Teri Meri love story (YHM) Promo (Shaadhi Special)

Time for next Promo!!!

A rainy day!! Couples moment!! Ishra’s awesome moment!!


Leap of???? 5 yrs??? 7 yrs???

Leap of just 10 days!!!
30th April..

Three marriages at a time!!!

Abhimanyu made a plot to stop these marriages!!
Ishu was still afraid as what is gonna happen??

And everyone were angry at Raman too!!! Knowing about Raman’s real intentions!!!

Even Guru and Surya were shocked at Raman’s behaviour…
They wanna save Ishita’s life from Raman…
Abhimanyu felt bad for spoiling their children’s life…
Guru and Surya fought with Raman and got separated!!

But!! Phir Bhi!!
Ishra getting married…
How!?? What!???

Enjoy this Shaadhi special episodes of 40 to 45!!
Hope you ll like this new track!!

Update ll be tomorrow evening!!
Lets enjoy it!!

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  1. Oh no raman’s real intention what raman’s love for ishu it was fake I’m confusing dear because this promo
    Waiting for next part

    1. Nivedha

      Don’t worry Isuri!!! Wait for the complications to get clear!!

  2. Reshma_Pradeep

    Oh Nivu…….Im soooooooooooooooo Exciteddddddddddddd!

    1. Nivedha

      Haha Resh ??✌

  3. superb promo pls update soon

    1. Nivedha

      Thank you Jyoti

  4. superb promo…so much shocking things going to happens…eagerly waiting for next update…

    1. Nivedha

      Thank you Ishan ??

  5. You can give update than promo which can’t make everyone suspends too much.

    Guru and Surya fight with Raman because they findout that Ruhi is not Raman’s daughter but it is Harika’s daugher.
    Harika will be surprised to get to know that their daughter is alive and the one who stay with Raman and call them mumma and papa is Ruhi.
    Ishu defend Raman. Ishu, Ashok and Sanjay tell whole story to Shoba that shock her to the core of what Abhi did. Shoba shattered then accused Abhi for breaking family apart. Abhi feel guilty for spoiling children lives. Abhi ask Raman to marry Ishu. That is how Raman and Ishu married.

  6. superb dhi I liked it a lot & I want 2 know what r Raman’s real intentions

  7. Zaira

    Raman had some intentions !!!!,Gru n Surya n Raman separate!! N …I think it was to make abhimanyu realise….Romance upcoming ?????….Waise …Ishra had to get married right?…??
    U know rashita read this in the morning itself …N then whole day at the school she was saying that promo came n she can’t digest anything in that n was so eager to say me ….She was very shocked with this twists​ ….But u know I didn’t listen Abt this promo from her …I also wanted some suspense so…Read now n m ???????????
    Update fast Akka …. Waiting…..

  8. Rashita

    Hmmmmm yes I read in the morning itself but couldn’t comment because I couldn’t digest yes that’s true zaira..,,
    Guru surya and raman fought and got seperated??????
    Oh my mata……
    Whats happening???????????
    Hahaha ishra any way got married?????hmmmmm…,.
    Really first I was shocked when I read there’s a leap but then realized……..cant wait….more….now…..
    Very eager curious to know what will happened….???
    I’m driving crazy
    update soon akka….

  9. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww nivi super exicted

  10. Veronica

    ??????????? itna bada twist?????? But liked the promo… Waiting for next. Interesting!!

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