Teri Meri Mohabbatein! Episode 1 – (By Akiatta)

A story set for The third generation of Raman and Ishita’s love story, the story follows a scenario of an Older Ishita and Raman living their lives with their children, handling everything in their lives and in the lives of their children.


Community Hall, Evening, February 14,

It’s a celebration in the Bhalla house. The family is preparing for the wedding between Raman and Mihika. While the family is seemingly very happy, Raman is still confused, given he never got to say anything about what he wants.

As he sits in the Groom’s room, he recalls his time spent with Ms. Ishita. While after finding out about her truth, he did send her out of the house in rage… But, his heart was always feeling heavy about that.

Romi, who is the only one in the family who supported Ishita, opens the door and comes into the room.

Romi: Umm… Are you okay, Bhai?

Raman sighs and turns to Romi.

Raman: I… I don’t feel good…

Romi: How can I help?

Raman: I… I need to see Ms. Ishita.

Romi looked a bit surprised. He was hoping throughout the preparations that Raman would ask this to him. Romi nods and takes his arm, taking him over to the terrace.

As the two of them reach the terrace, Romi stops by the terrace entrance as Ishita stands by the edge of the building, looking out into the Delhi night sky.

Raman, hesitantly walks over to her and calls out softly.

Raman: Ms. Ishita.

Ishita turns, a bit confused. She sees Romi a look who stands by the door and gives a smile, turning his attention to see if anyone is coming there.

Ishita: Raman… I thought you would be…

Raman: I… I didn’t know. Something in me told me that I need to talk to you before…

Raman trails off as Ishita turns over to continue looking over the view. Her eyes are trying to hold back the tears that were about to flow down.

Raman, unsure as to what’s happening, moves beside Ishita. Before he could say anything, his eyes drift over to the beautiful view of the Delhi City.

Ishita softly begins.

Ishita: Today is a really important day…

Raman feels confused as he asks,

Raman: How…

Ishita: It’s the day I fell in love. It’s the day I… I got my destiny. I… I got my daughter today.

Raman: I… I didn’t know you have a daughter.

Ishita: I… I have two daughters. And a son.

Raman was genuinely surprised. He thought back to how much little he remembers about her. In a way, it made him guilty.

Ishita: Why are you here, Raman! You have decided to get married. I stepped back. Then why are you here?

Raman has no answers. As he struggles to find an answer, he feels very heavy with guilt. Not sure of an response, Raman lets out a sigh.

Ishita: Look… If you have nothing to say, then please leave. I am even in this dreaded building only because of Ruhi! She convinced me to stay.

Raman suddenly feels something odd. He recalls one particular phase as he asks,

Raman: What… What did you just say?

Ishita looks irritated as she turns to him and says,

Ishita: I don’t know what’s happening with you. I said that I am here only because of RuhI!

Raman takes a step back as his head is feeling heavy. Keeping himself in control, his lips let out the words that stuck something in his head,

Raman: Only because of Ruhi…

Raman feels a lot of things at the moment as Ishita just heard what he just said and… Her expression changes,

Ishita: Ruhi…Ruhi ke liye…

Ishita realises what could be happening as she has flashes of all the time when Raman and Ishita in the past made the promises… Only for Ruhi..

Ishita reaches for Raman who moves away and rushes towards the door. He moves past Romi who looks confused on why Raman is running out.

Ishita, in tears, rushes to Romi and says,

Ishita: Romi, I… I think… I think he must have remembered everything…

Romi gasps as he looks down the stairs along with Ishita and see that Raman has disappeared.

Romi: We… We have to be with him.

Ishita nods and replies,

Ishita: Let’s go!


Some time later,


Bhalla House,

The whole family is in the living room as Raman seems to have locked himself into the room. While the Bhalla family is in confusion as Param, Simmi and Mihika looked tensed. Outside the door stand the Iyer family, with Ishita standing there. Her eyes are filled with tears as Aliya is trying to console her.

Ishita: I… I want to see my Raman.

Aliya: Don’t worry… Everything ends today!


A minute or two later, Raman’s room’s door opens as Raman walks out and surprisingly, along with him walks Pihu, gripping tightly to his arms.

Toshi: Raman! Raman! What were you doing inside the room.

Simmi: Yeah Bhai! We all were very scared for you. What happened?

Mihika stands beside Simmi and she reaches for Pihu, trying to act motherly. But, Raman pulls Pihu closer as he stays silent, walking over to the main door.

As the main door opens, Ishita sits up as she sees Raman and Pihu walking out, holding each other close.

Ishita inches closer but pauses as she stays an arm distance as she asks,

Ishita: What… What happened? We were just…

Ishita is interrupted as Raman reaches for Ishita’s arm, pulling her along with him, taking her inside the Bhalla house. The Iyer family follows them inside.

Inside the house, the whole Bhalla family is surprised as Romi, Adi, Ruhi and Aliya move over to that side. Once inside, Raman let’s go of Ishita’s hand and leans to Pihu, whispering something to her. Pihu nods and rushes to Ishita’s hand, hugging her closely.

Toshi: You.. .How dare you step into my house.

Toshi says to Ishita and steps towards her but Raman stops her and says,

Raman: Mamma, step back before I lose my temper.

Simmi, a bit terrified, steps ahead to Raman and asks,

Simmi: Bhai, is this the way you will talk to our mother? What are you doing with this witch!

Simmi says in frustration.

Raman looks back at Pihu and Ishita and turns back to Simmi. Without any second thought, he leaves a tight slap over her face.

Simmi is shocked as Toshi and Om are surprised too. Mihika and Param watch with shock as Param moves closer to Simmi, who is bewildered by the slap.

Raman: You…. You will not call my WIFE a witch!


Everyone in the room is shocked as Romi and the Iyer family have a relieved look in their face.

Ishita holds onto Adi, Ruhi and Pihu as she looks up to Raman, tears of joy flowing down her face.

Raman: Until I am alive, no one will dare to harm my Wife. Or my daughters. Or my son!

Adi and Ruhi look at each other and back at Ishita as they are finally hearing Raman address them as his kids.

Simmi and Param take a step back as they realise the huge mess they are stuck in. Om and Toshi step forward and try to touch Raman but he backs away.

Raman: Don’t even dare to touch me! You…

He signals at everyone on the other side,

Raman: You… Each and every one of you… I… I thought you all were my family. I… I trusted you all. I… I sacrificed everything in my life for you all. And… And in the moment when my wife…

Raman brings Ishita by his side, putting his arm around her,

Raman: When my wife needed your support, you… You all made her struggle to even take up her identity?! What kind of family are you?

Ishita turns to Raman, seeing how angry he was, tries to calm him down.

Ishita: Raman… Just… Just let it go, nah…

Raman turns to her and says in a little softer tone.

Raman: Ishita… Please… Not today.

Om: Raman… We were just…

Raman raises an hand, signalling him to stop.

Raman: I don’t want to hear any defenses from you all. Especially not from you. I… You realise how you broke my heart!?

Om struggles to say something when Raman continues,

Raman: Papa, I…. I thought of you as a god. And you turned out to be not even a decent human. I can at least see why others did this. But… You?! I am sorry to say this… But I feel disgusted to be your son at this moment.

Toshi: Raman! Watch your tongue! He is your father.

Raman: Just shut up. You… My mother. You always used to say Ishita is your daughter. Is.. Is this how you will treat your daughter? You managed to convince me to marry… this… this monster of a person, just so you can see Ishita struggle in pain? At least that man with you was reasonable with his behaviour, you in the other hand, I can’t even face you!

Toshi and Om hold onto each other as they are stuck heavily with his words. The rest f the family look shocked as they realise the anger that’s taken over Raman at the moment.

Ishita: Raman… Raman… Please calm down.

Raman lets her go and steps over to Simmi and talks to her and Param.

Raman: What kind of an sister are you? You… You drugged me to make me forget my own wife and kids. You tormented and pushed my daughter out of my own company. You made Aliya get addicted to gambling… You… You dared to beat my kid. HOW DARE YOU!

Raman slaps Simmi once again. Simmi seems shocked, having no response. Param steps forward and Raman turns to him, blowing a heavy punch to his face. The punch is so strong, Param falls over in just one blow. Simmi rushes to his side and tries to wake him up.

Simmi: Param… Param…

Simmi stands up and looks up right to Raman and says without any guilt.

Simmi: Yes! Yes I did everything. I wanted to see both of you suffer, just like me and Paramji suffered when this… this dreaded woman killed my daughter.

Raman looks at her without changing his expression and says,

Raman: You want to know what really happened that night?

Ishita looks scared as she calls out,

Ishita: Raman… Please don’t…

Raman: Ishita, it’s time these people got to know of the truth.

Raman moves over to Toshi and Om and says,

Raman: You all called my wife a murderer, didn’t you?… Well, let me tell you that the actual murder is still in the room.

Simmi: What rubbish! We all know she is the killer. She accepted it.

Raman: She accepted the blame because she had to. She had to accept the blame because… because Ananya’s death happened because of Pihu!


Everyone looks shocked as they all look at Pihu, who nods a bit confidentiality. She seems to be tired of hiding the truth. She steps over to Raman. Raman holds her shoulder and makes her stand before Simmi.


Raman: You… You wanted to torture Ananya’s murderer, right? Well, here he is. Prove to your daughter watching from above the monster you have become.

Simmi’s world is completely shaken as she realises what she had just done. She thinks about what kind of reaction would Ananya have, if she saw all the things she and Param have done in the name of her.

Raman: With your actions, you disgraced Ananya’s memories of her parents.
He turns towards everyone and says,

Raman: I am disgusted to be a part of this family. This… group of people who violated my wife’s respect and rights.

He takes a breath and moves over to Ruhi, Adi and Ishita and says,

Raman: From this moment, you are not my sister. And you both are not my parents. I… I never want to even see the faces of these people ever again.

Ishita: Raman.. .Please Raman, forgive them nah… They didn’t know the truth.

Raman turns to Ishita and says,

Raman: Ishita, I have made up my mind. From this moment, I am an orphan. My family is only you four. Anyone who made you shed a tear in a moment when I was not able to help you… They are dead in my view.

With that, Raman turns towards the door as Om sank himself onto the chair, his heart broken while Toshi’s eyes are flooded with tears. She looks over at Romi who looks at her with disgust and turns around. Simmi and Param are shocked after they slowly realise all the things that they have done these past two years.


As the rest of the family walks out of the house, Raman sees Adi, Aliya, Ruhi and Pihu looking a bit relieved, happy to have their father back. Raman turns to Ishita and says,

Raman: Happy… Happy Anniversary, Madrasan.

Ishita, a smile growing on her face but her expression still looking worried as she says,

Ishita: Happy Anniversary to you too.

Raman: I… I love you, my Jhansi Ki Rani.

Ishita: I love you too, Ravan Kumar.


Recap: Ten Years Later, Raman and Ishita have moved to Mumbai with Romi, Adi, Aliya, Ruhi and Pihu. As they live their normal lives, Pihu gives them a good news.


  1. That’s all for episode one. Please do let me know in the comments if you want me to continue the story and if you all like the twist I had in this chapter. Looking forward to talk to you all.
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