Teri Meri Prem Kahani- a twinj love story ( message to readers)


Hello guys,anchali here. I’m seriously very sorry for not posting the ff.Actually I’m hell confused whether u like my ff or not.coz I don’t get more than 10 comments.
I think I’m not demanding.every writer wants a positive response from the readers.That’s wat I’m also asking.
It really doesn’t matter to me if the comments are negative unless or until it is in a proper,decent language.
Plzzz Plzzz comment guys.I need to get more or equal to 10 comments.
So that I ll be contented that there are people to read my ff also.
this is my first attempt.I know I’m not talented or a better writer than ria di,sameera di, sayeeda di, saby di, jisha di,chiku etc….( sorry others as I’m new to tu I know only these ff writers.)
I also request u to suggest and mention ur ffs as I really don’t know any writers.
I think not hurting u or demanding u.
if so then plzz forgive ur lil frnd or sis.
So if I get positive response for this,I ll happily post my ff.
I’ll say u my upcoming story.

In the first two episodes I showed how twinj’s families have full enmity.
Despite this twinj will become friends and eventually get married.
How? Why? When?
u ll get answers to these ques wen u start to read mmy ff.
And one more imp thing.
This ff will have only 15-20 episodes.
Coz I can’t DRG it so long and bore u.
within the end I ll show u more fun,romance,emotional moments.
so plsss do support me.
no problem if its positive or negative.
All that I need is ur response.
and as I said bfore.,the response I get for this one ll make me to take decision whether to continue this ff or not.
o Plzzz accept this as my request and throw ur comments.
Love u all
Take care and bye

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  1. SidMin

    Anchali I do agree that a writer needs to be motivated but dear exams are going on and it is difficult for people to comment
    I love your story line it’s quite different and who said you are not a good writer You are a very good writer 🙂 Belive in yourself 🙂 Do post soon 🙂

  2. Chiku

    Anchali dear i am waiting for ur ff. Jaldi se post kar samjhi na. Nahi toh naaraaaz ho jaungi.
    Bohoot kamaal ki writer hai tu.
    Sun mien bhi sad thei ki mujhe kam commnets milll rahe hian. But many pol r having exams

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    your ff is awesome….eagerly waiting for the epi….plzzzzzzz post asap

  4. Baby

    anchali dear u ll get gud response u r amazing rtr dont take it as a negative vibe jst move on luk evrybody heree in strting get less cmnts bt dey increases day by day dear i luvd it i was actually luving i n wuld luv if u post it asap n dont give it a break all r hving exams so mayb u get less cmnts bt dey ll increase n dare u to say dat u bore us wid dis ff pls ohk u ryt so well luv u dear hope u ll undrstand me luv u
    babes hehehe…… 😛

  5. Sameera

    Hey anchali ur story is amazing yaar
    I didn’t read ur epi before
    But now I read all n uts superbb yaar
    Do cont soon n I’m waiting for it
    Excited to know how twinkle n Viren know eo
    N yeah welcome to our tu family ???

  6. Hey I am a silent reader this is the first time I am commenting on ur ff and anchali your ff is amazing do cont soon many of them don’t comment since they have their exams so don’t get disheartened ?? !!

  7. Hey i am a silent reader and this is the first time I am commenting on ur ff and ur ff is just so amazing and guys don’t get disheartened since many of them have their exams ??!!!

  8. Ayu

    Hey anchu! I understand u…but i am here to support you n nowadays…we are busy with exams n stuff…we love everything written by heart. Pls dont feel bad n smile n haan do cont the ff soon. It has been long n i am waiting?
    Love you dear…just keep writing?

  9. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Anchali dear ur ff is amazing ………just chIll as it happens in the beginning…….we love ur ff so Plzz continue …….don’t feel dejected everything will get well ….go with the flow as someone said me this only N was non other that my pyaari si ayu so I want to say same thing that go with the flow …it will really make u happy soon …………………..n exams r too Dear..it can be possible that maybe there r some silent readers of ur ff …so be happy n continue though I don’t know whether I will be able to comment as sometimes it becomes difficult but let see N yaa about mine so I write ffs IN Fact started writing some days before only UNEXPECTED TURN IN LIFE ( TWINJ ?) ………BE HAPPY N KEEP SMILING ???

  10. Go ahead amazing concept ❤❤❤

  11. the story is so interesting
    and please you should continue it

  12. Twinjfan.tamanna

    anchali I too agree that a writer needs response n motivation As I too write a ff…ur a good writer dont get disheartened by the cmmnts…I m also sorry I guess I have nt commented…but ur ff is too good…plz cont soon dear…love u..

  13. Tara

    oho.. yaar yeh kya baat hui..
    u have posted only 2 chapters.. as far as i know.. u cant judge people right now.. let readers read ur updates then they will decide … u see there r many who dont knw about ur ff.. as soon as u start posting a bit regularly u will get more cmmnts..
    dont mind me telling this but dear u cant expect many comments at ur initial stage… m telling becoz i have gone through this…so chill
    now coming to ur story.. i loved it totally… and read it as well.. bt sorry couldnt cmmnt as m very lazy.. 😛
    nd m sure there are more ppl like me.. 😛
    plzz dnt be sad..keep writing..
    loads of love

  14. Ranabulbul

    Anchs I will call u this
    Don’t feel bad ok everybody r having exams okk
    And I am ur friend never cmnted as I was busy
    And I do write ffs
    It was always you
    Is my ff okk do read it

  15. Anchali dear ur ff is amazing.. I love it n have a diff concept.. Plz don’t feel demotivated since many ppl r havin exams and once they r done then maybe they will b active in tu once agn.. do cont soon ?

  16. Sayeeda

    Hey ! Hi ….
    I’m sorry for not commenting on your previous episodes… as for some day’s I have left TU ….
    After one week today I checked in TU nd read ur ff nd saw u very disheartened ….plzzz dear don’t lose Hope very soon ur comments will increase…. don’t take tension yrrr ….

    I may not comment further coz I won’t be active further but today it was necessary for me to support u as I don’t want any ff writer being sad….
    ur ff is amazing… superb storyline…..
    Do continue with it …
    All the Best

  17. Romaisha

    Yaar i love your ff… It has a really nice story but sometimes if i don’t comment then do know that school is taking my life away ???
    Gr8 promo though and do post next epi soon 🙂
    Love you ❤

  18. Thanmy

    Hey anchu as far as I know u r a very gud writer yrrrr I understand ur problem n what is this though I don’t comment as I’m not having time but I’ll read this yrrrr if u remember I commented on ur os n intro n plssss cont soon it takes time yrrr don’t worry ull get more comments

  19. Hey how could u think of ending it..
    Its awesome yrr

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