Teri Yaadein – Hatred to Love or Love to Hatred? – RagLak and SwaSan (Intro)


A girl in Kolkata wearing a pink vest and skinny black trousers standing on a balcony and is looking at the bright moon – Can I ask you something? Would you answer me?

A boy in London standing wearing a white shirt with his hair spiked up, he is also standing on the balcony and is looking at the bright moon – Ask me anything, but everything unanswered question there is a reason.

Again back to the girl in Kolkata – But you left me without saying anything now that I LOVE YOU and (Angry) in return you expect me to say nothing how Laksh how? I just Hate you, We are far apart But i am living in….

Back to the boy in London – I had to do this but not anymore i am coming back after two years to tell you that I LOVE You and i know you love me to, we may be far apart But i am living in….

The scene shifts to a room that is fully decorated with pictures, in the middle there is a bed and a girl is laying wearing a pink polka dot dress writing in her dairy she is holding on to a picture – Sanskaar after 2 years coming back to me i am so happy, in these two years there hasn’t been a day when i haven’t forgotten you i am waiting for the day when i can openly confess that I LOVE YOU!, We are far apart But i am living in….

A boy is shown in London in his room packing his bag he is wearing a blue shirt he is putting things in his bag thats when a photo falls down on the floor he picks it up and sits on the bed looking at the picture – Swara these 2 years have been enough for me to get away from you, in these two years i need to tell you something that i wanted to say from the start that I LOVED YOU BUT NOW I LOVE KAVITHA! I don’t want to hurt you we are far apart But i am living in….

RagLakSwaSan – Teri Yaadein Mein.

What happened that made them all be away from each other for two year?
How will these Hatred turn into Love?
And how will these Love turn into Hatred?

Thank you for reading please share your view.

Nisha Malik

Credit to: Nisha Malik

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  1. Very interesting ………continue…….. Heartbreaks……..vohhhhh

    1. Awww thank you soo much and I will continue ?

  2. Nice intro waiting for the epi

    1. Thank you ? I will try to post soon ??

  3. Superb intro dr.. Plz do continue

    1. Thank you soo much ???

    1. Thank you so much ??

  4. Nice start. Please continue ☺

    1. Thank you sooooo much ?? I will post soon ??

    1. Thank you sooo much ??

  5. superb dear

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  6. Awesome plot plz continue

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    1. Thank you soooo much ???

  7. Wow super intro

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  8. Super awesome 😀

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  9. sanskar loving kavita now.. so sad.. poor swara

    1. Yeah but their is a twist ? thank you ??

  10. but i have one question …
    whose hatred will turn into love?/ and
    whose love wil turn into hatred

    1. Thank you for comment ?? and to find that you need to read the ff ???

  11. raglak wow

    1. Yup I am a huge RagLak fan ? thank you ??

  12. Awesome

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  13. Nice intro

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  14. Wow nisha awesome yaar waiting for your first epi

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