Teri Meri Prem Kahani- a twinj love story ( chapter 5)

Hello my amazing angels.Tanq so much for ur lovely comments.and now I’m back with the next epi.actually I have study holiday for 2 days.so thought to update as many epis as possible.This epi ll have kunj’s POV.

Its night:
Kunj is in his room thinking abt his lady love twinkle.
He starts to write his diary.
Ohhh babaji.today she was looking so cute.I have already fallen for her.I don’t now how but I had feelings for her since my childhood.
Mom once said me that her only wish is to unite the two families.she also said tat she misses her best frnd Priya aunty a lot.
(NOTE: Kapoors and Sarnas were best friends earlier.but due to some problems they became enemies.Reasons ll be revealed later.)
I said mom tat I ll find the truth and surely get
dad and ram uncle together again as best fnds.
but she said that it an happen IF I MARRY TWINKLE.
I was shocked but happy inside.From then I
decided to get a place in her heart and make her
fall for me.I really don’t know how tats gonna happen.But babaji I have complete trust on u and my love for her.I ll surely make her MRS.KUNJ SARNA.
He smiles and goes to sleep.

Kunj gets ready and comes down to go for office.Suddenly he gets a call from his PA.
K: ya sid tell me.
S: sir actually I got a call from sperch creations.They want u as a model for their next
fashion show.
K: tats great.so wat should I do now.
S: sir u have to go and meet their CEO and chief designer today at 10:30.
K: okkk no problem.I’ll go and meet them.u just send me the address.
S: OK sir bye.
Kunj comes to the dining table.
K: dad, I am called to do a fashion show.I have
to go and meet the people.shall I go.
V: why r u asking me this.u can surely go.I’ll handle the meeting.
Kunj completes his breakfast.
K: bye mom,dad.bye di.
J: Kunj don’t forget to invite ur frnds tomorrow for my wedding.
K: sure di,bye.

Kunj leaves the house and goes to the sperch creations.
He enters the office and introduces him to the receptionist.
R: sir plzz wait for sometime I ll inform to our CEO.
Kunj gets approval and goes in to meet the CEO.
k: hi sir.I’m Kunj Sarna.
CEO: hey I’m rithvik.Rithvik dhanjani. ( u can imagine rithvik dhanjani in this role.)
We are very glad to have u in this show.
K: my pleasure sir.
R: ohh come on Kunj,don’t be formal.just call me rithvik.
wait I’ll call ur designer.
He calls her and ask her to come in.
She comes in and is shocked to see Kunj.
Twinj( together) : Tum?????!!!!!…..
R: do u know eo already guys.
K: ya,actually we stay nearby.
R: ohh great tats fine.
T: sorry rithvik I cant do this show.
R: but y???
T: rithvik I don’t like him at all.I can’t work with him.
R: excuse me Kunj.
he drags her out.

R: twinkle are u mad? this is an imp.fashion show for u and also for our company.He is chosen by our sponsors.we can’t say no to them.
T: but he’s my enemy.how can I work with her.
R: Ohhh just stop ur BL**dy sh*t twinkle.If u miss this then ur career is completely over.
Twinkle thinks and says OK.
They go inside and rithvik asks twinkle to take Kunj to the designer room.
Kunj is flying in the air but doesn’t show it out.
Twinj go to the designer room.
Rohan was there.
Rohan and Kunj sees eo with shock.
R: hey buddy how come u here.wait wait are u the other model.
K: ya buddy.how are u? its been a long time.
T: stop it.Ro,how do u know him.
R: actually.We both met eo in a competition.
we both had a common opponent.so to pull him down we both joined hands and mixed garlic powder in his face cream.
K: but unfortunately we mixed it in the wrong cream and he won.We became best friends.
R:we were in contact but as Kunj became busy in his business we couldn’t get time to meet or talk.
K: I’m really excited that I’m working with u.
I thought I’m gone wen I came to know tat tis siyappa queen is my designer.But thank god ur with me Rohan.
R: ya ya if she does any malfunction to ur costume then we ll mix pepper powder in her face cream.
Twinkle shows death glare to Rohan but then laughs.All the three laughs.
Twinkle calls her assistant Jasmine to take Kunj’s measurements.
J: mam actually I’m getting engaged tomorrow.so I can’t do this.BTW u always take
measurements to the models right?
T: haan WO……WO…… she hesitates.
She sees Rohan.

R: Ohhh come on twinkle.wats wrong in it.I believe u.Carry on.
Rohan gets a call and goes out.
Twinkle takes kunj ‘s measurements.
She asks Kunj to remove his jacket.
He does and she takes his waist measurement. Kunj stares her lovingly.
She takes his chest measurement etccc……
she completes it and sees Kunj staring at her.she also stares at him.
Sajna ve Plays.
They share a very short eyelock and comes into senses wen Rohan comes in.
R: so guys if ur done.shall we go for a coffee.
Twinj( together ): ya sure.
They go for a coffee and goes to theor homes.

kunj was thinking abt twibkle.He remembers how they were so close.how twinkle touched him and all.
he smiles.
K: to himself: I think Rohan and twinkle loves eo.but no problem.I have got a chance to be close to twinkle.I’ll surely win her heart.
Twinkle thinks abt Rohan and smiles.
Rohan thinks abt twinkle and their momenta together.
ISHQ WALA LoVE plays in background.
Screen freezes with the three faces together smiling.

How was the epi guys?
Hope u like the new connection btwn twinj.
U can exactly imagine soty love story.
From now on it goes somewhat similar to that.
so see u again.
Don’t forget to comment.
Love u all.
(Sorry for mistakes if any)

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