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TAM : Thinking At that Moment / Thought At that Moment

Shivaay turned towards Anika, who was by then smiling with her hands folded near her chest and was looking at him with her khidkitodh smile

Shivaay ‘’what? Why are you smiling?’’

Anika ‘’why …should I not smile? Is it a rule that I should not laugh in OM as you do?’’

Shivaay ‘’why are you ranting …I am just asking why are you smiling?’’

Anika ‘’one minute…I am not smiling…I am laughing…like this’’ she showed him her teeth..‘’second ..my wish I will laugh…I will smile …I will do whatever I want …do you have any problem?’’

Shivaay ‘’yes…I have problem…I am not liking it at this point’’

Anika ‘’ohh …you are not liking then I will laugh more…’’

Shivaay ‘’fhat the wuck’’

Anika ‘’you want divorce or not…if yes …then laugh now…come on laugh’’

Shivaay ‘’I will not’’

Anika ‘’One Minute Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi…from now onwards I don’t want to listen NO from you…you will do what I say and what I ask you to do…got it……’’

Shivaay looked on shocked and Anika left from there without looking at him……

Shivaay remembered his own words of saying almost similar lines to her while she was working for him…he felt that pinch with her words ….

Om Ru came to him and said ‘’All the Best Shivaay’’ and left from there…

Gauri ‘’bhayya…you felt bad that Anika Bahujaii spoke like that’’

Shivaay ‘’no Gauri…she was right…she is now in a position where I have to follow her orders and you know what…I used to speak exactly like this to her when she was an employee…now I feel how my rudeness would have hurt her…I deserve this….this is just starting Gauri …I have much more to face and when I have chosen this path …I can’t step back..i will create such circumstances to her now where she will have no option than to hurt me’’

Gauri ‘’but why bhayya…you are not used to it…and what do you think if she hurts you will she be happy?’’

Shivaay smiled and said ‘’I know how she feels now…but this has to go on until she herself realises why I am doing so… as I have realised what I did with her was wrong’’

Gauri had tears of happiness and Shivaay wiped her tears and left from there….

——shivaay’s room

Om ‘’Shivaay I am feeling very hungry…it’s long time we made something together…shall we have some obro’s kitchen moments?’’

Shivaay ‘’off course …come we will go there’’

Om ‘’fine then you proceed…I will call Rudra’’

Shivaay nodded and left from there towards the kitchen……

ShivOmRu were enjoying kitchen moments for sometime silling the floor…tasting the half cooked food…mixing the dough…making figurines from dough and where smiling….after sometime
AniRi came there

Anika ‘’aree wah what’s cooking Om?’’

Om ‘’Shivaay is making bruchetta…’’

Anika ‘’dupatta? ‘’

Om ‘’no…it’s bruchetta…bru che tta’’

Anika ‘’ajeeb naam hain…’’

Rudra ‘’you too have it…he makes it really tasty’’

Anika ‘’no thanks….i don’t want to have anything made by him…’’

Shivaay was surprised and so were others….Anika stood there trying not to look at Shivaay…

Shivaay ‘’here you go with freshly baked hot steamy BRUCHETTA…can you feel the aroma… can you all smell the aroma’’

Anika ‘’I said I don’t want to have anything made by you…’’

Shivaay ‘’ok Anika…I heard…but I was saying this to Gauri and OmRu not you…I remember your words ..that I must agree to whatever you say…I very well remember’’

It was Anika’s turn to get surprised……

Shivaay ‘’gauri do you feel good seeing this?’’

Gauri ‘’haan bhayya…I am getting water in my mouth…please let me eat it first’’

Shivaay ‘’off course come…OmRu you too join at the table’’

He coughed and looked at Anika…

Shivaay ‘’you can also have it mademoiselle’’ he took a pause ‘’only if you change your decision of having food made by me’’

Anika ‘’no thanks’’

The aroma was filling the OM and everyone joined at Dining table…

Dadi ‘’billu…what’s the special dish that you made …it’s smelling heaven and it looks beautiful too’’

Shivaay ‘’Dadi it will taste delicious too…everyone come join me at the table before it gets cool let’s have it’’

Tej ‘’Anika …why are you standing there…come take your seat…’’

Anika ‘’uncle ji woh…woh..’’

Jhanvi ‘’Anika …what woh …woh…come and sit’’

Anika ‘’I am not feeling hungry…so you carry on’’

Shivaay looked at Gauri once again

Gauri ‘’bahujaii…it’s okay if you are not feeling hungry but atleast you can sit here with all of us and speak something till we have food’’

Anika TAM ‘’ ek tho itni acchi khusbhu aa rahi hain…upar se mujhe kutton ki tarah bhook lagi hain…aur ab ye Gauri ki bacchi mujhe yaha bhethne ke bol rahi hain…kya karoon mein bheth ke …ye khathe rahe tho mein mere pet mein bhagthe khutton ko maarthi rahoon’’

(First of all the aroma is so awesome…and above that I am feeling so hungry like dogs are running in my stomach…and now this stupid Gauri is asking me to sit along with them…what will I do sitting here? Kill the dogs in my stomach?’’

Dadi ‘’haan Anika…come sit here’’

Shivaay served everyone and everyone were enjoying the food……Shivaay was looking at Anika every now and then and was smiling to himself…

Rudra ‘’Bhayya..i am saying if you open a Italian restaurant and sell this na you will become rich much more…it’s just awesome’’ he stood up and moved towards Shivaay and kissed his cheeks…

Om ‘’seriously Shivaay…this time I agree with Rudra…we can become famous and rich by selling this sort of bruchettas’’

Anika ‘’OmRu …are you done praising your bhayya…can’t you eat silently? ‘’ she stood up and went murmering to herself….

——-Anika’s Room

The moment Anika stepped in she found Aloo poori in a plate in her room near side table with a note

The note read as
‘’ I know you are feeling hungry and I also know your ego will not allow you to eat what I prepared..that too in front of me along with us…I also know you don’t like all these foreign food stuff so I prepared very well in advance your favourite Aloo poori…so that you don’t stay hungry for whatever reason…so have it…don’t worry I will not say anything to anyone…——Shivaay’’

Anika smiled to herself and ate the Aloo poori in one go……Shivaay saw Anika eating Aloo poori , smiled to himself and left from there….

Anika TAM ‘’Wish you wouldn’t have spoken all those words …I would have ate whatever you prepared without any complaints…I miss you Shivaay and I am not at all liking the way I am behaving with you’’

Shivaay came back to join everyone at the dining table when he saw Pinky sitting …..

Shivaay ‘’Staff…’where are the staff?’’

Staff came running ‘’Yes sir’’

Shivaay ‘’where the hell were you? You should be a call away from me’’

Staff ‘’sorry sir…yes sir’’

Shivaay ‘’get the food in my room…’’

Dadi ‘’par Billu?’’

Shivaay ‘’dadi please…I can’t withstand this lady he spoke pointing his finger towards Pinky…and then continued ‘’so please don’t force me …my mood , my hunger died after seeing her and I can’t even wait for another moment‘’ he looked at Pinky in disgust and left from there…

Pinky broke into tears…elders felt bad but they didn’t try to persuade her because they knew if Shivaay gets to know then what will happen…one by one everyone left from there and pinky was left alone…….

When everything came back to normal Shivaay sat near the pool in thoughts…..OmRu came to him

Om ‘’shivaay’’

Shivaay ‘’yes Om…come sit here…it’s been a long time we three have sat and spoke ‘’

Rudra ‘’yes bhayya…I am missing the obro’s moments badly’’

Om ‘’shivaay we have something to talk with you’’

Shivaay ‘’I know what you want to talk’’

Om ‘’what?’’

Shivaay ‘’about Anika…you want to ask, why I want to give her divorce…you want to say, I am taking wrong decision…you want to say , I should not do this as Anika is the only one who is best for me…am I right?’’

Om ‘’right and when you know all this then why are you still doing all this?’’

Shivaay ‘’what did I do…I am listening to everything she says…doing what she wants…everything is going according to her will and wish…what more do you expect me to do?’’

Om ‘’Shivaay you know very well why you are doing this? because you want divorce…otherwise you will never agree to her’’

Rudra ‘’Sorry bhayya…but in this matter we will support Bhabhi…you are doing wrong that’s it’’

Shivaay ‘’Fine then …it is clear you chose her over me…go ahead…’’ he left from there appreciating his brothers in his heart…….

As soon as he entered his room he saw a note sticked on the mirror…it read as

‘’Thank you for the food…but let me make onething clear…don’t think with this one gesture I will melt and forget everything…you have hurt me much Shivaay —-Anika’’
Shivaay smiled and kept the note safe in his locker…….

————–Next Morning

Anika was on a call with someone and was smiling continuously…Shivaay saw her and his eyebrows frowned…

Anika ‘’okay sure…I will arrange the party…you just come’’ she disconnected the call

Rudra ‘’bhabhi…party ? for whom?’’

Anika ‘’Rudra …Siddharth and Mallika are coming here …and mallika was saying that she wanted to have a party …so I said we will for sure have a party’’

Rudra ‘’that’s awesome Bhabhi…by the way when are they coming? ‘’

Anika ‘’today evening’’

Rudra ‘’whaat? How will we arrange everything then?’’

Anika ‘’don’t worry Rudra…did you forget I used to make khidkitodh arrangements in one day…so I will handle don’t worry…but will you help me?’’

Rudra ‘’do you need to ask this Bhabhi? I am always at your service’’

Om ‘’and me too…just order us and we will get everything done for you’’

Anika ‘’come we will go…There is lot of work to do’’

Anika looked at Shivaay who was staring at her and left….

Shivaay ensured Anika has left and called Mallika

Shivaay ‘’mallika …I need a help’’

Mallika ‘’yes Shivaay?’’

Shivaay ‘’Just call Anika and say that I should do all the arrangements of the party’’

Mallika ‘’have you gone mad Shivaay?’’

Shivaay ‘’mallika please…just tell her Shivaay should do all the arrangements for the party by himself as she did it for us earlier’’

Mallika ‘’are you sure?’’

Shivaay ‘’yes Mallika’’

Mallika ‘’your job will be done…don’t worry’’

Shivaay ‘’please don’t ever reveal to Anika that I made you say all this…it should be between you and me’’

Mallika ‘’I wouldn’t do so…happy ?’’

Shivaay ‘’thanks….don’t forget to invite Tia for the party’’

Mallika smiled and said ‘’will do that…now bye I am running late I have to be there on time…bye baby…’’

Shivaay ‘’thanks …bye’’

Shivaay disconnected the call and called Chubby

Shivaay ‘’Chubby…I have a work for you’’

Chubby ‘’yes bhayya’’

Shivaay ‘’today evening you are coming to OM…there is a party here…and now your work is , you have to make sure you prepare the same fruit punch you did when Mallika was here months before…that toxicated fruit punch….but remember you will not serve me the fruit punch …I want to be in senses this time’’

Chubby ‘’ok bhayya’’

Shivaay ‘’and listen one more thing don’t tell this to anyone not even to Rudra…it must be between us’’

Chubby ‘’pakka bhayya’’

Shivaay ‘’see you’’

He sat to work his office work and was unable to concentrate …when he felt Anika to be near…he counted 1..2..3…

Anika ‘’Shivaay’’

Shivaay lifted his chin up and looked at her

Shivaay ‘’yes Anika’’

Anika ‘’woh…woh’’

Shivaay ‘’woh..what?’’ he stared at her

Anika was becoming nervous and was playing with her hair to get away with her nervousness

Shivaay ‘’Anika if you have something to say…tell it fast…else I have my office work to be done’’

Anika ‘’Shivaay …I want you to arrange today evening’s party…that too all alone’’

Shivaay ‘’but’’

Anika ‘’wait I have not yet completed…you can ask me for suggestions …I will help you in that…but you should arrange ‘’

Pinky ‘’OMM …now you will make my son to do all these works….what do you think who he is ? he is shivaay singh oberoi…the heir of Oberoi empire and you are making him do this sort of
work…because of that stupid rule to give divorce…I can’t believe you have such small thoughts’’

Anika ‘’no aunty ji..woh actually Mallika called and said she wants Shivaay’’

Pinky ‘’Mallika…who that runaway bride…she is coming and for her you are making her do this…’’

Shivaay ‘’enough…I have asked someone not to talk in my personal matters and to anyone in this family…if they try to talk again then I will for sure leave this house’’

Pinky ‘’Shivaay …I am your mom…and you are boycotting me?’’

Shivaay turned towards Anika and said

Shivaay ‘’Anika I will do the arrangements…I have to agree to your words …so I will make the arrangements. But…’’

Anika ‘’but..but what?’’

Shivaay ‘’I want salary for this work’’

Anika ‘’what?’’

Shivaay ‘’yes..i am a businessman…I don’t do anything for free…if I am working then I must see my profit…so I need salary to do this job’’

Anika ‘’how will I give salary and what will I give you ?’’

Shivaay ‘’that’s your problem’’

Anika ‘’and what If I don’t agree?’’

Shivaay ‘’then I will not go for mutual consent divorce…we will let the divorce case run for howmuch ever time it takes…decision is yours…think and let me know…you have half an hour’’
Anika ‘’ok fine…I decided …I will give you salary…but remember I am your boss and you are working for me…so you need to obey my orders’’

Shivaay ‘’deal accepted’’

Anika TAM ‘’I will trouble you so much that you will yourself say I don’t want salary…what do you think Mallika and Siddharth are coming without any reason…I called them here when I got to know they are in Mumbai…now see what I am going to do… ‘’

Shivaay TAM ‘’I will ask such a salary that you will remember for your life time..you don’t know the truth that I made Mallika ask you to get the arrangements done by me’’

PRECAP : What new will happen in this rendezvous party ? Will history repeat or will it be something different this time ?who will win in troubling other ..Anika or Shivaay?



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