Teri yaadein (RagSan, IshKara, RuMya and ShivIka) Part 1

Heya Twistinians, I’m saying Dil bole RagSan and showing some ishq for IshKara and RuMya.

Guys please do read the Author’s note in the end of this part!

The story will be told in flashback and the story will revolve about the present, as it’s the flashback of the men and as we do not know about the women, if they are alive or dead.
So today it’s Shivaay’s turn, the next one will be either Rudra/Omkara or even Shivaay!

Flashback of Shivaay part 1
Once I was the happiest man, I had a lovely, caring and weird wife but I love her a lot.”
“So lets start with the story of ShivIka.
“Shivaay I have decided to get you married to Anika Meheswari, as she is the perfect match for you!” My mother Mrs. Pinky Singh Oberoi had said a day before I got marrried to Anika, as it was an arrange marriage, I never had met her before or I would have remembered her. The next day my brother Omkara and sister Ragini were helping me getting ready for the marriage, I didn’t have any hopes in it, as I don’t know anything about and she could be a serial killer for god’s sake. I was so lost in my thoughts, when my younger sister said: “Bhaiyu you look so handsome!”

“Thanks Ragini, you are looking like an angel come from heaven to the earth!” I said that day.
“Aww bhaiyu, you are so cute, Om bhai you should learn something from Shiv bhaiyu.” Ragini said cutely and Omkara sweetly said: “yeah, my princess, you look more than beautiful!”
“I love you my bhaiyus!” She happily said and we both said to her: “love you too princess!”
Soon we three went to the mandap, where my marriage was taking place, I saw the bride was wearing royal blue lengha, which had heavy work on it, she wore a chand bracelet and that was it. She was either talking or was laughing with a group of people, they looked at me and smirked.

“So lets start with the wedding of Miss. Anika Meheswari to Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi.” The pandit said, so we both wen there and the ritual started. After 10 minutes we had to stand up, we went tound the holy fire for seven rounds, the first four I was infront of her, for the other three she was infront of me, I accidently touched her soft hand, I could feel that she was shivering and I was shivering to. Soon the marriage was over, we played the games, which married couples do, finally we both could go upstairs, we both were blushing and we didn’t talk at all with eachother, the while room was in utter silence.
End of his Flashback part 1

Author’s note
“Heya Twistinians, I can’t write longer chapters, because of my busy college shedule, if you want longer chapters, than I will only write once a week and I will be irregular, so I will write one of my other stories as well as this one, if you want regular updates than you have to adjust with smaller ones!”

End of the Author’s note

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