Teri Meri Prem Kahani- a twinj love story ( chapter 4)


Hello my darloz.I’m back,I’m back,I’m back….back…back…? u know wat I’m very much excited today.thanku so much for ur lovely comments.I hope u forgave me for my mistake.I hope ur all waiting for today’s epi.so
let me not make u angry.
Twiraj reached home after virika’s sangeet and went tó their respective rooms.
UV was talking with chinki in phone.
Twinkle was busy in her thoughts wen her phone rang.
she saw the name and bit her tongue.
T (to herself): oh god I behaved so badly with
him today.BT it was his mistake also.let him ask sorry first ( with full of tashan)
She attends the call.
Boy: Hey baby doll.u know wat that slap u gave me still hurts a lot.
T: accha it was ur mistake.who told u to call me brainless and get that slap.
B: just for fun baby.
T: u got only me in this whole world to make fun of.
B: okkk sorry. so u have to give me kiss to heal
my pain.
T: oye badmash if u really have guts then come to my home tomorrow and say tat u love me to
my brother and then get a kiss.
B: challenge accepted ms.Kapoor. okk baby
T: bye.
Twinkle smiles to herself and sleeps.
viren comes to Sarna mansion well
dressed and waits for jeevika.
Jeevika comes down in pink and yellow salwar
with her shawl closely wrapped around her neck.
Our hero is mesmerized to see her.
Jeevika blushes seeing tis.
V: don’t blush so much and make me go crazy.
Suddenly ahem ahem….
( arey come on viren. u were so lost in her beauty that u didn’t see ur saala near him)
K: Jiju,something is flowing from ur mouth.do u want tissue to wipe it.
Jeevika giggles.
V: oh my god.I think girls with brothers should
not be married at all.
Kunj giggles.
V: OK jeevika shall we move.
K: ya di chaliye its time.
J: wat that means u r not coming with me.
K: who said I’m coming with u.
J: tats not fair Kunj,how can I go to tat house alone.u have to come with us.
K: di jiju is with u na.and also u both
were only invited.
V: hey Kunj.no problem.wat will UV say.come with us.
K: okk.I’ll juzt change and come.
V: arey ways wrong with this tuxedo.ur liking handsome only.come.I’ll select a bride for u there.
Kunj smiles and they leave.
ram and Priya were welcoming the guests.
Twinkle comes down wearing a pink and golden
lehenga.she looks gorgeous with her hair left open.
virika and Kunj enters.Ram greets viren but not kunj and jeevika.but Priya greets all the three
with a wide smile.
They all go inside.Yuvi was there talking with his friends.Viren also joins them.
Jeevika and Kunj are alone.Chinki sees this and goes to them.
C: hi jeevika, I’m chinki.uv’s fiance.Ur lucky to get viren.he’s so sweet u know.
Jeevika eyes viren and blushes.
They talk for sometime.
Twinkle takes the mic and starts hosting.
T: hello everyone, welcome to my brother’s engagement. So let’s first rock the dance floor with cute couple dances.
Virika,yuki and other couples dance on gerua.
Kunj sees twinkle standing at the corner clapping.
He sees her lovingly and admires her beauty.
Suddenly twinkle is pulled by someone.
She closes her eyes and wen she opens she sees her bf standing before her holding her by her waist and smiling.
T: tum….
B: see na baby,I won my challenge.now I need a kiss.
T: no someone will see us.
the boy takes his hand and massages her naked belly which brings butterflies in her stomach.she moans.
T: Rohan Plzzz stop this
(He he he How was my twist)
R: ya its me Rohan.who else can do all these with u.
She pushes him hard and leaves blushing.
She comes to the hall.UV and chinki exchange their rings.
After the ceremony everyone were chatting for sometime.
Virika and Kunj were talking to yuki.
UV: Tanq so much viren for coming and bhabhi it was a great pleasure to have u here.
V: u idiot.of u again say Tanq I’ll punch u hard.
uv: okkkkk….so wen is ur marriage.
V: day after tomorrow.u r coming and chinki u too.this time no excuses to uncle and aunty too.everyone must come.or else I’ll come and drag u all to the marriage hall.
UV: okkkk….if bhabi and her family doesn’t have any problem.
J ( thinks for a second and says:): y do I have a problem.u should surely come with ur family and chinki.
yuki smiles a bit.
V: OK UV,its time we r leaving bye!!!!
They all leave.
Kunj asks to Jeevika.
K: di y did u invite them.u know na mom and dad just hate them.
J: even his parents hate us.BT u saw yesterday how genuinely he invited me and chinki was also so sweet.no problem kunj
we ll handle mom and dad.
Rohan and twinkle comes to yuki.
Twinkle whisper to Rohan.
T: so Mr.Rohan Taneja still it challenge is not over.I said u have to say my bhai tat u love me.only after tat kiss.
R: I’m ready.
he goes to UV.
UV: hey Ro wen did u come?
R: wen u were dancing with me sister holding her waist.
( yes guys Rohan and chinki are bro sis.)
Yuki feels awkward.
Twinkle and Rohan giggles.
R: okkk don’t blush too much… bro I have to say u something. we ll have a give and take policy.
Yuki: wat????
R: I mean UV, I’ll give u my sister’s hand and in turn u should give me ur sister’s hand.wat do u say???
C: so ur saying tat u love twinkle.
R: exactly.
UV: but nothing is new in it.twinkle already told me abt ur affair and winks at twinkle.
Rohan sees her with shocked face and makes a pout.
Twinkle laughs and shows her tongue.
R: this is not fair twinkle.u said u ll give me a ………..
Before he could. complete twinkle sees yuki in front of them.she is shocked by his words and shuts his mouth and pulls him aside. twinkle quickly gives him a peck on his cheeks.
Rohan smiles happily
while twinkle turns red.
Yuki sees this and goes to Ram,Priya and Leela.
They say twinkle and rohan’s relationship.
The three elders talk and decides something.
Ram goes and takes the mic.
R: Ladies and gentlemen.attention please.
So today was my son’s engagement and his marriage will take place next month.Soon after tat we ll fix our daughter’s wedding with Rohan Taneja.So this is a prior announcement to see happiness in my daughter’s face.
Twinkle runs and hugs ram.Rohan gets blessings from them.
They both share a cute eyelock.
PRECAP: New connection between twinj.
Don’t go guys it isn’t get over.
So let’s see a small character sketch on Rohan.
Rohan Taneja( u can imagine Pulkit Samrat in this role): He is a top model.Chinki’s elder brother.Chinki and Rohan are orphans.Their aunt Leela takes care of them.Leela is not married for them.Rohan is a cheerful,handsome and kind boy.Loves his career,family and. twinkle a lot.Twinkle’s college mate.Knows her since then a and also Leela is ram’s business colleague.
this is all abt Rohan.
U must be confused on how twinkle and Rohan talked in the phone like tat.and u must be thinking how I made u think tat it was Kunj.
So here comes the flashback.
Twinkle comes to her office angrily from the mall.
Rohan comes and teases her.
( Rohan and twinkle work together as they are model and designer respectively.)
He calls her brainless Kapoor just for fun.
She remembers the sarnas words and slaps him and leaves.
End of Flashback.
so now ur confusions must have cleared.
I ll shpw twinj roamance and closeness soon.

Plzz do comment.
How was the twist.
do u like rohan’s role.
I’ll post the next one soon.
Don’t forget to comment.
Love u all.

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  1. Baby

    u no what anchali luvd it kunki pta nhi pichla episdoe ad kr intution ho rhi thi ki ldka kunj nhi hoga itni jldi kaise kunj ho skta hai hahaha
    yr luvd it although inka scenes r making kunj jelous ofcourse he hv to b jelous hahaha
    yr mein pagal ho gyi hun luvd it 2 d cor
    post nxt asap cnt w8 fr seeing twinj romance closeness n basically twinj 2ghtr n ur ff osm yr
    luvd it…………………

    1. Anchali

      Tanq so much baby.kunj’s feelings will be revealed in the next epi

  2. Sameera

    Omg anchali amazing awesome fab n what not yaar
    Seriously I thought it to be kunj
    But now ways twinj will become one soon
    Do cont soon
    N we r not angry with u babes ??

    1. Anchali

      thanks a lot sameera di. ya as u said twinj will become close soon.next epi ll be the first step fr that

  3. SidMin

    Interesting Twist I thought Twinkle’s bf is Kunj par yeh tho Rohan likla want to seriously know how Twinj come together Hope it happens soon Please post the next part soon 🙂

    1. Tanq sidmin.I’ll soon unite twinj

  4. Paavu

    Nic anchali nic but mera dil tut gya bcox I really wanted the boy to be kunj only but nic as u wish

    1. Tanq so much paavu.sorry for breaking ur heart.i promise to mend it soon.

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi….shocking thi….rohan ki entry……….

  6. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute epi….shocking thi….rohan ki entry….

    1. Tanq so so so much purni.I knew it ll be shocking for u all.soon twinj ll rock

    2. Anchali

      Tanq so so so so much purni.I know the new twist ll be shocking to u all.BT I’ll manage to give surprises hereafter

  7. Supriya18d

    Nice epi…. I’m new here can anyone help me… I want to post ff & os of twinj ….which I write on FB ……all thing is ok but Pic upload nai ho raha h…koi bta skta h kitne mb ka pic lagega…pls help me

    1. Tanq supriya and welcome to tu.actually i don’t have Mich knowledge abt tat.but hope others will help u.Best of luck for ur ff and os

  8. anchu…it was nice…
    i also thot it was kunj bt u hv planned sth…
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    1. thanks sujina.next one I have already posted u ll get it soon.hope ur smiles will be baback after reading tat epi.

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  10. Twinjfan.tamanna

    it was really a good epi…I wished it was kunj…koi nai jaldi hi twinj ko mila do..love u..

    1. thanks a lot tannu.I’ll soon fulfill ur wish

  11. Lovely…:*:*:*

  12. Lovely…:*:*:*………

  13. Rashiverma2199

    Wow….this Rohan wala twist was great….enjoyed a lot…waiting for next episodes….

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