Teri Yaadein – Hatred to Love or Love to Hatred – RagLak & SwaSan – Spoiler

Teri Yaadein – Spoiler

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This spoiler is mainly about SwaSan as i am starting their love story in the present whereas RagLaks love story is in the past but i will add their scenes.

Spoiler :
Swara is standing wearing a purple knee high cocktail dress with long sleeves that are fully laced with black suede look high heels with almond shaped toe she is standing in the park near a lake she has her hands behind her back like she is hiding something – Sanskaar for the past 2 years i have been waiting for this day to come, I always dreamed that you will propose to me but Sanskaar your to shy so I have to propose to you tell you how much I love you, Since college days i loved you Sanskaar i hated any girl that came near you and Sanskaar you always made me jealous by being with other girls you never cared for me but I know that you cared for me a lot by giving you these roses I will make you, But where are you. She is hiding a rose bouquet behind her back, she closes her eyes she opens them when she sense someone near her – Sanskaar, She opens her eyes and sees Sanskaar in front of her wearing a full white suit looking like her prince charming Sanskaar keeps looking at Swara he is mesmerised to see her in that dress – Sanskaar you came
Sanskaar – Swara you want to say something? What you want to say?
Swara blushing – Sanskaar I wanted to say that …….. That ……..
Before she could complete a girl from behind hugs Sanskaar
Girl – Sanky baby i missed you. She breaks the hug and comes in front of him pushing Swara away
Sanskaar – Kavitha? You here?
Kavitha – Baby you were missing me so i came to you. She hugs him but Sanskaar doesn’t hug her back he was looking at tears that were flowing from Swara’s eyes for some reason her tears were giving him pain. Swara watching this tears kept flowing from her she steps back and the roses and the I Love You teddy bear drops on the floor. She runs away Sanskaar wanted to stop her but he couldn’t.
Kavitha while hugging him – Sanskaar, Swara this is just the beginning watch what i do i will ruin your, Swara, Laksh and Ragini’s lives its time to pay for your sins.

From a distance Ragini and Laksh where watching this all both were angry
Ragini – He has proved it that he is your brother, see just like you he also knows how to break hearts
Laksh – Ragini what are you talking about?
Ragini – You know exactly what i am talking about Mr Laksh Maheshwari, stay away from me and my Shona. She says this by pointing her index finger at him and leaves leaving him confused.
Laksh – Sanskaar what have you done? Everyone knows Swara loves you and deep down you love her to but unaware of it. He thinks of something – Yes i will need to do this now.

What is Kavitha talking about what sins?
Has Sanskaar fallen in love with Swara?
Will Swara accept Sanskaar’s love?
How will Laksh convince Ragini?
What is Laksh’s plan?

Nisha Malik

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