Terrorist attack in hotel taj mahal OS


Guys I read that the Dhaka attack so I decided to write a os. And on the day terrorist attack in hotel taj mahal I was also present and their own lost my parents. So let’s start.

We were in hotel taj mahal eating enjoying.I was with my parents and I saw that everyone were very happy in the hotel.I thought that it was the best day of my life but I was wrong it was the worst day of my life. I asked my mom

I:If we will die then where we will go?

Mom:We will go in heaven.

I was thinking about it when I listen the sound of shooting.I saw a man was shooting everyone like a mad and it was kasab.

He was shooting like he was distributing chocolate.My parents and I hided in a safe place.

I:Mom will we get safe.

Papa:Yeah we all will get safe.

Kasab was still shooting everyone.Kasab saw us and was coming towards us.My parents were really scared but not for them self.They were just scared for me.Their was one door so somehow they pushed me out of the hotel.From window I saw that kasab shooter my parents.I saw them they in pool of blood.I saw my parents dying.Kasab dint saw me and went in other side.My parents saw me through window.They said me through the their eyes that they will leave me but will always be with me.They gave me wave of bye and breathed their last breath and died.I saw them dead and I was very much broken from inside.I started crying hardly.I was not able to control my self.I entered inside the hotel and went to my parents who were lifeless.I was in blood which was of my parents.I also saw that all the children’s old people were died.I feels very bad.Then I saw that Kasab is coming but police also came and one of the police took me outside.I was going but still my eyes were on my parents body.I was still crying.

When they brought me outside the doctor dressed my knee and my hand as I got hurt.

I was in the ambulance.I was of just 5 years.I was laying in ambulance when a couple saw me and they came to me.

Uncle:Beta what happend?

I told everything to them.So they decided to adopt me to guve me proper education.Now I am going in good school and my life is very much but still the image of my parents dead comes in front of my eyes and everyday I cry for them.And when kasab go hanged at that time I thought that finally my parents soul will get peace.When he dint got hanged at that time I was eagerly waiting for him to get hanged.

It’s a true story of my.The story which is unbelievable.It’s my real story.I lost my parents and I am sure many children’s would have loosed their parents.I can always see my parents in my dream.On my birthday they come in my dream and bless me.Love you mummy and papa.

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  1. I am sorry for what happened to you Siddhi and happy that still humanity exists and that is why you have a good life now
    May all the souls who died that day rest in peace

    1. Siddhi

      Yes and now I love my new parents who gave me a future and I love my real parents who gave me a new life.

  2. Jessie

    Siddhi… hugs dear lil sis.. am proud of u 4 sharing such a big incident as a OS.. u r ri8.. ur parents are with u., am really glad abt ur adopted parents 4 they hav got a precious child.. wish soon this terrorism comes 2 end by some means., so tat no other innocent souls are hurted.. I still remember I cried when they said in news the senior officers who went 4 mission were dead.. why such things happen?? Hugs n love dear.. Take care..

    1. Siddhi

      I was also sad di to hear that

  3. Priya tripathi

    Oh god yaar it was realy bad whatever happen with u sidhi even my grandparents present there but the escape from there before attack i can’t imagne a 5 year old suffer that pain i m realy criying right now but i m happy that u got another parents who loves u who take care of u plz always be happy n always remember ur parents sacrifies they got justice n study more do hard work become god human n fullfill ur parents wishes n ya i m just like ur elder sister so call me Di n always happy n keep smiling n u write anyother ff so tell me

    1. Siddhi

      Yes di will tell u sure and my parents will always protect me ☺

  4. Simplesweety1

    Look Siddhi,Really I Am Very Sorry For All That Happened With U …. No Kid Could See Their Parents ….. Please Never Ever Be Depressed … The People Who Have Adopted U Would Be So Sad After Knowing That Till Now They Are Not Able To Keep U Happy …. Don’t Keep Bad Memories In Your Mind … Remember Ur Parents By Their Good Memories .. Be Strong … Kisi Ko Apne Upar Taras Mat Khaane Dena … Always Be So Much Strong That Tumhare Upar Kisi Ko Taras Khaane Ki Zarurat Hi Na Padhe ….
    Hats Off (Coz Kisi Mein Itna Dam Nahi Hoga Ki Wo Aise Incident Pe Ek Story Likhe)
    Simplesweety1 🙂

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks but mere naye parents mujhpe Taras nahI Khate vo mujhe anniversary beti kI tarah hi madat karti hain

      1. Simplesweety1

        Oh! I’m Sorry If I Hurt U .. Waise … I’m Also 13 Years Old .. 🙂 .. I Know .. Ur New Parents .. Might Be Some Good People That God Has Sent For U By Ur Parents Wish .. To Take Care Of U … Stay Happy Stay Blessed .. 🙂

    2. Siddhi

      Really true

  5. Khushi

    Ohh God siddhi …I will not give u sympathy dear…coz I know u r strong …..I must say to share all this it needs strength…. Today I understood the value of parents we ppl who have our parents take them for granted…. Now becoz of u I have got a lesson of my life….I m literally having tears in my eyes can’t imagine a 5 year old seeing her parents dying in front of her eyes….love u so much dear stay blessed always
    And yes always remember that if God takes something from us he gives back double…. M so happy to hear about the ppl who took u home….it’s really warming to see that humanity still exist…. Nafrat chahe kitni bhi ho jeet humesha pyaar ki hi hoti hai…..
    Well how much old r u now???
    Can we become friends??

    1. Siddhi

      I am also happy as huminiti is there and I am 13 years old now

      1. Siddhi

        And ofcourse we will become friends

      2. Khushi

        Thanks alot dear…u r just 13 love u so much but more than that I respect and adore u so much ……mujhe kuch ho jaata hai toh I start crying but c u r so strong stay like this always my dear…love u so much

    2. Siddhi

      I am not strong

      1. Khushi

        Who says u r not???
        Just look inside urself u will find how much strong u r dear…..don’t underestimate my lil Sissie ok???
        Stay blessed

    3. Siddhi

      Thanks Khushi for giving me sympathy

  6. Sidhhi.. U r really a strong girl… Be strong n become a successful person.. My best wishes are always with u.. God is there for angels like u.. My sweetheart..

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks soumya

  7. Mahi

    Dear u r very strong it’s really Hart tching one god bless u dear now we all r there for u [email protected] it’s my email I’d if u want pls can we be friends msg me

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Mahi and ofcourse we will be friends would like to become ur friend


    Really Siddhi! Hats off to you , I am writing this in tears .You are really a strong girl . Don’t feel lonely we are always with you and thanks to the couple who showed humanity ?????

    1. Siddhi

      I love my parents who adopted me when I was in need

  9. Nisha_Anu

    Bravooooo!! You truly are an inspiration for millions. Never feel lonely. Love you sis!! ??

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Nisha

  10. Piyali

    sidhhi………your real story……..??? i am shocked but yet i am happy to get a strong friend like you………..5 years……..i can’t even think of it…………….the thought of loosing someone close to me makes me tremble…….but you lost your parents……..seeing them die in front of your eyes…………………really dear……….your braveness is splendid………..wish god always showers all his blessings on you and your parents……………..god bless you sweetheart…………love you a lot……………..be happy…………..

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks dear for ur sympathy

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