Teri yaadein (RagSan, IshKara, RuMya and ShivIka) Prologue

Prologue and Characters

Hello Twistinians welcome to a new story, this story will be a sad or a happy one(depends on my mood and you guys) and it will mainly focus on these four couples and how their story became this way. Dil bole RagSan and show some ishq for Ishkara and RumYa

“Tera saath toh na raha par yeh teri yaadein mere paas reh gaye hai(we may not be together but your memories have stayed with me)!”

People were talking badly about Omkara Singh Oberoi and Sanskar Meheswari, their lawyer Mrs. Gauri Laksh Sharma was pleading the jugde to hear out the story of these two men as she believed that they were innoncent and didn’t burn their factory down with their wives Ragini Sanskar Meheswari and Ishana Omkara Singh Oberoi.

“So the judge asked Sanskar to come to the witness box and tell the truth: “I Sanskar Meheswari solemnly swear that whatever I will say is the sole truth!”
“So Sanskar Meheswari, how was your married life with miss. Ragini Singh Oberoi opps I mean Mrs. Ragini Sanskar Meheswari!” The lawyer of the opposition asked him and he truthfully replied back: “our married life was going great, but like every marriage we had our ups and downs, but we never left eachother’s hand as our love is stronger than any power in this society full of lies!” Then they let Sanskar go back to his seat.

Then it was Omkara’s turn and he replied to all questions with the sole truth.
All the questions and answers will be revealed later on in the story.

“Both of them are saying the truth!” A voice shouted while another one agreed to it and they were….

So now to the Characters

Shivaay Singh Oberoi and hi beautiful wife Anika(Meheswari) Shivaay Singh Oberoi

These two are married since 4 years now, Anika is nowhere to be found and Shivaay misses her a lot.

Omkara Singh Oberoi and Ishana(Meheswari) Omkara Singh Oberoi

They are married since a year, the court thinks that Omkara has killed his wife and sister Ragini.

Sanskar Meheswari and Ragini(Singh Oberoi) Sanskar Meheswari

They are married since 2 years, the court thinks that he has killed his wife Ragini and his sister Ishana

Rudra Meheswari and Saumya(Singh Oberoi) Rudra Meheswari

They are married since a month and now his wife is missing, he is devastated and missing her a lot.

The question is what happened to all the women are they dead or alive?

The copyright of this new story belongs to me!

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  1. Fenil

    Superb twisted start.

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    Dear AMkideewani
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  3. Rags died noooooo

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      Dear you’ll get to
      know soon if she is dead or alive?

  4. Sounds good ? please continue looking forward to the next part. Post sooner.

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    Good start dear… It’s seems interesting… Continue soon…

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    What kind of brain u actually owns crazy girls ?? Seriously how these kind of new interesting ideas getting in ur mind yaar ?? Huuuh…….Eagerly waiting for the story and unfold mysteries also……Twisty Baby….. Loved it a lot

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      Awwww, thank you so much dear for your lovely compliments and for the new nickname???

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