Thaahan- Secret love (Episode 10)


I am happy today that 10 episodes of my ff are completed. Thankyou guys for supporting and your motivation.

Epi 10!
Here it goes..
DADI’S ROOM:- Dadi calls everyone except bihaan and thapki in her room..
DHRUV:- Dadi ma, why you called all of us in your room?
PREETI:- yes bari sasu maa I wanna ask same question. where is Thapki and bihaan devar G.
SUMAN:- bari Sasu ma! Say something why are you quiet?
DADI:- I can speak only when you all stop asking me questions.

DADI:- You all listen carefully. Thapki and bihaan are married now and they both are going for honeymoon tomorrow. No one of us gifted them anything except balu. He gave them that honeymoon package. I have an idea that today at night we all will give gifts to them. So you all have to buy beautiful gifts for them okay! And yes Preeti and suman you both have to make delicious food. We will celebrate their wedding!
BALU:- so let’s decide what should we gift.
VASU (in irritated manner):- NO need to discuss this. I mean gifts should be surprised for them!
DADI:-be carefull, thapki and bihaan should not know about this plan.
Everyone says: “yes” and leaves!

BIHAAN:- chuk chuk Gadi, I have an important work. I’ll come back in 2-3 hours!
THAPKI:- Okay but come soon!
BIHAAN:- why? You’ll miss me!
THAPKI:- i have been feeling something is gonna be wrong since few days.”
Bihaan cupped her face and said:- “I know you are scared of sahil but don’t think so much. I love you! And I’ll back soon!” he kissed on her forehead and leaves! He comes out from the home and the boy of sahil who always follows him. He sees bihaan and he calls sahil that bihaan is out from the house you can kidnap Thapki now! And sahil said:- “leave from there and come to me”. Boy leaves.

Thapki is standing in front of mirror and combing her hairs. Suddenly She saw sahil standing behind her. She was about to shout but sahil puts his hand on thapki’s mouth. Someone is moving towards thapki’s room and the person is just 2 steps far from the door. Sahil heard the voice of shoes. He jumps from the window. The person opens the door and he is bihaan. Thapki runs and hugs him.
BIHAAN:- What happend thapki! Why are you looking scared?
THAPKI:- “Bihaan.. bi….”
She was in shock and trying to speak but she can’t!
BIHAAN:- calm down first! Sit here. And now tell me What did you see?
THAPKI:- Bihaan I saw sahil.. he puts his hand on my mouth.
BIHAAN:- What?

THAPKI:- “yes he was in room.”
Bihaan searches in the whole room but he doesn’t see him.
BIHAAN:- NO chuk chuk gadi. See there is no one in room except us! It must be your whim.
THAPKI:- That was a whim?
BIHAAN:- Yes! You’re thinking so much that’s why! When we think too much about anyone we see that person in everyting. Like me. I always thinks about you and I see you everywhere! (he kissed on her cheeks)
THAPKI:- may be!
BIHAAN:- you are having fever! Take this medicine. (He gave tablet to her)
THAPKI:- Okay and you said that you have an important work, so why you came back so early?
BIHAAN:- actually I forgot to take my cell phone. But now I’ll not go for work. You’re having fever.
THAPKI:- but bihaan your work is more important na.
BIHAAN:- “Nothing is important than you.”
Thapki lay down on bed. Bihaan sits beside her and after few mins she falls asleep. She hugged bihaan while sleeping. Bihaan separates her slowly and he puts blanket on her. He looks her lovingly and then he leaves for his work.

SHARMA:- you should took thapki with you!
SAHIL:- I was doing the same but suddenly someone opens the door and I had to jump from the window.
SHARMA:- But I was holding the ladder na. You can use that ladder that time.
SAHIL:- I didn’t have much time.
SHARMA:- whatever! But this plan won’t work now.
SAHIL:- yes Dad. I am planning something else now! (He smirks)

PREETI:- badi Sasu maa. I saw thapki. She is sleeping and I locked the room from outside.
SUMAN:- yes! And bihaan devar g has gone for important work.
DADI:- so for whom you’re waiting for. Start preparing for surprise.
DHRUV:- Dadi ma! dadi ma!!
DADI:- What happend why are you shouting?
DHRUV:- bihaan came back! What to do now? He will see our preparations.
DADI:- “don’t worry. You all hide these flowers. I will manage him.”
Bihaan enters In home.
DADI:- bihaan beta! You have to do my work.
BIHAAN:- g dadi maa!

DADI:- you have to buy 4 Saadi’s.
BIHAAN:- What but how could I?????
DADI:- you can beta! Go fast and come back in 2 3 hours. I mean saadi’s should be expensive and beautiful.
Bihaan leaves.

Thapki wakes up. She tries to open the door but door is locked from outside. She shouts and Preeti listens her voice. Preeti runs to dadi and she tell her that thapki is trying to open the door.
DADI:- you go and make sure that thapki cannot see these preparations.
PREETI:- But I am preparing the food!
DADI:- “go and send Vasu bahu to her room.”
Preeti goes to vasu and she asked her what dadi said. Vasu agrees. Vasu opens the door.
THAPKI:- maa! Who locked the door.
VASU:- i don’t know.. I just listened your voice so i came here to open the door.
THAPKI:- “OKAY! Maa thankyou.”

She was about to go out. But vasu stops her.
VASU:- Where are you going. Come lets sit in your room.
Vasu starts talking thapki so that she will not go out from the room.

Bihaan is selecting saadi’s which dadi asked him.
BIHAAN (in mind):- “i felt strange. everyone was hiding something! Anyways I have to buy saadi’s.. I should buy one for thapki too”
He said to shopkeeper:- “show me the most beautiful saadi you have”
After 10 mins.
BIHAAN:- Show me more?
SHOPKEEPER:- i gave you the most beautiful saadis but you didn’t like anyone of them? What you actually want?
BIHAAN:- the beauty of these saadis are Nothing in front of my wife. I want something different.
He thinks I should buy more thing for me and thapki, after all we are going for honeymoon.

PRECAP:- Everyone is celebrating at pandy nivaas. Sahil got information that bihaan and thapki are going for honeymoon.

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