Teri Tasveer Ko Seene Se Laga Rakha Hai – A Swasan OS Author’s note


Author’s Note: Hi I’m Niki (Lifez_Beautiful). This is one one my old Swasan OS which I had wrote before. Hope you guys like it. 🙂

NOT PROOF READ. Please excuse the errors.

Genre: Romance

Rating: General Audience


Teri tasveer ko seene se laga rakha hai…

There was that wretched black suitcase lying on their bed again… Well her bed technically, as he was still couch bound… But the sight of the suitcase reminded him why he was and would always be miles apart from her… His heart was breaking silently and the only outward sign were the tears shining in his soulful orbs…

Ragini’s truth was out finally in front of the whole family and also the truth about their forced relationship… It wasn’t a fake marriage now but the truth was that it wasn’t a real one either… And the best evidence supporting his thought was that moronic suitcase lying on the bed waiting to be filled with all her clothes… depriving him of all her memories so that she could end this charade once and forever… He wanted to destroy the stupid thing… He had never hated an object as much as he hated that black suitcase…


Swara entered the room and saw a troubled Sanskar sitting on their bed and staring forlornly at the suitcase… She was immediately worried about him and asked him what the matter was.

He just looked at her with eyes shining with unshed tears but did not respond. She then kept her hand on his shoulders and asked a little more forcefully this time thinking something bad had happened.

What Sanskar actually wanted to say was,” tum meri jaan ko iss suitcase mein daal ke le ja rahi ho nah? Har baar yeh suitcase pack hota hai, mujhe aisa laghtha hai ki meri jaan nikal ke jaa rehi hai usme pack hoke…”

But instead he just gave her a sad look and turned his gaze towards the suitcase and said “Tum wapas ghar jaa rahi ho nah…”

Swara was shocked to hear the amount of pain in his voice and it felt as if someone was wringing her heart dry…

She touched his chin and turned his face so that he would face her and asked,” Tum se kisse ne kaha ki ghar jaa rahi hoon?”

Sanskar was irritated by her question and pushed her hand off his face and got up from the bed saying, ” Main koi bewakoof nahi hoon Swara! Jab koi suitcase pack kartha hai mujhe pata hai ki woh kahin jaane ke liye hi pack kartha hai!”

Swara smiled hearing this and casually commented, ” You know Sanskar I really doubt whether you love me… Because for a person who claims to know me and be a man of the world and all, you really don’t get me…”

Sanskar was furious to hear her insulting his love for her again! He turned towards her and caught her arms and said in no uncertain terms,” Swara this is the last time you ever insult my love,OK..? The very last!”

Instead of her expected reaction he instead got a bright smile in response to his shouting! He looked bewildered at her reaction and looked intensely into her eyes to judge whether she was mocking him…

But instead Swara said in the most playful voice he had heard of her’s since he met her,” Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari, seriously I guess you would be the only person in this whole world who shouts at your lady love saying not to doubt your love for her! Don’t you think it’s a little ironic?”

Sanskar was stunned for a moment and had turned his face away pondering over what she had just said. After what seemed like a stretched silence, he mumbled a soft but adamant, “Main aisa hi hoon”

He then heard the most beautiful sound he had heard… he heard his favourite sound again after a very long time… He heard her musical laughter again! And before he could turn to face her, she herself had moved towards him and in the most shocking deed of the day, she playfully pulled both his cheeks and said, “And Mr Hubby, your wifey, Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari wouldn’t like you any other way! ”

Sanskar could neither believe his eyes nor ears… He just stood there in stunned silence wondering whether he is asleep and all this is a pleasant dream his cruel mind is conjuring up to cope up with his sordid miserable reality…

But looks like his wife knew him better than he did her and said, ” Sanskar hosh mein tho hain aap? Yeh dream nahi hai Sanskar, haqeekat hai! Mein bhi aap pe paani dalun jaise Laksh kartha rahtha hai, huh?” And started laughing again!

Sanskar hearing the word ‘paani’ came back to his senses immediately and caught her arms again. He stared intensely into her eyes trying to pry out the truth behind this unexpected behavior of her’s. He had been hurt too much in the past that it was hard to accept that happiness was finally knocking at his door… He was wary…

Swara then gently held his gaze and said, ” Main kahin nahi jaa rahi hoon. Jaise maine Ragini aur Laksh ke bare mein kaha, main sach main Shaadi ko ek atoot pavitra bandhan manthi hoon. Aur main isse nibana chahthi hoon. Magar main isse thod deti agar tum muhjse pyaar nahi karthe aur tumhe yeh lagtha ki main tumhe iss bandhan mein baand ke rekh rahi hoon. Magar mujhe pata hai ki tum mujhse bahut pyar karthe ho (She looks resolutely into his eyes conveying her trust on his love.) aur iss shaadi ko nibhana chahthe ho.”

She gave him a moment for all the things she said to sink in. And then she gently moved away from him and added in her newly returned playful mood, ” Waise yeh suitcase main mere purane kapde rak rahi thi, thaki mein baad mein isse charity mein de doon. Kyonki tumhare ghar mein tho sab log har time aise dressed rahthe hain ki ghar mein koi shaadi ho rahi ho roz! Toh maine socha ki main bhi apna wardrobe upgrade kar doon, baaki sab ke jaise nahi magar phir bhi thoda bahut stylish kapde le loon. Waise tumhara credit card hi bill barne wala hai, ok?” She added gleefuly.

And then as an afterthought she added,” Iss sab ke baad haan, yeh math sochna ki tumhe couch se promotion mil gaya hai! Uske liye tumhe mujhe patana padega aur mein bhi poori koshish karungi ki mein jaldi se pat jaaon, ok?!”

He was so happy that he knew words couldn’t suffice and so pulled her towards him into a tight heart crushing, soul melding hug. After what felt like years and at the same time a few milli seconds… he said, ” toh tumhe patne ki jaldi hain , huh?” And tried to pull her away from him a little so he could see her blushing face and she didn’t disappoint, she was looking like a freshly plucked gorgeous crimson tomato. He wanted to kiss her senseless but he knew like she said, he needed to do some ground work before he could take those liberties… Till then he decided to place a gentle kiss on her forehead and continue hugging her.

After some time she became restless and started wiggling in his arms, he mumbled irritated and tightened his hold. She mumbled something like ” maa baba phone” onto his chest. And he thought to himself frustrated that her ‘maa baba’ chant would take his life one day!

He let her go reluctantly and she hurried towards the balcony taking her phone with her. He then noticed that the stupid suitcase was still lying on the bed and some untold hatred came over him; he really hated that object so he walked casually closer to it and knocked it over, a little too gleefully! Somehow this childish act made him quite free from his unreasonable thoughts and left the room humming an old Hindi song joyfully!

Swara who was on hold on the phone had noticed her husband’s childish behavior in the mirror and laughed in a low tone at his antics and after he left, she smiled and touched his photo which was kept on the table and said to it, ” Hmm so Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari you are one complex conundrum aren’t you? One moment you are a brainy criminal mastermind (she mirthfully laughed at her own joke) and the next you are an intense lover (she blushed) and then you are sometimes this (looking at the fallen suitcase) a silly little child! I wonder what all other things you are? But no matter what, I promise you I will be there with you throughout this journey, where we have all the time in this world to discover and rediscover our new facets and decode each other. I’m sure this journey will be one hell of an interesting ride!” saying so she gently kissed the photo and held it to her heart.


Happy Beginning!


AN: Thank u for reading. Feedback is always appreciated! Title is based on one of my fav old Hindi songs… Check it out, it’s beautiful! The actual song starts after the poetry…


Credit to: Lifez_Beautiful

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