Teri Yaadein – Hatred to Love or Love to Hatred? – RagLak and SwaSan (Part 3)

Part 3 Teri Yaadein – Hatred to Love or Love to Hatred – Part 3

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Recap – Janki shouting at SwaRagini, SwaSan sweet moment and RagLak romance.

Part 3
Ragini runs into her room and locks it and sits in the corner of room and cries sitting on the floor – Why Laksh Why? I hate you why do you always cone in to my life and bring happiness then you leave me giving me sadness, now that iI have started to live without you but now your making it harder for me to live, Why have you come back? No Ragini you cant fall week whatever happened 2 years ago with Laksh i need to move on i need to move away from him if I stay near him then I will avoid him yes i will avoid him so o don’t have to see his face. She looks in the mirror and sees her neck and looks at the love bite and its going darker she tries wiping it of with her hands but it doesn’t instead it get darker. Ragini sets her dupatta in a way so no one can see the love bite she wipes her tears and walks out of her room downstairs to have dinner.

Scene 2
Ragini comes down to the dinning table and finds everyone already there – Thank God Kanha Ji that Laksh isn’t here. She goes and sits beside Swara.
Later on Laksh also joins – Sorry i am late ( Looks at Ragini) i was doing an important job. He winks at Ragini and she grabs the knife and twists it around her fingers giving Laksh the gesture of that “come near me and i will kilk you”
Swara looks at her and raises her eyebrows
Ragini whispers – What?
Swara whispers back – What are you doing? And why do you have your dupatta like that?
Ragini – Uhmm nothing and this is a new fashion of keeping your dupatta.
Laksh leaning in from the other side of the table whispering – Are you two beauties talking about me?
Ragini irritates – Not everyone has to talk about you. All the elders leave on the dinning table there is only the younger
Laksh loud – Sanskaar look in these two years someone is getting brave, Swara remember when Ragini used to hide away from me she would always have her dupatta over her head haha chipkali Ragini haha. Swara and Laksh are laughing a lot but Sanskaar sees Ragini’s angry face
Sanskaar – Bhai i think that its rude Ragini doesn’t look like chipkali and its in the last now
Laksh – Oye Sanskaar your my brother or this Chipkalis? It might be in the past but Ragini will always remain as a chipkali and even thought its been two years but something’s are never to change as whatever happened two years ago will be the same never ever change even if someone will want to ( He looks at Ragini with a serious face)
Ragini gets a little irritated and angry ( She doesn’t shout) – Two year are enough to forget and if we stay in the past then we will forget about our future. She gets up and while she steps up the knife falls down leaving a cut on her finger but no one notices this except Laksh she leaves in anger Swara tries to get up but she couldn’t as she has hurt her leg
Laksh – I made her angry then so I will make happy again. Laksh leaves to Ragini only SwaSan are in the dinning table.

SwaSan scene
Swara gets up in pain but she doesn’t show it but Sanskaar can see, she helps the maid pick up the dishes, Sanskaar is sitting on the couch ( near the dinning table)calling someone – Yeah sweetheart i will call you later
He sees Swara picking up the bowl but she couldn’t he stands up puts his phone in his pocket he stands behind Swara she picks up the bowl from her she turns around and sees Sanskaar
Swara – Sanskaar do you need anything? Sanskaar passes the bowl to the maid and takes her hand in his and starts to take her with him – Sanskaar what are you doing? I have so much work where are you taking me! Sanskaar takes her to the room and makes her sit down on the bed and he goes onto finding something in her draws – Sanskaar what are you doing what are you looking for? Sanskaar looks at her with anger she puts her hands on her lip in a way to show she wont speak.
Sanskaar comes back with a bandage and sits on the bed – Have you ever learned to keep your mouth shut
Swara – What did i say?
Sanskaar doing her bandage looks up and mimics her – What did i say? ( Little angry) – if you know you cant walk then why do you? Cant you sit in one place? Look how badly your foot as swollen. Sanskaar was shouting at her but she isn’t paying no attention as she is to busy looking at him
Swara – Because i know you will come to save me. Sanskaar looks at her both share an eye lock for 2 minutes both of their eyes want to tell something, for some reason Sanskaar just wants to keep staring at her both of their eye lock gets broken by Sanskaars phone ringing he pick up his phone
Sanskaar – Yaa
Caller – Baby you forgot me you said you will call me back in 10 minutes i was waiting for your call.
Sanskaar before replying he looks at Swara he covers his phone – Swara an important phone call you dont get up you need rest. Saying this he leaves.
Sanskaar – Sorry baby in had an important work to do ….

RagLak (from the time Laksh left the dining table)
Laksh comes in Ragini’s room before she could close it be comes in the room Ragini looks at him then turns her face away from Laksh.
Laksh looks at her from behind – So my Jaan Ragu is angry with me
Ragini she turns towards Laksh – Ragini my is name is Ragini not Ragu and i am no ones Jaan ( points her index finger towards him)
Laksh steps towards her – okay your name isn’t Ragubp and how can you be anyone’s Jaan as your only my jaan. She was about to speak but Laksh pulls her and makes her sit on the bed he gets the first aid
Ragini pulling her hand away – Leave my hand. She tries pulling her hand away from him
Laksh tightens his grip – can’t you stay still stays still while he does her first aid while he does that os stings her
Ragini – ouch. Laksh looks at her and his eyes has more pain than Ragini is he kisses Raginis finger she sees him with teary eyes she keeps looking at him and thinks – Your now just like my old Laksh my lucky who i used to love but you broke my trust, she thinks about something. Ragini comes out of her thoughts she angrily takes her hand leaving Laksh shocked
Ragini stands up – i told you not to touch me
Laksh hugs her from behind – Why are you acting like this? What have i done?
Ragini – just stay away from me understood…. Before she could complete Laksh hugs her tighter and blows into her neck giving her shivers all over her body
Laksh whispers into her neck – Shhh Ragini stop it. He turns her around and kisses her on the love bite he already gave to her she closes her eyes
Ragini – Laksh!!
Laksh – is it paining? Don’t worry jaan i have kissed it so it will get better but look its gotten dark then my love for you is so much strong that it went dark. Saying this he left her room she looks at him leave
She sits on her bed – Lakah my heart it really happy to see you and its talking for you i want to run in your arms and tell you how much i have missed you but then i can’t forget you betrayal.

Part 3 finished

Precap – past

Please tell me how you want me to tell the past
1) Tell the past at once so two whole parts on the past
2) Tell the past while telling the present as well

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