Teri Yaadein – Hatred to Love or Love to Hatred? – RagLak and SwaSan (Part 1)


Teri Yaadein -Part 1

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So here with part 1:

The sun rose in Kolkata a morning a beaming hot sun that always rises in Kolkata but this time the sun was different it was like something new is going to happen. A girl walks out of her room to her balcony with her closed eyes she is wearing her pink vest with black skinny trousers she steps outside and opens her eyes by first looking at the sun she smiles looking at the sun and takes a deep breath and her smile suddenly fades away she folds her hand and prays – Kanha ji why do I feel like something is going to happen today, every morning would be the same but today why do I feel like something different, whatever it shall be but please make it something positive. She closes her eyes she opens her eyes when she hears her mum calling her
Janki- Ladoo (She is Ragini) Where are you? Come down and bring Shona down with you.

In London Heathrow airport a boy in a dark blue buttoned shirt with blue blazer and black jeans with black converses(Shoes) carrying his luggage and looking down at his phone he is messaging someone on the phone, he gets to the checking counter
Checking officer (girl) – Hi Sir ticket please. He gives his ticket while the women is looking at him in a flirtatious way. She checks his detail – Sir can you take of your blazer. He looks at her in a confused way – just need to check you.
The boy in a flirtatious way – you will physical search me?
She bites her lip – If you want I can?
Boy – that would be an absolute my pleasure if you would do it.
She smiles at him – but sweetheart I don’t think it will be appropriate if we do it here.
Boy – I think I still have time left till my flight if you want we can go somewhere just you and me
Girl – meet you in a little while I will be waiting for you at the back, by the way handsome my name is Akira she lifts her hand to his
He takes her hand a kisses it – Laksh Maheshwari (Yup he is our flirtatious Lucky). She leaves he looks at her while she leaves.

After 15 minutes

Laksh comes back to the airport near the gate where his parents where standing waiting for him
Annapurna – Laksh where we’re you?
Laksh – nothing Mom just had an important job to do. Saying this he looks at Akira and she smiles at him.
Durga Parsaad – Whatever we should move where getting late. Laksh walks in but us stopped by another boy wearing a blue check shirt with black jeans and black converses
Boy – important job or girl
Laksh – Wow Sanskaar at you have got to know your brother well.
Sanskaar (boy was Sanskaar) – Bhai you will never change
Laksh puts his arm around his shoulder – somethings are not meant to be changed and your brother Laksh is one of them. Both laugh and get into the plane and sit on their seats Laksh looks out the windows and sees the atmosphere and smiles and takes a long breath and thinks – Sanskaar I told you I will never change but the truth is I was never like this since the start I only loved one girl and will love her till the end my Ragu my RAGINI who I love the most in the world I play with other girls to forget her but every time I get close with any girl I remember her innocent bug eyes that can’t hide anything from me, her cute smile that forms each time leaving my dumbfounded each time and her lips that make me want to kiss her all day, oh my god this girl is driving me mad but Ragu only few hours left till I can meet you again. He closes he his eyes and thinks of Ragini

Scene again moves back to Kolkata – Swaragini room
Ragini comes out of the room wearing a blue anarkali suit with her hair open she come and stands in front of the mirror and puts her earing and bangles on she turns to find someone sleeping fully covering their face – this girl will never learn, Shona wake up look Mama called us down come on wake up. She lifts the duvet and is shocked to see a pile of pillows lined up from behind she could hear laughter she turns around and finds a girl wearing a white top with black skinny jeans with her hair tied up to the side but leaving her fringe out
Ragini – Swara !!
Swara (She is Swara) – haha RAGINI that was funny you should have seen your face. She continues to laugh.
Ragini – Swara I am not going to leave you today. Ragini runs behind Swara both run around the room Swara leaves the room while running while running they reach the hall (Note that Gadodia have their own mansion like the Maheshwari’s) both running Swara in front and Ragini behind but both stop when they bang into someone who is wearing a pink sare they look at the person and smile at each other the person holds their ear in a joke way
Swaragini – Sorry Maa
Janki – You both have gone naughty day by day both of you Swara and Ragini
Swaragini – Maa not Swara or Ragini but swaragini. Both his each other and laugh.
Shekar – Janki where is my tie hurry up I need to as today my best friend Durga Parsaad is coming after 2 years I need to go to get him.
Hearing Durga Parsaads name Ragini’s smile fades away while Swara’s smile widens
Janki – okay me and your dad are going to get Durga Parsaad ji by the time we come home I want you to clean up the house okay Saying this she leaves.

Swara turns to Ragini – Ragini don’t worry about the food I will cook you clean the house
Ragini teasingly – Swara all of a sudden you cooking why? For Sanskaar?
Swara smiles shyly -RAGINI!
Ragini – Aww look someone is blushing
Swara -by the way Sanskaar isn’t coming alone even Laksh is coming god knows how much Lucky has changed is he the same or different
Ragini hearing Laksh’s name and gets into her thoughts – Swara I will go and get the guest room clean. Ragini leaves wiping her tears away .
Swara -Today I will cook all your favourite food Sanskaar after two years I am going to see you I can’t wait to see you Sanskaar I wish that when I see you the moment will just stop there I missed you so much my Sanky.

The scene shifts to Kolkata international airport here Shekar is waiting for Maheshwari’s to come out. Just then he sees Durga Parsaad both come and hug each other while Annapurna hugs Janki
Shekar – Finally you have come back after two years
Dp – it’s has been long two years
Janki – but your back now that’s important now, where are the kids Laksh and Sanskaar?
Laksh – Aunt where here, Annapurna moves out if the way and Laksh and Sanskaar come their they both seek blessing of Shekar and Janki
Janki kissing theie forehead – missed both of my children a lot
Annapurna – yes but not more than I have missed both of my daughters? Laksh and Sanskaar are also looking for them but not saying anything.
Janki – both of them are at home cleaning the house for your arrival.
Laksh smiles as he is missing Ragini. All of them sit in the car. Sanskaar and Laksh sit at the back. Sanskaar looks at the scenery and thinks – Thank god you didn’t come as I don’t know how I would have faced you, I have been avoiding you for two years but I think it’s time to tell you that the feelings I had towards you Swara was just childish now in London I have found my real love Kavitha , I hope you understand Swara he closes he is eyes.
Laksh is thinking – What Ragu you were the first face I wanted to see when I came to Kolkata but you didn’t turn up nevertheless I will see you when I come home I just can’t wait to see you and clear up whatever happened two years ago, i love you my RAGU

Scene shifts to Gadodia
Ragini cleaning up the guest room shut is lost in her world -Laksh is coming back how I will I face him but why should I hide I didn’t do anything wrong whatever happened was your fault Laksh but why did I get the punishment I just hate you. While Ragini is thinking she feels something wet she gets up and turns AND SPLASH!! Ragini is all wet as Swara has dropped a bucket full water on Ragini
Swara is laughing a lot
Ragini – Swara kind baachi I won’t leave you now, Ragini goes to the washroom and gets a bucket full water and runs behind Swara
Swara running – Ragini leave me I just did that to wake you up from your thoughts
Ragini – today do whatever you want I won’t leave you

The Maheshwari’s reach Gadodia mansion ad enter the house Laksh is looking around to see Ragini just then he passed p by a girl that is running the girl runs behind Laksh and hides behind him he looks and sees is Swara he gets happy he looks in front of him and SPLASH he also gets wet Ragini drops the water on Laksh instead of Swara everyone was watching this Swara step out and stands beside Laksh and starts to Laugh while Ragini stares at him in shock Laksh stares at Ragini both are staring at each other while Sanskaar and Swara are laughing with Annapurna and Dp and Shekar while Janki give murderous look to Swara and Ragini.


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Nisha Malik

Credit to: Nisha Malik

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