Thaahan- Secret love (Episode 12)


Epi 12!
Here it Goes.
Everyone is waving hands to bihaan and thapki. They both leaves.
DADI:- Our bihaan loves thapki very much!
BAU JI:- Thapki also loves him. May God bless them with all happiness!
PREETI:- “yes bau ji….”
Vasu interrupts in between their conversation.
VASU:- they are gone now. So for whom Preeti and suman you both are waiting? Go to kitchen and cook food for everyone…
Preeti and suman nods “yes”.. and leaves!

Thapki and bihaan reached their destination.
THAPKI:- Bau ji is so sweet. He booked room for us in such a nice hotel.
BIHAAN:- hmm you’re right.. after all he is B for bihaan pandy’s B for bau ji.
THAPKI:- not only your bau ji.. he Is mine too.
BIHAAN:- yes yes of course!
They enters in hotel. The manager takes them to their room. Bihaan puts the bags and he thanks him. Manager leaves.
BIHAAN:- What a romantic room!
THAPKI:- what is romantic here?
BIHAAN:- everything my chuk chuk gadi. These candles (He points finger). These curtains.. this wall.. this bed…
THAPKI:- Okay okayy! Stop..I am feeling hungry..but I’ll take bath first then we will eat food.
Bihaan runs towards bathroom.
BIHAAN:- I also wanna take bath.
THAPKI:- You can take shower after me.
BIHAAN:- no me first.
Thapki stops him and puts her hand on the door of bathroom and said:- “Ladies first”…
BIHAAN:- B for bihaan pandy will go B for bathroom first!
THAPK:- no! T For Thapki will T for take bath first.
BIHAAN (smiles):- Ghajab! Now take a side.. I wanna bath.
THAPKI:- you’re too much stubborn! But I’ll not let you win from me!
BIHAAN:- “OH really! I am Stubborn…You’re behaving childish today!”
THAPKI;- whatever….” (She tries to say something but just then bihaan takes her in his arms and goes into bathroom. He opens the shower. They both gets wet.. they have an eye lock for a minute then thapki said (tries to show anger):- “What have you done” BIHAAN:- “Nothing! I just full filled our wishes, we both wanna bath! So let’s bath together.” (He winks his eye).
THAPKi:- What???? You can take bath I am going out!
Thapki goes out from bathroom!
BIHAAN:- hahaha what happend chuk chuk gadi.. I was just joking!
THAPKI (smiles and whispers):- moti buddhi!

SAHIL:- Dad will you please give me your mobile?
SHARMA:- why?
SAHIL:- I planned something! Give me your mobile.
SHARMA:- Okay! (He gives mobile)
SAHIL (talks himself in his mind):- NO no sahil! It’s not right time to execute your plan. I will start this plan tomorrow.
SHARMA (snaps his fingers):- What happend? What are you thinking?
SAHIL:- Nothing.. and thankyou I don’t want mobile.
SHARMA:- What? I think you’re gone mad. You asked for my mobile phone and now you don’t want it? And by the way where is you mobile?
SAHIL:- I’ve lost my mobile.
SHARMA:- He is impossible!
He leaves.

Balu (bau ji) is going out from the home for some work..he saw a mobile. He takes the mobile phone and tries to open. but it’s battery died!
BALU:- who’s mobile is this? I think this mobile must pe thapki’s? I’ll give back her when she will return.
He leaves.
Thahaan are sitting. Suddenly lights and switched off. But candles are blowing by which there is little amount of light in room.
THAPKI:- How the lights off??
BIHAAN:- I am thinking the same.
Just then waiter knocks the door and told them that:- “There is some electrical problem in their hotel.”
BIHAAN:- Okay no problem we can manage.
WAITER:- Thankyou Sir..
He leaves.
THAPKI:- “i have dark phobia, I always feel scared in any dark place”
Bihaan hugs her and said:- “Don’t worry my love, I am here”
Bihaan kissed her on cheeks. Thapki also kissed him.
BIHAAN:- let’s play kissing game.
THAPKI:- Hahaha which type of game is this?
BIHAAN:- let me tell you the game. Close your eyes and stand straight.
THAPKI:- Okay..
She closes her eyes. Bihaan comes closer to her and he slowly puts his lips on thapki’s lips. Thapki feels it and unknowingly she holds bihaan’s hand tightly because she was unaware that he is going to do this. Bihaan takes thapki to the wall. Her back touches the wall. She turns her face. He takes her in his arms and both laid down on the bed. Bihaan looks her lovingly. He puts his hand on her face and he kiss her then he kiss on her neck, and then light comes, they separates. Thapki feels shy.
THAPKI:- good night. I am feeling sleepy.
BIHAAN (smiles):- good night my dear wife.
He kissed her on cheeks and takes in his arms from back… They both falls asleep..!

Thapki’s phone rings..sahil calls her to ruin their honeymoon and take them back to Noida.!
THAPKI:- hello???
SAHIL:- is this thapki?
THAPKI:- yes! Who are you!
SAHIL:- whoever I am but I wanna inform you that your father in law is in hospital and he is in very critical condition.
He cuts the phone. And smirks.
THAPKI:- What???? Bihaan bihaan.. get up bihaan…
BIHAAN:- Chuk chuk gadi don’t disturb.. I wanna sleep more.
THAPKI:- bihaan…. bau ji is in hospital.
He gets up..
BIHAAN:- whatt??? What happend to him? Who told you this?
THAPKI:- I had a phone call! And someone informed me about this.
BIHAAN:- let me call dhruv..
THAPKI:- We don’t have time to call anyone.. we have to go Noida right now bihaan.
BIHAAN:- yes you’re right.
Bihaan takes their bags and they are about to leave.

SAHIL:- now I am succeed in my plan.
SHARMA:- yes my son!
They both laughs…
PRECAP:- Bihaan and thapki came to know, that was a prank call!

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  7. What can I say arru? your writing is really good and your story line is thousand times better than those serial. Really enjoying reading your fun fiction, it’s awesome. Just one request I don’t want main characters to die plz. And I also like the way you adding lots of romance In your story. Keep it going it’s a shame you can’t put your ideas in those serial writers head.

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