife is B for besharm!
THAPKI:- Ghajab!
Thapki and bihaan laughs!

Sharma comes and asks what happend? Sahil narrates him about the plan which he made , didn’t work. Sharma asks him that:- “Just tell me! I’ll shoot that bihaan soon” Sahil replied:- “No! I have one more plan if this time plan won’t work then we’ll take this step”..
He leavess!

BIHAAN:- oo! Chuk chuk gadi! Let’s go for outing today?
THAPKI (IN exitment):- Okay okay! Let me get ready!
BIHAAN:- hmm! But tell me where you wanna go?
THAPKI:- Let’s go to seaside?
BIHAAN:- nice idea…

Balu, dadi and vasu and discussing…
VASU:- Bihaan is younger than dhruv but he got married..
DADI:- so what vasu bahu! Our dhruv will also get married soon!
BALU:- i know a girl, she is my friends daughter! I think we should talk dhruv about her?
DADI:- right!
Dhruv listen the conversation and he gets angry. He leaves!

It’s sunset time they both are sitting on sand. Watching the sunset and the waves of water. Thapki puts her head on bihaan’s shoulder. Bihaan hugs her.
THAPKI:- bihaan!
BIHAAN:- yes!
THAPKI:- i love you!
BIHAAN:- I love you too.
Thahaan gets romantic…

PRECAP:- Bau ji talks dhruv about his marriage. He says that he don’t wanna marry. He leaves. Thahaan’s romance in shower.

You guys must be thinking about dhruv’s behaviour! You will get to know about this very soon!


Credit to: arruu

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  1. It’s lovely ep.waiting eagerly for nxt ep.?☺

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    Coming to the episode it’s really nice. …….waiting for next episode

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  5. Very nice epi. Please unite Dhruv-Aditi.They are so cute.This is my idea arruu.Do what u feel better.

    1. Lovely there is no family of thapki in my ff.. you can read intro… and thanks for comment. Keep reading

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  6. tnk god thahaan honeymoon flp nahi hua
    precap is intresting
    thahaan romance in shower
    expctng a romantic update

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  7. very nice
    i think.dhruv had an relationship which not suceed thats why dhruv dont want to marry
    or may be he want to concentrate in his business

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