Teri yaadon ke sahare hum jiye ch1


This was the time when i had finished my graduation I wanted to pursue MBA as my post graduation so one day I called up my school friend happy to know about his plans for future
Hello happy!!!how are you?
Hi sanky am gud
So what are you doing these days
Nothing much, been free all the time since the college got over
Same is in my case but am planning to pursue MBA
That’s great!!do u have any idea any how tough it is to crack the CAT exam n plus r u even aware any the exam pattern and the percentile required
I knew he was mocking at me I knew clearing a CAT exam was not my cup of tea so aiming at it was useless
I replied, I am not planning to crack CAT exam I have just searched any the the Punjab MBA exam n after clearing dis exam I can get admission in some reputed MBA college of Punjab
That’s great
He added at leat u have decided what your aim in life is but am still undecided abt my future plans
After a pause he said chall we will meet some day n will discuss abt it
Take care
Bye, I said n hung up the phone

After a week happy came to my place we had met after a very long time so we decided to go to our favorite place the crystal restaurant it is famous for its Chinese we ordered manchow soup Hakka noodles and cheese chilly
Till d time our order arrived happy said, bro u have no idea how annoyed my parents are these days they r forcing me to get into the family business I am totally confused abt what to do what abt ur MBA plans did u asked abt any institution for preparation of MAT test he asked
Yes i have shortlisted a few renowned institution centred in Amritsar like bulls eye time grey matters …now am confused which one to join,i replied
While we were discussing all this our food arrived the food smelt great and looked simply delicious n we continued our discussions
When r u going to the institutes to know abt the timings n d fee structure he asked…do take me along when u’ll go he added
I felt that happy ws showing a little interest may br because he thought that perusing MBA was a better option than getting into the family business
We finished our food as well as our conversation

One fine day we both went to all the three shortlisted colleges n asked all our queries n after spending a whole long day we finally came to a conclusion that time was d best college I all respects
So we decided to join a crash course to crack the entrance exam at time the course durawas 45 days I still remember one of the teachers at the institute Mrs Chadha who used to teach us GK n national awareness she was d owner of d institute a short heightened lady of abt 40 yrs n blunt cut she was very aggressive by nature within a few days of our joining we became the famous students of class now n then Mrs Chadha used to call our names not because we r intellectual guys of d class but coz we had earned a back bencher reputation each time she came to the class n asked us what she taught in d previous classes
We would stand up on our seats with blank faces when we couldn’t answer what she asked we would remain standing in her lectures all d time we used to sit at the last bench n chit chat we would make fun of the studious students of our class we would play funny pranks in the class I remember one day our English lecture going on I and happy were getting really bored
Happy said with a wicked smile on his face, chal yaar Lts make dis lecture interesting
I knew he was up to something fishy
What’s d plan, I asked him
He placed an artificial lizard on the desk of the boy sitting next to us suddenly we both started shouting n boy got so scared day he jumped off his seat n landed in the lap of miss aarrti who was giving hideath glare it was like first whole class was shouting n d next moment they began laughing
Those were the days of scorching heat so it was quite difficult for us to manage to sit for 5 long hrs whenever we got a break we secretly used to go to d admin room as it had ac sometimes we didn’t go back to our class after the break Saturdays were the days we used to bunk n go fr movies
After 25 days we had our first mock test we were quite scared as we had spent all these days bunking gossiping n having fun
We attempted our first mock test n I hardly knew anything n same was d case with happy after the test I said to happy, it is not as easy as we thought it to be
Exactly it’s very hard he replied
A special session was held for the back benchers by mrs Chadha n she began addressing,its not a joke to crack MBA all u back benchers seem to be least concerned abt ur studies n future
Sitting on d last bench n talking this is what u all know n d next mock test will be in this weak itself if u don’t clear this I’ll inform ur patents ,saying dis she left
The next few days not only changed their seats by also repo improved n even their marks increased n they were appreciated by mrs Chadha

PRECAP: some more SANSKAAR n happy moments n swara’s intro

So finally guys done with this chapter I hope u guys like it n thnx Shaun fr such an awesome title plz comment n forgive me for typos as it is not proof read plz motivate me via ur comments n u can imagine happy ad sidhant Gupta of tei aka kung
Bbye guys….see u soon ??????

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