Thaahan- Secret love (Episode 11)


EPI 11
Everyone in ready for the surprise!
DADI:- Preeti and suman you both go and wrap a piece of cloth on bihaan and thapki’s eyes!
PREETI:- bihaan devar g is not at home. You sent him to market!
DADI:- bihaan had come! I locked him in my room!
Everyone laughs and said:- “Hahah what, but how did you manage that?
DADI:- I am his dadi beta! I can manage anything!
SUMAN:- come Preeti I’ll go to thapki and you go to bihaan devar g.
They both tie the piece of cloth on their eyes and took them to the hall room.
BIHAAN:- whats going on?
THAPKI:- “Please bhabi, remove this cloth. I can’t see anything.”
They removes it and shocked to see the decoration!
BIHAAN:- Ghajab!!
THAPKI:- woww! Bihaan is your birthday today?

BIHAAN:- no! Dadi what’s this?
DADI:- We wanna give you surprise. And this is a small family celebration for your wedding!
Thapki and bihaan Smiles and said:- “Thankyou so much”.
THAPKI:- i am so lucky to have a family like you! (She hugs dadi)
BAU jI:- everyone bought gifts for you!
PREETI:- yes thapki! My gift is awesome than others.
SUMAN:- NO my gift is best!
They begins to fight.
DADI:- stop both of you! And give them gifts.
Everyone gives them gifts..after dinner all leaves!

BIHAAN:- chuk chuk gadi! I also bought something for you (He gives saadi to her)
THAPKI:- it’s awesom bihaan! This saadi is very beautiful!
BIHAAN:- Not more than you! (He says lovingly)
THAPKI:- Okay now let me do packing, we have to leave tomorrow!

She starts packing clothes. Bihaan holds her from back and kissed her.
THAPKI:- What are you doing… let do my work!
BIHAAN:- so who stops.. you do your work and I am doing my work!
THAPKI:- leave me bihaan plz na!
BIHAAN:- I promised you that I’ll never Leave you.
As thapki was trying to say something bihaan turns her and hugs tightly.
THAPKI:- bihaaaan! Why are you disturbing. Plz let me do the work otherwise we’ll get late tomorrow.
BIHAAN:- oo chuk chuk gadi you have whole night to do this work.
THAPKI:- i am feeling sleepy. I have to do this work now!
BIHAAN:- okay you can sleep. I’ll Do this packing.
He kissed her.
THAPKI:- We will do this together.
She also kissed him. And both smiles!

A boy comes to sahil and said:- “I have a information”
SAHIL:- What?
BOY:- “that thapki and bihaan are going for honeymoon tomorrow”
SAHIL:- how do you know?
BOY:- they were celebrating and I listened Their conversation secretly”
SAHIL:- you can go now!
BOY:- Okay boss!
SHARMA:- What will you do now!
SAHIL (in anger):- i don’t wanna talk with anyone!
He leaves!
SHARMA:- This thapki ruined my sahil’s life. I have to do something!

Bau ji (Balu) and vasu are talking about thahaan.
BALU:- I’ll feel alone when thapki and bihaan leave.
VASU:- it’s nice! i…..i mean they are just going for few days!
BALU:- Vasundra G. Sometimes I feel that you’re not happy with thapki..
VASU:- Oh not at all! I am very happy with her. Sleep now.
BALU:- hmm okay!

Thapki and bihaan are lying on bed. Thapki is thinking about the incident when sahil came to her room and puts his hand on her mouth.
THAPKI (in mind):- Bihaan said that was just whim! But i don’t think so…
BIHAAN:- OH madam? What are thinking?
THAPKI:- Nothing.
BIHAAN:- I know!
THAPKI;- what you know?
BIHAAN:- you’re thinking that.. you’re too lucky to have a loving husband like me!
THAPKI:- really.. I am very lucky to have a loving life partner like you..
Bihaan took her in arms and said:- “You were feeling sleepy and now you’re still awake. Tell me truly what were you thinking”.
THAPKI:- I was thinking about sahil, I mean that whim”
BIHAAN:- “i have already told you not to scare then why you think so much. Sleep now”
He kissed her on forehead. Thapki holds his hand and said:- “I love you” and they both sleep!

Thapki and bihaan are leaving for Their honeymoon destination. They took blessing from everyone. And they both leaves. Sahil secretly saw them coming out from the home. He smirks and said:- “Don’t worry thapki and bihaan, I’ll get back both of you just in one day. Just wait and watch Mr. Bihaan pandy”


PRECAP:- Thahaan’s romance at hotel. Sahil plans something and he will succeed in his plan to get thahaan back in one day.

So what do you think? What is sahil’s new plan. Will thapki and bihaan separate?

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  1. Its awesome my dear frd Arru??? .Waiting eagerly for nxt ep.???

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  6. Thahaan scene awesome. ….
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    FF too short yaar. …….! Why..?

    1. I am also preparing for my exams that’s why yar! Sorry for short epi! 🙁 and if I will end the sahil’s character then there will be no villain! 😀 and thankyou for the suggestion. I’ll add more thahaan scenes..

  7. Hey arruu Its good. … … keep writing.
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    1. Keep.reading Mineey and thanks for compliment

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