Teri Yaadein – Hatred to Love or Love to Hatred? – RagLak and SwaSan (Part 4)


Teri Yaadein – Hatred to Love or Love to hatred – Part 4

First of all thank you soo much for the nice comments you all gave and i have replied back to you all. And thanks to silent readers for taking their time to read my fan fiction.

Last update i asked which way you want the past to be told and many of you said the second way is the best on which i tell the past and present together so that’s how i will tell the past.

Thank you so much for the lovely comments again. So here we go with the update today

Recap : Ragini promising to stay away from Laksh, Laksh makes Ragini angry due to that Ragini hurts herself, Sanskaar talking on the phone to a mysterious girl, Sanskaar taking care of Swara and Swara falling deep in love with Sanskaar, Laksh doing first aid of Ragini and they both have few romantic moments.
Part 4 : Continuing from part 3

Ragini sits on the bed – Laksh my heart is really happy to see you, my heart is telling me to run in your arms tell you how much i missed you to tell you how much i love you but then i cant forget about your betrayal that has broken me completely i want to forget you but TERI YAADEIN are not letting me. She starts to cry tears keep flowing from her eyes, she wipes her tears she opens her side cupboard and gets a pink diary out (The one Shraddha Kapoor had in Ek Villain) she opens the strap of the diary and opens it to a page where a dried up red rose is kept that looks very old. She picks up the rose and closes her eyes to stop the tears

FLASHBACK (This is just Ragini’s memory of the red rose)
A beach is shown with candles placed everywhere in the middle of everything a round table is placed with a lanterns placed around it. In the middle of the beach a girl is standing there wearing knee high red laced clinging to the body cocktail dress full sleeves that is fully laced and black suede look high heels with almond shaped toe. She was standing there blindfolded
Girl – where are we? I cant see. She places her fingers on the blindfold
Boy comes behind her wearing a full black suit– Jaan can’t you wait i will reveal everything to you you just shhhh understood. The girl smiles and nods her head as a good girl – that’s like my good girl. He holds her hand and kisses he holds her hand and starts to walk with her hand knowing he is taking her she suddenly moves her hand away he smiles at her and he comes near her ear and whispers – Do you trust me? She blushingly nods her head and he again holds her hand and starts waking throughout the walk he was just staring at her beauty. He stops in the middle of the beach he takes of her blindfold she slowly opens her eyes and is mesmerised to see the sight she becomes very happy she looks around and starts to jump like a child in happiness
Girl – This all for me?? Its so beautiful thank you Laksh (As you would have guessed that the guy is Laksh) its just amazing she spins around like a child. Laksh just looks at her and smiles at her childish act he goes to her and holds her by the waist she looks at him
Laksh – You look more gorgeous than more. Ragini ( As you would have guessed she is Ragini) you look to pretty today this dress is perfect on you. She gets shy and walks away from him he hikds her hand, when she turns around she sees Laksh on his knees – Ragini today is a special day for me as first time this flirtatious Laksh has fallen in love he has gone mad in love I LOVE YOU RAGINI!! He holds out the rose (Same one in her diary) She takes the rose – you taking the rose i vow to you that i will never leave you.

Ragini opens her eyes by the sound of a knock on her door she wipes away the tears that were rolling down her cheeks she quickly puts the dried up rose back in the diary – Who is it? She say this while putting the diary in cupboard
Swara – Ladoo its me Swara can i come in.
Ragini stands up – yeah sure. Swara slowly opens the door and comes in limping Ragini sees her and gets tensed she runs to her – Shona why are you limping? What happened Shona tell anything serious?
Swara standing – Ladoo will you let me sit or ask all the question at once my foot really hurts.
Ragini – oh oops sorry Shona come sit. She makes her and Ragini sits next to her – Now tell me what happened
Swara – Nothing Ladoo I just slipped and my foot twisted thats all and ….
Ragini teasingly – And
Swara – Sanskaar bandaged my foot. She says this by looking down Ragini smiles at her
Ragini cups her face – My sweet Shona loves Sanskaar a lot right?
Swara – Ragini you know when he left for two years i missed him a lot and all day i would speak to his picture a lot now that he is in front of me i have nothing to say to him i go completely blank. Swara laughs
Ragini – Are you sure that Sanskaar is the right person for you? I mean are you sure he wouldn’t break your heart
Swara – Ragini i am sure Sanskaar is perfect and i also think he likes me? You see the way he cares for me
Ragini – Shona are you sure….
Swara interrupts Ragini – Yes Ragini i am sure, okay now i will go i just came to see if your okay and looking at you now you look perfect. She kisses Ragini – Good night
Ragini – Should i drop you?
Swara – No my Ladoo Ma i will go you rest. Swara leaves
Ragini – Swara i don’t want you to go through what i went through, but i can’t help as after all Sanskaar is Laksh’s brother maybe he will break your heart the way Laksh broke mine.

Sanskaar on the phone – I miss you a lot babes
Caller – Liar you only phone me once everyday
Sanskaar – Babes seriously i mean it i really miss you
Caller – Really then prove it
Sanskaar – How do you want me to prove to you?
Caller – Uhmmm Come back to London for me
Sanskaar – You know na i can’t come back as its dads strict orders
Caller – I know baby but i am dying to see you
Sanskaar – Me too
Caller – Baby in London you were telling me about that girl Swara? Did you tell her yet about us
Sanskaar – No baby i didn’t get time to tell Swara about us
Voice behind Sanskaar – Tell Swara what?
Sanskaar turns around shocked – Swara?
Caller – Swara?
Sanskaar – Swara you here?
Swara yeah i wasn’t getting any sleep so i thought of coming here for fresh air, but you?
He signals to his phone – I was talking to my close friend
Caller thinks – Close friend?
Swara – Oh sorry to disturb i will go. She turns to leave
Sanskaar – Swara? She turns around – Swara i thought i told you to rest not walk around what you doing now go and rest i don’t want to see you walking around.
Swara – Nods her head – Good Night
Sanskaar – Good night. Swara leaves he turns to his phone – Sorry babes it was
Caller – Swara right?
Sanskaar – Yes
Caller- Then you should have told her why didn’t you?
Sanskaar – Babes it wasn’t the right time
Caller a little angry – Right time when there be a right time? Saying this she cuts the call
Callers house
Caller – Swara she is always stuck to Sanskaar, and that Sanskaar isn’t saying anything to her it seems i will have to do something, yeah i will go to Kolkata as i am missing Sanskaar and then we both will tell her yes good idea.

Ragini’s room
Late at night someone enters Ragini’s room they see her sleeping the person quietly opens the draw and takes the diary, the person reach there room the person sits on the bed and opens her diary from the first page and starts to read it again

FLASHBACK – 2 years a go
A college is shown in Kolkata. In distance a red sports car shown driving at a fast pace it comes and parks the car the guy driving comes out of the car he is wearing black jeans, white blue shirt with a black leather jacket he as sunglasses on he walks out and every girl just stares at him he is walking when he hears a voice calling him
Kavya – Lucky baby. He turns around and takes of his sunglasses he is our flirtatious Laksh (2 years ago) he goes and hugs her
Laksh – baby where were you i was waiting for you?
Kavya – Lucky we meet last night
Laksh holds her hand and kisses it -A beautiful night sweetheart. He was about to kiss her but a girl wearing a black and white with orange anarkali suit with her hair open she comes out ofbhet banging the door really hard she looks up and she is our cute and loving Ragini
Ragini in front of KavLak – If some people have forgotten but this is college and people come to study not to kiss of you want to kiss then get a room. KavLak look at her with anger
Laksh steps towards Ragini – Ragu baby if you want to kiss from me Laksh Maheshwari hen just ask i will give. He holds Ragini’s she pushes him
Ragini – Ewwww a kiss that even from you please Ragini Gadodia hasn’t gotten these bad days that i will need a kiss from a f**kboy like you. Saying this she pushes him and walks away Laksh looks at her with anger
Laksh – Ladoo Ma you have insulted me watch what i do
After class finishes Ragini comes out of her class she is walking alone in the corridor but she feels someone is following her when she turns around she finds no one she turn ahead again and is about to walk when she feels hands grab her hand and pull her in the drama class.

Part 4 finished

Please tell me how you liked it

Nisha Malik

Credit to: Nisha Malik

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