Teri Meri Prem Kahani- a twinj love story ( chapter 2)

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Chapter 2:
The same day:
Ram and UV left for a business meeting.
Twinkle went for shopping regarding her fashion show( she is a fashion designer,to remind u)
Same with Kunj and Vikram.
Business meeting:
It was a contract for a high budget,esteemed project.All the popular companies were present there including sarna’s and kapoor’s.
All the companies were giving their presentations.
Kunj and UV gave presentations for their companies.
It was the time for the results.

The investors spoke.
I: we were all very much impressed with the way u delivered ur presentations.But when it comes to investing,we need to look on creative ideas.So as per that we liked the ideas of SARNA group of hotels.And the contract goes to them.
UV and ram were furious while Kunj and Vikram were happy.
They came outside .Kunj and Vikram were talking when UV and ram came by that way.
K: See dad,I told u na that I ll surely give them who I am.And. ya I was so right that the kapoor’s are brainless.
Suddenly Vikram was called by the investors.
And ram gave an angry look to UV and left from there.
UV and Kunj were left alone.

Kunj calls one of his friends.
k: hey rahul,its me Kunj.u know wat I got the biggest contract in the city.So its time to party.tell to all our friends abt this and I ll say u the place later.And one more thing,I just want u to post a status on Facebook that The Kunj Sarna had defeated The Yuvraj…..oops no no…Loser Kapoor.OK just do it.byebye
UV is furious and was abt to beat Kunj.He almost started and both were fighting furiously. The investors came out due to some sound and saw them finding.
I: stop it.
ram and Vikram also come there.
I: wat is this Mr.Kapoor.ur son is behaving as a barbarian.so uncivilized. Is this the way u behave in public place Mr.Yuvraj.
R: I’m sorry sir.I’m really sorry for wat he did.UV come let’s go
He drags UV from there.UV goes from there giving a killing look to Kunj.

At Shopping Mall:
Twinkle was in a shop selecting materials for the costumes for fashion show.
She comes across a beautiful pink and golden lehenga.
Twinkle POV:
Tomorrow is UV bhai’s engagement.still now I haven’t selected any dress for me.And how can I be so irresponsible.I have to be looking beautiful thanthan my best frnd chinki…..ooooppppsss my would be bhabhi.( ya uv and chinki love eo.their parents also accepted and 2 morrow is their engagement)
This lehenga looks awesome.I ll take this for me.
She takes the lehenga and asked the person in the shop to keep it for her.

On the other side :
Jeevika is selecting some dresses.Suddenly someone comes and pats her shoulder.
J: viren.u here?
V: ya jeevika.actually I called u.aunty picked and said tat u went for shopping and left ur mobile there.So just came to help u in shopping.
J: wow viren tats so gud.So how are ur preparations for our sangeet tomorrow.
V: Well Im perfectly ready for it.Even I’m ready to marry u all tomorrow itself.Even I’m ready for our suh…….
jeevika shuts his mouth.
v: no need I know wat ur gng to say.besharam!!!!
j: why should a handsome boy feel shy to say that.
K: ya ya u ll not feel shy to say that.
They turn and see Kunj standing there smiling.
J: Kunj u too here?
k: ya di,just came to help u but as jiju is here.u may not need me. I’m going bye.
J: no Kunj its nothing like that u can stay here.
Viren too nods.

Kunj accepts and they select dresses for jeevika .
she doesn’t like any dress while she comes across the same selected by twinkle.
She asks abt the dress to the person at the shop.
He says that it was already selected by tat mam and shows twinkle.
Viren gets a call and goes out.
Kunj and jeevika were shocked to see twinkle.
Twinkle comes there and says to the shop person.
T: bhai ji,I have selected this dress and will not leave it for anyone
J: Mahi bhai ji.I too want the same dress.
Shopkeeper: mam BT this is a SPL model and we have only one piece.

Kunj gets an idea and speaks.
K: di, u just don’t worry.I ll get u hundred dresses like this. consider it as a treat for getting that high budget project.And guess wat we have got it by defeating top companies including Kapoor Group of Companies.
Twinkle is shocked.
J: kunj,plzz don’t include that Kapoor groups in top list.doesn’t suit them.
Twinkle is furious
She quickly leaves that place while Kunj and jeevika hi Fies
suddenly Viren comes in.
v: hey twinkle.wat a surprise.good to see u after so long time.
he hugs her.
The screen freezes with Kunj and Jeevika’s confused faces.

Hey friends how was the epi.
I also wanted to say that I can post only short epis as my exams are starting from Tuesday and I’m in tenth grade.
so Plzzz Plzzz excuse me.
Continue commenting and keep encouraging me the same way.
There are some new characters to be revealed in the next epi.Hope u would like the twists and turns
Do u like my way of writing and
any guesses on how twinkle and Viren know eo.
Plzzz comment and stay tuned for interesting epis.

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