Teri Yaadein – Hatred to Love or Love to Hatred? – RagLak and SwaSan (Part 2)


Teri Yaadein – Hatred to Love or Love to Hatred – Part 2

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Recap: Introduction of all the characters, Swaragini nok jok, Laksh flirtatious side, Maheshwari’s reaching Kolkata from London, Swara dropping water on Ragini and Ragini running after Swara to pour water on her but Swara hides behind Laksh and by mistake Ragini drops water on Laksh.

Continuing from part 1 – Part 2:

Ragini was dumbfounded looking at Laksh all wet while Swara and Sanskaar were laughing with Dp and Annapurna and Shekar while Janki gives death glare to Swara and Ragini while Laksh was looking at his wet clothes then he looks at Ragini’s innocent face, he looks at her face and all his anger disappears when he sees her also wet. Ragini looks at him with a sorry and shocked expression she quickly runs to Dp and takes his blessing
Ragini – Namaste uncle. She is followed by Swara Ragini goes to Annapurna – Namaste Aunty what is this your coming after two years didn’t you miss me. Ragini makes a sad face Laksh is mesmerised by her beauty
Swara – Ragini leave it naa aunty was more occupied in raising her sons that she forgot her daughters her lovely daughters.
Janki angry – Lovely daughters, Annuparna ji and Dp ji please go to the rooms and freshen up whike we set out the food. Annapurna and Dp leave while Sanskaar and Laksh are standing there – Swara, Ragini! Swara comes and stands near wet Ragini both look at each other and think that today their dead – what is this? Didn’t I tell you both to clean the house but you both instead of cleaning you made it dirty look. Ragini and Swara look at the house and find everything messed up cushions on the floor and water everywhere – and Ragini you poured all the cold water on Laksh look all his clothes are wet wait a minute how are your clothes wet as well Ragini?
SwaRagini look at each other and Ragini speaks – She threw water on me when i was cleaning the guest room for Laksh
Swara acting innocent – I threw water on you did I?
Ragini puts her hands on her hips – If you not then who else threw water? Did it fall from the sky then?
Swara – Maybe
Ragini – Swara!
Swara – Ragini! Sanskaar and Laksh were looking at their childish antics and were laughing
Janki – Both of you shhhh you both have grown up but still you act like 5 year olds when will you grow old and act like adults. SwaRagini look at Shekar for help
Shekar – Janki look its only water and one day they will grow up
Janki – Yes you will always take their side wont you? I just don’t want to speak to you. Janki leaves with Shekar running after her.

SwaRagini look at each other and laugh
Ragini – Swara because of you look all my clothes are wet
Laksh – Oh hello madam I think I am more wet than you look all my clothes are wet because of you
Ragini looks at him and gives him a i don’t care look – Listen mister it was your fault for coming in front of Swara if you didn’t come in front of her then you wouldn’t have got wet.
Sanskaar – That’s right Laksh if you didn’t step in then you wouldn’t have got wet. Laksh gives Sanskaar the killer eyes.
Ragini sees Sanskaar and her smile widens she looks at Swara and winks at her – SANSKAAR!!!!! She goes to him and gives him a tight hug – oh my God Sanskaar I missed you so much god knows how these two years have gone without seeing my best friend. Saying this she hugs him tighter whereas Laksh gives a murderous look to Sanskaar and Ragini
Laksh thinks – What is this even i went away with Sanskaar for two years and you didn’t give me a hug but its okay i will take my hug later and a long never ending hug, but Ragini in these two years your beauty has increased huh Ragini at first i was just mad now i am completely gone mad.
Swara – Ragini how could you forget your criminal in crime Laksh (She puts her hands over Laksh shoulder Ragini gives a painful smile to Swara which is noticed by Laksh)
Laksh – Its okay naa she only saw Sanky that’s okay but at least a pretty girl like you saw me. Swara laughs a lot listening to Laksh and Sanskaar is just looking at Swara and the way she is laughing watching her laugh he also smiles for an unknown reason he is smiles
Sanskaar thoughts – Please god always keep her smiling like this hope this smile never hides away i will kill that person that ever tries to hurt her smile as she deserves happiness and she should receive it (He says this for an unknown reason). His thoughts are disturbed by Ragini
Ragini avoiding Lakshs gaze she turns to Sanskaar- Come i will show you your room. Laksh he finds out what Ragini is doing that she is avoiding him
Swara – No Ragini i will show Sanskaar the room you go help Laksh and also go change your clothes as they are completely wet. Saying this she holds Sanskaars hand and walks off with him. Ragini looks at Laksh
Laksh thinks – Now where will you go Ragini?

SwaSan side
Swara lets go of Sanskaar and she is walking in front of him while blushing he is waking behind her. She turns around to say something while she turns around she loses her balance but Sanskaar holds her on time both look in to each others eyes Sanskaar was looking into her eyes and finds eyes full of love while Swara looks in to his eyes and finds a confusion in his eyes but she smiles looking at him.
Swara – Sanskaar you can let go of me. Sanskaar comes to reality and feels embarrassed he lets of Swara. Swara smiles she takes step but she falls down on the floor as when she turned around she twisted her foot Sanskaar rushes to her
Sanskaar – Swara you okay? Your foot look you got hurt come i will drop you to your room and you will rest
Swara – No Sanskaar …
Before she could finish Sanskaar interrupts her – Swara i said naa that you will take rest. He picks her up in his arms and takes her to the room all the way to the room Swara was looking at Sanskaar and blushing he puts Swara on the bed and leaves but before leaving – no more walking you take rest understood. Swara nods her head in agreement, when Sanskaar leaves she falls down on the bed smiling at looking at Sanskaars picture and kisses it.

RagLak side to the time when SwaSan leave
Ragini was standing away from Laksh and looking down but looks up when she hears footstep approaching her she looks up and sees Laksh coming towards her.
Ragini sees the maid walking past and holds her hand – Mai will you show Laksh his room as i need to change my clothes please Mai. She nods her head and leaves Laksh is looking at Ragini with anger she leaves and he leaves with the maid.
Laksh reached his room and goes straight t on the washroom and had a shower, while in the shower he puts both of his hands against the glass window – why is Ragini acting like this? Don’t she understand that i need to talk to her that i can’t see her avoiding me.

After 20 minutes
Ragini secretly enters Laksh’s room she first peeps in the door with her head – Thank God he isn’t here. She fully comes inside the room with the tea tray she places the tray on the table she turns around but by accident she drops a neckless on the floor. Just then Laksh comes out of the washroom after his shower he is only wearing a towel around his waist but Ragini doesn’t hear him coming out she sots on the floor and picks it up and looks at him on the neckless its written “RagLak with a heart” she looks at it and had tears in her eyes she comes into her senses when she hears the door lock she turns around and finds Laksh standing half naked only wearing a towel around his waist she looks at him and turns away he steps towards her
Ragini – Laksh please let me go
Laksh hugs her from behind – not today jaan
Ragini in his arms her against his wet and bare body – Please Laksh let me go
Laksh – i said naa no after two years i am holding you like this is just don’t want to let go as i want this moment to stop here. Saying this he runs his fingers on her back she closes her eyes he moves her hair from one side and kisses her on her shoulder Ragini clutches on her anarkali suit Laksh kisses her harder on her neck he holds on to her hand that was clutching on to her anarkali slowly he removes her hands from her anarkali and intertwines her hand with his hand she closes her eyes n she feels his touch more after a while he lets go of her she looks at him – Look Ragini i have in printed myself on you look. Laksh takes her and makes her look into the mirror and he shoes her the love bite he left on her neck she pushes him little and runs away. He smiles at his action. Ragini reaches her room she locks herself in the room and cries sitting in a corner.

Part 2 ends

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Nisha Malik

Credit to: Nisha Malik

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