Teri yaadein (RagSan, IshKara, RuMya and ShivIka) Part 2

Part 2

Heya Twistinians this part will tell the love story of RagSan as I thought to show some parts of their love story before they got married. Show some ishq and Dil bole RagSan. The following part after this one will be IshKara’s love story and part 4 will be RuMya’s.

So lets start the story

Sanskar’s flashback part 1
I still remember that I met Ragini the day my Anu di got married to her brother Shivaay it was love at first sight for me, because she was still a kid but her heart was made out of gold. I was walking here and there out of nowhere someone walked into me, I held that person by her or his hand and then looked at that person and it was her.
“Are you alright?” I asked her as a reply she shyly nodded.
“Thanks!” She softly said and I just smiled at her.
“Are you Anika bhabhi’s brother?” She suddenly asked me and I answered back: “yes, I am!”
“Oh wow you are hot!” She said sweetly while I was perplexed.
“Thanks!” I said after I recovered from my shock.
“You are welcome Mr. Hottie!”

“Aww miss. s*xy you are making me crazy!” I said flirtingly. We were flirting for a long time until the marriage of ShivIka was finished, then they went but before that she said bye after she kissed my cheek. I was so happy that I was literally floating in the air. My sister Ishana was laughing at me and her smile was for someone else and my brother Rudra was smilling by himself. Seeing them like that I knew that they are in love with someone just like me. Soon the night was here, I went to sleep and dreamt about my Ragini, she is making me so crazy for her sweetness, cuteness and craziness. 

Days passed, months passed and a year passed after my sisters wedding, she was so happy with Shivaay jeeju. Ragini and I were in a relationship, soon we told our family of our secret meetings and how we fell in love, so our parents decided to get us married withing 3 months. Ragini and I were enjoying our relationship as boyfriend and girlfriend and we were excited to get married as well. Love was indeed in the air. These three months were passing day after the other, soon we got engaged and the marriage date was fixed after 5 months, so we still had some time before our marriage. Few months later the megendi of Ragini started, then our haldi rasam and at last the sangeet, the next day will be our wedding day.

End of his flashback part 1

The copyright of this story belongs to me❤️

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